It is Rumored That This is The Beauty Who Received The Female Lead Role in The Drama Adapted From The Webtoon ‘True Beauty’

Korean media reported that Moon Ga Young is considering to play the female lead Lim Joo Kyung of the movie adaptation of the popular webtoon “True Beauty”.

“True Beauty” (여신강림) is a super popular webtoon in Korea, attracting many female readers aged 10-20s. First uploaded in April 2018, the webtoon is about an ordinary girl who becomes a goddess thanks to her skillful makeup skills.

Lim Joo Kyung is a girl with an ordinary bare face but has the ability to transform her appearance through makeup to become a goddess. Although she is different from the sisters in the family when she only inherits the defects from her parents, she is still very bright and positive.

Moon Ga Young is a highly regarded young actress in the Korean entertainment industry. The beauty under SM’s management not only has brilliant beauty, standard body but also stable acting with 14 years of acting experience even though she is only 24 years old this year.

Moon Ga Young’s most known role is the female lead in the drama Mimi co-starring with Changmin (TVXQ), web drama EXO Next Door and the most famous is movie The Great Seducer, as the blushing lady Choi Soo Ji. The acting talent of the beauty born in 1996 is evaluated by experts as not inferior to Kim Yoo Jung or Kim So Hyun.

It was previously reported that Cha Eun Woo will play the male lead Suho of the drama.

Cha Eun Woo will play the handsome man Lee Suho in the movie. He is a guy who is described as a genius face, 188-190 tall, a perfect person from looks to grades. He was transferred to the same school where the heroine Joo Kyung attended. The first time he met her, it was at a book rental store and the heroine was bare-faced.

This drama will be produced by director Kim Sang Hyub – who has directed movies like Extraordinary You, The King in Love, Dong Yi and screenwriter Lee Si Eun (Top Star Yoo-Baek, High Kick! 3).

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