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Aug 11, 2021
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Last Day on Earth: Survival – Before us is an amazing survival game that combines everything that players like so much, namely complete freedom of action, a huge world to explore, where you can play with real people, the opportunity build (craft) objects and structures, as well as many, many bloodthirsty zombies. The actions of the Last Day game (the last day on earth) for android take place in the near future, namely in 2027, at this time a terrible tragedy occurred, resulting in the death of more than eighty percent of the world’s population.

Gameplay and plot

The game quite conveniently implements controls for both the tablet and smartphones in the form of on-screen buttons. The location of the movement, attack and action buttons allows the player to play comfortably with two hands. Thrill lovers also get the most out of this toy. There are both elements of a shooter, survival and full-fledged craft. The game constantly makes you look for resources, get food, build buildings, mechanisms, machines and even weapons – all in order to stay afloat for as long as possible. There are many objects with which you can interact.

There is a large world map with many locations from small fishing lines to entire bunkers. The player is constantly offered interesting tasks of varying difficulty, and in the course of their passage, you can face a huge number of dangers, which are both zombified and other survivors.

The graphical part

The graphics of Last Day on Earth Survival deserve special attention. The developers were able to optimize it as much as possible even for the weakest devices, so at low settings it runs on any modern Android smartphone or tablet. High-quality rendering of textures and voice acting of the characters are worked out perfectly even with a relatively low weight of the game.

Summing up, we can name the main advantages of Last Day on Earth Survival because of which it is worth downloading it:

  • great graphics, change of day and night;
  • low cache weight;
  • a constantly updated assortment of things (weapons, mechanisms, vehicles, clothes), interesting tasks, independent forays);
  • addicting crafting and building mode.

Weapon and survival

The reason for this was biological weapons, which, through the negligence of the military, burst into the air, and because of it, almost all the inhabitants of the Earth turned into bloodthirsty zombies. You were lucky to be among the survivors, now your life is in your hands and you need to try to do everything in your power to save it. You have to play as a character who at the beginning will have absolutely nothing, he appears in front of us in only shorts, you will have to make a lot of effort and time to find or build with your own hands, objects and things necessary for survival.

That is, first you need to find food, make yourself primitive tools for hunting and extracting resources, then you need to think about building a house and about your safety. In terms of construction, they do not infringe on you in anything, build what you want, only your imagination can help in this difficult matter. When all the resources on your territory are exhausted, it’s time to visit your neighbors, make raids during the day and take resources and food, and at night beware of the vagaries of the weather and of course the walking ghouls.

Also, do not forget about the character, feed him, monitor life indicators, dress him and protect him. Last Day boasts simply enormous opportunities in the crafting pan, hundreds of all kinds of items, recipes, blueprints that will allow you to create millions of different items, ranging from an ordinary ax to vehicles and huge houses.


The gameplay of Last Day on Earth: Survival is based on the search for food, water, weapons, clothing and useful items. You will have to search in numerous locations, abandoned warehouses, abandoned cities, empty houses.

For everything found, you need to compete with other survivors, and constantly fight off the ubiquitous crowds of zombies.

In the game there is a variety of deaths, the hero can die, not only falling into the clutches of zombies, but also from hunger, thirst, stumbling upon a trap.

After death, the player loses all the things that were in his inventory and on it, and teleports to the base.

Everything that is at the base remains intact, so if you go on a dangerous mission or place, be sure to unload your inventory at home. Experience gained in locations at death does not disappear.


  • Sometimes players use death for their own purposes to replenish energy, food and thirst up to 100%. To do this, all gear remains intact at the base, and the hero throws himself into a trap or at a zombie.
  • In locations, you should avoid crowds of zombies, wolves and other opponents, but it is worth attacking a single enemy at least not for the sake of experience, but in order to get valuable things. Zombies drop ropes and rags, wolves will share their skin and meat, and other survivors can have valuable loot, such as passes or flash drives.
  • Zombies practically do not attack themselves, with the exception of thugs and bosses of the red zones. But if your hero hasn’t washed for a long time, and a yellow or, even worse, red icon appeared above him, he will become visible to all zombies in the area, and they will immediately rush to the smell. To get around the zombies, it is better to sneak from behind or from the side, if you appear in front of them, they always attack.
  • You can wash in the location, just build a shower and have 2 bottles of water in your inventory.


The fastest way you can die of thirst until the sixth level, because water is needed not only to get drunk, but also for the shower. At the sixth level, the player will be able to build a water intake and the water problem will be solved.

You can quench your thirst up to level 6 with water that comes by mail, or you can throw three berries into the fire to get compote.

It is more difficult to die of hunger. At locations, you can collect berries that allow you to hold out on a starvation diet during expeditions.

And at the base you need to start a vegetable garden. It is best to grow carrots with enough space for them, as they grow slowly. Carrot seeds can be found in any bunch of grass.

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