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Dec 1, 2021
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Download Hungry Shark Evolution 8.9.0 MOD APK (Mega Menu/Unlimited Money) For Android

Enjoy a dynamic arcade game that will allow you to experience a truly unforgettable underwater adventure.


As you might guess, the main character of this game is a shark. She is distinguished by increased gluttony, even when compared with the rest of her brothers. The fish constantly needs food, to the point that it begins to lose health if someone is not eaten. You will have to feed the little shark and grow it into a big, dangerous giant!

Gameplay Features

A shark does not need as much food as an adult fish, but this is only for the time being. At first, you will have to hide from other, more dangerous fish, so as not inadvertently to become their snack. Some species can devour you, others poison you, so be vigilant. The shark will be able to eat everything only when it grows up. As you progress through the game, your loot will only grow larger. Download Hungry Shark and dine on gaping scuba divers, suspicious fishermen and tourists relaxing on the beach. Experience points will be awarded for each portion of food. It affects the level and development of your ward. Gradually, your shark will grow in size. If you try hard, it can become so huge that it starts to pose a real threat to small yachts and submarines. In the game Hangry Shark Evolution there are many exciting missions for the completion of which you will be rewarded with in-game currency. The funds received can be spent on pumping your shark or buying new ones.

The legend of the shark

The shark is an animal that is surrounded by a certain mystique. It is also one of the most feared and respected predators. Without a doubt, the cinema has played a fundamental role in making this happen. Who has not seen the famous Steven Spielberg movie? And who hasn’t had nightmares about the shark afterwards? The truth is that its mere presence in the waters near a beach is already intimidating. In fact, there is not little news about attacks on swimmers or surfers. Thus, it was inevitable that over time different video games would emerge that would take advantage of the pull of this fearsome predator. One of the best, at least when it comes to mobile devices, is Hungry Shark Evolution. Do you want to know everything that the title developed by Future Games of London for Ubisoft offers? We’ll tell you then.

Feed the shark and develop it to go further and further

In Hungry Shark Evolution you control an imposing shark. Well, to be honest, at first, it is not so imposing or impressive, but the truth is that as you improve it it can become quite fearsome.

A simple, repetitive dynamic, but very addictive

The dynamics of the game is quite simple. The shark you handle has an insatiable hunger, so you have to feed it with practically everything in its path. And that includes bathers and a wide variety of marine animals. However, you will also have to prevent other animals from attacking you or from falling into one of the many existing traps. Not only that, you will also have to protect him from the effects of pressure due to depth. Also, you have to be very careful what you feed it with. Some holdings may not suit you very well. After all, there are many dangers lurking in the sea and the shark is not the only predator present. And that’s not to mention toxic waste and underwater mines. Yes, we are loading the oceans!

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A small reef shark

At first, you are going to start by handling a small reef shark. However, as you feed it, the animal will increase in size and level up. At least, until the moment it reaches level 10, when you can choose another shark. Although, of course, for this, you will have to open the wallet and disburse a large amount of gold coins. So make sure to collect as many as you can. The coins also serve to improve the shark. In this way, you can increase its bite, its speed or acceleration, among other characteristics of the animal.

Upgrade and equip your shark

Of course, you will also be able to use them to equip the animal with objects such as protective vests. Or you will even be able to buy antidotes against the poison of certain animals. What’s more, if you wish, with them, you can also get objects to customize the appearance of your shark. And if you’re lucky, you stumble across some specific fish and manage to devour them, you can also get diamonds, the game’s premium currency.

Five different sharks

In Hungry Shark Evolution, five different killer sharks are available. They are as follows, ordered by their ability to kill: reef shark, mako shark, hammerhead shark, tiger shark, and white shark. Undoubtedly, the names of some of them are truly fearsome. Each of them improves on the previous one in different aspects. Thus, they can eat animals that others do not feel good about. Of course, they are getting bigger, faster and can reach greater depths.

A repetitive game, but with a really rich and varied aquatic world

That Hungry Shark Evolution is a somewhat repetitive game is neither good nor bad. There is the example of the great classics of the platforms that so many hours of fun have offered and offer to players from all over the world. In any case, the repetitive dynamics of the game is offset by a vast aquatic world and a wide variety of prey to devour. Not to mention the different existing treasures. In total, it has 45 missions that you will have to unlock as you progress.

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Graphics that are nice to see

In addition, on a visual level Hungry Shark Evolution is a delight. It presents a very careful graphic section, in which you can appreciate the special care that the developers have put into the game. And the same can be said for the sound section. In short, with Hungry Shark Evolution, you have a few hours of fun guaranteed. It is not a game with great pretensions, although it can be the perfect option for downtime or trips on public transport.

A free game with in-app purchases and with advertising

Yes, Hungry Shark Evolution is a free game. Yes, it includes micropayments with which you can buy diamonds, to in turn acquire the different improvements with which to equip and develop your shark faster. Or simply to continue a game when you have lost your whole life. And yes, it also includes advertising. The game offers you the possibility to view advertisements to improve the rewards obtained or to continue playing a game.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution 8.9.0 APK mod for free

Download the latest version of Hungry Shark Evolution APK mod for free and enjoy the best shark game for Android. Get infinite coins and gems to upgrade and fully equip your scrawny, and to easily unlock the different sharks.