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The sequel to the hit zombie action game Into the Dead (70+ million downloads)!
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Nov 21, 2021
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The first game Into the dead was a hit in its day. And most importantly, she stayed in the top for a long time, the reason for which was the quality of the game. She is really addictive and becomes a great time killer along the way. Another thing is the complete absence of a plot and a sufficient limitation in development. But, in the second part, almost all the comments on the first were corrected.


If the previous part in terms of the plot was incomprehensible. Then we played as a survivor of a helicopter crash. That new part allows you to play as the father of the family, who breaks through to his family through crowds of zombies. In total, there are 30 levels to go through, which are divided into 7 chapters. In general, the game is more full of content and is a logical development of the past.


The game is still based on the fact that you run through fields and forests that are teeming with the walking dead. All you have to do is dodge them on the way forward. And to help you are given man’s firearms friends. And as you pumped your character and discovered new weapons, the first game turned more and more into a shooter. The dead could be stacked in piles.

The second part is more difficult. There are fewer cartridges and you have to run a lot more. In addition, boxes with cartridges and grenades that come across along the way have become more scarce. Therefore, it is better to use weapons when there is a need for it.

The Game has more than one ending

As you progress, the trunks open, the character’s skills and skills are pumped. Various companions appear in the form of a dog, as well as the opportunity to ride a pickup truck. There are also different types of cartridges. Interestingly, the zombies have undergone changes. Into the dead 2 can delight you with a meeting with armored ghouls, for which one bullet is definitely not enough, if it is not armor-piercing.

Extremely Positive Experience

It all starts with a small road accident of our hero, who, confused by what he saw, lost control and turned over the car. Climbing out of the vehicle, the hero finds himself in a loose environment of the walking dead. Actually, from this moment our race begins. The race is not endless, but at very specific distances – levels.

Into The Dead 2 is very friendly to gamers at first. We go through several levels, between which we nervously try to skip unnecessarily intrusive and unpleasant training, we manage to enjoy the picturesque landscapes and even get bored for a second, from the feeling of a certain simplicity and monotony of the gameplay. And only this feeling will visit you, as progress will run into the final stage of the first chapter, to which we are simply not allowed.

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Entry is strictly for farmers, Although you can pay

And then it turns out that for the further passage you will have to farm the levels that have already been passed, but it is not easy to farm, and to farm in such a way as to perform tasks that are seemingly simple, but difficult to accomplish in fact. Moreover, these tasks can hardly be called varied and interesting, although among them there are those that are really fun to perform.

Interesting tasks include something like “run three times under a high-voltage pole.” Everything is clear here, we see the power line extending into the horizon and understand in which direction we will now follow. Performing this task, even losing is not a shame, because you blame solely on yourself. The same cannot be said about tasks that require you to kill, for example, 40 zombies on a level. And all would be fine, but for the first time you will be given only a few cartridges. And then you realize that you will have to run each of these levels until you blue in the face, until you raise money and bonuses in order to spend them on upgrading weapons and the ability to successfully complete tasks at the levels that have already passed. Moreover, the number of your runs will be limited by the amount of energy, it accumulates over time and has a very low cap.

One of the best mobile games of the fall, if it weren’t so bad

Almost every level of “Into The Dead 2” is amazing (for a runner), and some involuntarily make you want to say, “wow, that was cool.” It is a game with gorgeous graphics and stunning sound effects that create a terrifying post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The sounds of power lines, the honking of cars, the ubiquitous rustle and shootings in the distance cause goosebumps. It is not easy to convey the feeling of the atmosphere in words. This is amazing.

Here are cool weapons from which it is pleasant to shoot, gloomy locations in which it is scary to imagine yourself in real life, here you are really afraid of zombies … All these unconditional advantages of “Into The Dead 2” are crossed out with a bold line faster than you can imagine … And this is awful. “Donate framework”, in which the developers are driving us almost from the very beginning, make “Into The Dead 2” completely unplayable.

Donut is normal, it should be, but why is it so cruel?

No matter how we all criticize donat, we must admit that its ubiquitous presence is the modern realities of mobile gaming. Shouting that “everyone wants only baaablaa” is as stupid as resenting the topic: “these people only think about the salary and prosperity of their family”. It is terribly expensive to create high-quality mobile games and incredible super profits are just a few cases that even the average temperature in the hospital does not make it favorable. Big money is where there is a powerful promotion campaign, and the developers have an influential investor who needs to recoup their investments.

All these are certainly commonplace things. Donat (even aggressive) has every right to life, he can make the game more difficult, maybe even worse, but he should not make it unplayable from a good and promising game. “Into The Dead 2” is just that example when the game’s monetization policy is not just overly aggressive, but destructive, as it points the player to his wallet in the first 10 minutes of the game, limiting his progress in the most severe way in every possible way.

Experience survival mode

In survival mode, there is only one plan – “go all the way.” The final score is determined by the number of zombies destroyed. Compete with other players – high scores are rewarded with great rewards: gold, weapon parts and new items in the arsenal.

Try out special weapons

For side purposes, when passing the level, a certain type of weapon can be indicated, you can find it in the locations during the passage. Pay attention to the green backlight indicators – these are pointers. Mowing crowds of zombies with a garden trimmer and a chainsaw is real hardcore, look for a special weapon and try it right away.

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Modes and events

As you progress through the story, you will gradually unlock modes, as well as the opportunity to participate in events. From the modes will be available the classic “run until you drop” and hardcore at night with a flashlight. Events also moved from the first part. They are tasks of different types and challenges, by completing which you get bonus silver and gold for pumping.

Graphic component

The game is not demanding on hardware and will run even on budget models. The reason is interesting, but simple graphics. All objects except weapons are in low detail, but the lighting makes it so that you only see the silhouette. This picture, built on silhouettes, is the trademark of Into the dead games. The picture is beautiful and very atmospheric, which contributes to the immersion in the game.


The sounds in Into the dead 2 were approached thoroughly. Zombie screams, footsteps, rustle of grass and trees, as well as shots sound very detailed and atmospheric. For those who love the theme of the living dead, this will be to their liking.

Download Into the Dead 2 1.49.1 MOD Apk

Of course, it also has disadvantages. The game quite often reminds of the opportunity to donate in order to restore the character’s energy, open a cannon or a perk. But, if we close our eyes to this, then the game is a full-fledged heir to the first part and is very much worth playing it.