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The ultimate knife challenge is here!
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Nov 24, 2021
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Download Knife Hit 1.8.11 MOD Apk (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) For Android

To be honest, I am not interested in most of the gaming products on the market for the reason that they get bored literally from the second minute. That is, if you download any game from the store and play it for more than a minute, then you will notice that the gameplay is boring and uninteresting, that there is no particular feeling of joy and satisfaction from the completed tasks, that there is no desire to enter the game later and go further … Because of this, I delete most of the games, and when I see something really interesting, I immediately draw attention to it and the Knife Hit game in this regard pleased more than all its competitors in the genre. The fact is that the game turned out to be active, interesting and demanding on your reaction speed, while most other game products are based on the development and spending of time in the game. Considering,

About the game

Knife Hit – test your accuracy! Gamers know the Ketchapp company, which specializes in time killers. These games usually have no storyline. Simple gameplay is the main difference between them. They also allow you to have fun. If you download Knife Hit to your mobile device, you will get another such application. And yet these games are not clones of each other. Here and in this application you have to find out how much you tags. After all, you will have at your disposal sharp objects that you must stick into the spinning deck. The bright colors of the game will attract your attention, and the simple gameplay will allow you to spend your free time with pleasure.


Don’t expect learning from the game. There is nothing of the kind here. You are immediately faced with the fact: you have to throw knives at the target. How to do it – you will figure it out without difficulty. True, we must understand that it will not be possible to complete this task so easily. After all, the deck, which will be in the role of your target, is already filled with various sharp objects. And your task is to get into a free space. You will see the number of items available for throwing in the lower left corner. Most likely, you will be able to successfully complete all of this in the beginning. However, gradually the tasks will become more difficult. After all, the target is not static. It moves by rotating around its axis. And if at first its movements are extremely slow, then it will begin to accelerate. And you will need to accurately capture the moment when it is worth throwing the blade. And do not forget that you must get to the place where other objects do not stick out. We recommend downloading Knife Hit right now!

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But that’s not all. After some levels, a boss awaits you. Pay attention to its shape. Here, not some logs are already waiting for you, but different differences. For example, you have to throw weapons at vegetables or pies, fruits and shields, and sometimes even soda cans. And each of these “bosses” has its own character, which affects behavior. For example, a pie will constantly rotate. And with great speed, as if this “dish” is afraid to burn, so it speeds up its course. And the soda can periodically stops to shake up the gas. The nice thing is that there is no donation in this game. And apples are used here as in-game currency. They are earned on their own, so that real investment is not even required. Sometimes, in order to get the next portion of fruit, it is enough to watch a commercial. Another way to get apples is to throw sharp objects at them. But you should know that at the level the number of apples will be limited, so when they appear, try not to miss them.

Features of the game

The project in question requires the player to react quickly and accurately press the buttons. If you pay attention to user reviews, then you can understand that not all touch screens of smartphones work correctly with this toy. Teams often work late, which leads to systematic losses. If you want to reduce the likelihood of losing, it is recommended to download Knife Hit and use a comfortable mouse. It is important to highlight the presence of such product advantages

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A huge collection of edged weapons

welcome to the in-game store or use can you mod feature to get buy any weapons. However, keep in mind that, as a rule, all these weapons have little effect on the gameplay itself. But if you decide to buy new knives, you can pay 500 or even a thousand apples for them. Still, for many gamers, visual parameters are no less important than internal characteristics.

A large number of short levels

At the first level of difficulty, it will be very simple to complete the task and smash the wooden block – literally press the screen every second and send the knife into the tree, you will not be able to miss if you want to. However, further the difficulty will increase – the bar begins to move very quickly, initially, right from the start, knives will be inserted on it, which you do not need to hit, which means you will have to think more, try and train more to complete this task. In the end, there will also be a boss, which is generally difficult to pass, there you will have to sweat and aim exactly at the target.

Interesting boss battles

Plus bosses. They are beautiful. It may be some kind of reference, it may just be funny things that are pleasing to the eye. However, even normal bosses can be a real challenge for you. Now imagine that you come across a rare or legendary boss. It’s just real sweat and tears. But that makes the game much more interesting!

Download Knife Hit 1.8.11 MOD Apk

The game pleased me with its activity and reaction, which is required and which is gradually improving. If you want to play a lot and enjoy it in short play sessions, then this toy will be of interest to you, no doubt about it. And the lack of in-app purchases that could harm you or prevent you from playing comfortably is also pleasing – you play, sometimes you watch ads and get all the knives you want. I think this monetization option will appeal to absolutely everyone who plays games often.