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Bring dinosaurs to life in Jurassic World Alive!
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June 21, 2021
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Jurassic World Alive – you will not believe but the dinosaurs from the “Jurassic World” were able to escape and now roam freely around the world. You, as well as millions of other players from all over the world, are required to catch them and engage in their training, research and perhaps even crossing different species. And in order to make it easier to find dinosaurs in the real world, you will have access to search drones, with which you can find the rarest species of lizards. But don’t think it will be so easy, as it takes a lot of DNA samples to grow and level up your prehistoric pets.

About the game

This application is a multi-genre game in which you will find colorful battles, collectibles and augmented reality. The player will have a unique opportunity to become part of a team to save dinosaurs from extinction. To do this, it is necessary to collect reptile DNA, increase their level, interbreed with each other and get completely new species. The application will allow you to collect a whole collection of pets and use them for battles in real time. Arena battles will require you to have significant skills and the ability to feel the course of the battle, so in this game you can also feel like a strategist. The rewards for victories are quite significant, so it’s worth fighting to the last, combining various dinosaur skills to achieve your goal. And remember – your opponent is also not ready to surrender so easily.


With the help of augmented reality, you can plunge headlong into the Jurassic world and create your own sanctuary with dinosaurs. You have to capture them in merciless battles. Or just search all over the city and take them to you. However, be careful because the size of your park is not unlimited and dinosaurs have different characteristics and features. Some dinosaurs specialize only in speed, others in attack, and some in defense. And this will play a very important role in the battles with other players for various stadiums.

Features of the game

This game will allow you to bring the prehistoric world right to the streets of your city. The plot is extremely simple and it tells us about the escape of the dinosaurs from “Jurassic Park”. All the player needs is to collect DNA from prehistoric reptiles using drones. It is DNA that will help you get dinosaurs into your collection, create new species and raise their level to discover new abilities and improve old ones.

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Create One Of The Legendary Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are of different rarity. If ordinary creatures are not so difficult to catch, then in order to create one of the legendary dinosaurs, it will take you a decent amount of time. Therefore, you should download Jurassic World: Alive on your phone as soon as possible and start your pursuit of unusual and extremely rare creatures that you can find on the streets of your city.

Battles In The Arena

The game will keep your attention both during the search for reptiles and during the battles in the arena. The battle resembles a turn-based strategy, so you have to assess your strengths sensibly and choose creatures for battle depending on their strengths and weaknesses. As a reward, you will receive in-game currency, battery charges for your search drone and special incubators that, after a certain time, will be able to please you with generous prizes.

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Share Your Collection Of Dinosaurs With Your Friends

During the game, you can share your collection of dinosaurs with your friends. Moreover, you can also take a photo of a huge reptile in the conditions of your city and look at the real size of the dinosaur in augmented reality.

Create Your Best Team Of Creatures

Create your best team of the strongest and largest creatures that have ever existed on Earth to defeat everyone in the PvP arenas in real time. Collect over a hundred available dinosaurs and train them to develop only the best qualities in them.

Download Jurassic World Alive 2.8.30 MOD Apk

Jurassic World: Alive, you will get an excellent opportunity for an unforgettable pastime in the company of prehistoric creatures, learn to use their strengths and weaknesses, and plunge into the world of survival battles.

What's new

- Get your allies ready to defeat a NEW APEX Raid Boss coming soon.
- Introducing the Refer a Friend Program – become a mentor and earn major in-game rewards!
- NEW Drone Top Score – challenge your skills for a new best score.
- Keep an eye out for NEW creatures that will be entering your world!
- General game optimizations and bug fixes.