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Build an epic roster of DC super heroes and villains and get ready for battle!
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Nov 21, 2021
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Download Injustice: Gods Among Us v3.4 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money) For Android

Plunge into an ocean of emotions from a 3D game for comic and superhero fans. Create your own unique team and fight in exciting battles.

About the game

In this game you will meet characters you already know: Catwoman, Superman, Batman. All these heroes, as well as a whole team of other characters, will fight against each other. You have to go through a series of obstacles, consisting of several rounds, in which there will be 3 characters. During the game, you can change them at any time of the battle in order to use their unique capabilities as efficiently as possible.

It is logical that initially all the characters will not be available to you. You have to win more than one battle in order to buy your favorite hero. If you have enough funds, you will be able to make any purchases. You can also purchase various equipment for your fighters for virtual money, the cost of which is minimal, and the benefits that they bring are colossal.

Story of the Game

The plot of the game Injustice Gods Among Us ultimate edition tells about the mixing of two parallel universes. As a result of the next fuss with the villains, a kind of “distortion” is formed due to which some of the heroes fall into a parallel universe with the same heroes and villains. Only the story of the struggle between good and evil there has a different meaning. The local superman is fundamentally different from the “nashenskiy” one.

He is despotic and cruel, his power is based on fear and there is no question of any kind of justice. Due to one tragic incident, he became guilty of the death of a lot of people and his beloved, after which his super videos drove for super balls. Most of the heroes of his universe, support the tyrant and do not stand on ceremony with the arrived doubles.

Naturally, the original justice league does not encourage such methods, and besides, the attacking “evil” doubles are trying to neutralize all those who have come to visit. Even some villains join the fight.


Once again, the developers of this fighting game are NetherRealm Studios who created mortal kombat 2011. Therefore, their handwriting and style are clearly visible in this project, although the concept of battles has been changed. According to the developers, Injustice GAU is simplified compared to the last mortal. There is even a tutorial in the game!

Indeed, Injustice Gods Among Us has easier controls, fewer buttons and bumps. Techniques are easy to do and most often do not exceed three clicks along with movements. The combinations are not rooted, although if you wish, you can create 10+ hits with 30% + damage, stuffing the enemy like a ping-pong ball.

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The dynamics of the battle significantly loses to the same MK 2011, the battle takes place slowly, as in slow motion. (After MK, they generally seem to be inhibitory) But such a pace will be to the taste of beginners. Five minutes of the game, and even a yellow-faced noob can safely go through the campaign on normal difficulty. And after completing the storyline, you can safely crawl online and prove to local fighters that your kung fu is stronger.

In the same MK, the plot was terribly difficult, and the fight with groups of enemies on the same lives and the fight with Shao Kahn, so in general, could bring anyone to the handle. Injustice Gods Among Us ultimate edition,  I easily went through the story after losing only a few times.

Features of combat in Injustice Gods Among Us

Two players converge in hand-to-hand combat using super powers and interactive environments. This is a 2D rail fighting game, that is, players only move forward or backward, there is no wandering on the sides. Unlike other fighting games, Injustice Gods Among Us doesn’t have two round fights. The whole battle takes place in one breath with a short pause, after one of the players leaves the first life scale. (There are two of them, by the way).

A lot of superhero fighters take part in the fights, whose super abilities determine their fighting style. Almost every fighter has ranged and melee special attacks. The characters are able to make creases and even perform a super punch, similar to the crippling x-ray in a mortal. In this respect, the game is not much different from MK2011.

Control Management

The control in the game comes down to the fact that you need to react in time, slide your finger across the screen and attack your opponent. With a variety of hits of the heroes and the use of special super attacks and techniques, you will inflict not only maximum, but also spectacular damage.

The gods have gone insane

Instead of the X-Ray mode from Mortal Kombat, there are colorful super strikes, the most ambitious and spectacular abilities. As in Mortal Kombat , it is activated only when the energy scale is fully filled by simultaneously pressing both triggers, after which a local apocalypse occurs on the screen. Lex Luther summons an orbital strike from a satellite and with his bare hands redirects it to the enemy, Aquaman initiates a flood, and the opponent is devoured by sharks, Flash runs around the entire Earth and delivers a powerful stab in the back. True, the heroes devoid of superpowers (Joker, Harley Quinn, Batman, Catwoman) have to be content with gadgets, so their “super” looks far from being so spectacular.

Violence and blood

Unlike MK in Injustice Gods Among Us, there is practically no blood and completely no dismemberment and finishing. The characters, of course, beat each other desperately and very cruelly, but no one finishes the defeated enemies. The spines do not break, the teeth do not fly out. And even after a long and grueling battle, the armor and face of the heroes practically do not suffer.

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Interactive environment

With an additional action key, players can use elements of the environment to inflict damage on an opponent. For example, throw a nearby box (bomb, container, barrel, etc.) at the enemy, scald it with fire or poison, or shock. There are a lot of options to hit the opponent, there are several such objects on the map, and if the level is multi-stage, then on each part of it you can find a dynamic object.

Graphics and sound

As for the design, there can be no unnecessary questions here. The game has amazing 3D graphics, so it can be recommended as one of the best in the fighting game genre. The developers have thought out to the smallest detail the costumes of the heroes, locations, every movement of the heroes, thanks to which the game looks very impressive.

Download Injustice: Gods Among Us 3.4 MOD Apk

Injustice Gods Among Us is a good fighting game and it will be fun to play for absolutely all fans of virtual massacre. The superhero theme of the DC Universe will appeal to fans of comics and films. And besides, in what other game can you find out who is stronger than Batman or Superman?