Hopeless: The Dark Cave 2.0.45 (MOD, Unlocked All)


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May 30, 2021
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Hopeless: The Dark Cave – a mass of glowing bubbles gathered in the dark, they are scared, but have a weapon. Terrible shadows move around them, but it is necessary to react correctly – maybe this is a friend, not an enemy. Do everything quickly, but extremely carefully, do not hit your own comrades. Strive to stay alive longer and protect the presented bubbles. But there is only one thing, not small, but. Do not let the bubbles get scared, as they will then eliminate themselves. So this is your problem. So test your own skills and reflexes, speed.

Description About the game

The genre of horror with elements of survival in the game in such a way that it is truly creepy is quite difficult, but the developers of Hopeless: The Dark Cave succeeded. The game is already available for download on Google Play and should appear in the AppStore soon. In it, your task will be to control a group of glowing drops that are trying to survive in complete darkness, sticking together. They will be trapped by various monsters sneaking in the darkness, the main thing is to be able to distinguish them from the drops themselves and quickly destroy them. The game features high-quality graphics, a gloomy atmosphere and will serve as a good test of your reflexes. Monsters will siege you constantly, so you have to be on the lookout to join the battle at any time.

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Gameplay of the game

Small bubbles have entered a dark cave filled with huge and eerily hungry monsters who are eager to eat the glowing flesh of the bubbles. Now the poor heroes must arm themselves to repel the monsters, and get out of this cave alive, but first they need to unite with each other. But getting together is not so easy! Chances are high that the bubble can shoot its fellow in misfortune, and not an evil monster. The bubble’s nerves are not of iron, so it will commit suicide if it accidentally touches the wrong target. You need to defend the bubbles from the monsters coming from the darkness. The longer you hold on, the faster the monsters will go at you. Sometimes other bubbles will join your squad, do not shoot them, or you will lose! You can also add bubbles yourself, but this luxury costs real money (15 bubbles for 33 rubles). You get more points when the number of bubbles reaches a certain number. Points can be used to buy permanent improvements, for example, a miner bubble is sold in the in-game store, which illuminates more territory than regular bubbles. The game has colorful and pleasant graphics, but the atmosphere in the game is not comic. You will constantly watch how maddened bubbles shoot themselves in the head, how they shake with horror and how monsters drag them into impenetrable darkness. Sound effects also play a role in the scary atmosphere of the game. Always turn up the volume to hear the chirping of a cricket, the creak of an iron door, the howling of the wind, and other intimidating sounds.

Features of the game

Cute and funny graphics in a dark and intimidating atmosphere.  Simple and easy to learn: no tedious training, immediately find yourself in the center of the action! Think fast, act fast! Test your skills and your reflexes to the maximum. Compete with your friends and show off your victory! Intense storyline while you try to save the bubbles no matter what.

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Hopeless: The Dark Cave is a non-standard arcade game, but the gameplay is constantly marking time in one place. Meanwhile, fighting off attacks from monsters, especially when they come in waves, is quite interesting. Moreover, this will require a good reaction, but, alas, you will not see anything more. Even the improvement of weapons in the game is absent, but for the points gained, you can buy a miner’s lantern with lighting and other gadgets of little use. If you still decide to while away an hour or two, then Hopeless: The Dark Cave is perfect for you.

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