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Welcome to Homescapes, the most heartwarming game from Playrix's Scapes™ series! Solve match-3 puzzles to restore a wonderful mansion on a verdant street. Exciting adventures start at the doorstep!
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Dec 3, 2021
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HomeScapes is a colorful puzzle game made in the best traditions of the match-3 genre. After downloading HomeScapes to your android, you will find yourself in captivity for a long time in this adorable puzzle filled with many interesting quests.


Imagine for a second that you are the owner of a real noble mansion, though slightly neglected. Have you presented? Great, then start the game, because it is the restoration of the family estate that you have to do. The main character is the dearest butler Austin, who suddenly found himself responsible for the state of the beautiful, but dilapidated mansion. Austin is confused and does not know how to cope with such a task, because the house is in a terrible state of disrepair, and it takes a lot of effort and money to restore it. Take over the leadership of the butler and help him return the ancestral nest to its former greatness, gradually tidying up the rooms and the garden.


The plot begins with Austin’s visit to his parents, who complain about the state of the mansion. Unable to cope with the huge house, the owners decide to sell it, but the son is totally against it. Having hardly convinced the parents to change their minds, the frustrated butler decides to take the repair and arrangement into his own hands, and here you come into play.

The gameplay is no different from similar “three-in-a-row” applications. You will need to complete puzzle after puzzle to earn the resources required to rebuild the house. The whole game is divided at the level, for completing each of them you can get from one to three stars. At first, the levels will be completed in a few seconds. But do not relax and waste the earned improvements – as the levels increase, the puzzles will become more difficult, and the bonuses will drop significantly less. The number of lives is also not infinite – there are only five of them, for each unsuccessful ride you will pay with one heart. After a certain time, the lives are restored, but you will have to wait a long time, so think carefully about each move.

Bonuses are also not given just like that. You can get an improvement by collecting a combination of chips of a certain color, or by spending coins in the in-game store. The “prices” here, by the way, are very draconian, so use the improvements only as a last resort. If you have an Internet connection, you will also be rewarded with a bonus for your daily visit to the games. Before the first level, you will be shown a detailed tutorial, showing you how to move and destroy chips, collect useful combinations, etc.

A game of creativity, art and resilience

Among the plethora of devices, products and services that our cell phones have retired or, at the very least, made less used, are some video games. Normally, we don’t have that much time to play at home anymore, with life increasingly busy. Furthermore, cell phones are mobile and allow us to even optimize our leisure time, as we can play at that lunchtime, in line at the bank or at any free time of our day. Evidently, this trend has led to many games being created for the most common platforms and operating systems. However, as we – who love that gambling – know, not everyone is exactly a good choice.

Lots of ads, crashes, bad audio and graphics, confusing stories or just plain silly ideas: there are a lot of problems when choosing a game. Therefore, today we bring a special choice for those lovers of a good challenge and one that requires a lot of creativity. Introducing the revolutionary Homescapes APK creativity challenge . If you didn’t know it yet, or for some reason, even if you’ve heard about it you haven’t downloaded it yet, check out our detailed review of the game. For starters, let’s understand the idea behind your next challenge.

The proposal of the Homescapes APK game

The game takes place in a beautiful, large, but withered mansion, in which you will be given the job of remodeling and making it a beautiful and harmonious environment. This, we can say, is the central mission of the game, which also brings many other challenges. You’ll have to face small challenges within it to get the things you need to walk the main story, relate to other characters in the house and, of course, abuse your creativity. All this stuffed with features that make the many expensive games sold for the big consoles the envy.

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Main features of the game

  • Exclusive gameplay : help the protagonist Austin to renovate the big mansion with exchanges and good taste for the pieces and furniture from different environments;
  • Interior design: the look of your home is up to you, with a real infinity of options for you to make it your image, your taste;
  • Three levels and a lot of emotion with infinite combinations;
  • A huge mansion that holds many amazing secrets for you to explore and discover;
  • Fantastic characters: watch them come to life and interact with each other as the story unfolds between the protagonist’s contacts and relationships;
  • A lovable pet: you’ll meet one of the fluffiest pussies on the internet, but he has a pretty unpredictable behavior, to say the least;
  • Invite your Facebook friends to help you build your own perfect family environment in a dream mansion;
  • Incredible and fun graphics, rich in details and with smooth and natural movements;
  • Fluid gameplay and no crashing, even on devices that run away from the powerful top-of-the-line brands of big brands;
  • Instigating soundtrack that makes your adventure even more magical;
  • Exclusive one-off events that yield wonderful rewards to enrich your experience;

There are many possibilities in what is almost an open world of things to be done inside the mansion, with constant challenges, unmistakable beauty and a lot of creativity involved. You’ll certainly be amazed at how many hours you’ll spend in front of the small screen, looking for the next chapter, the perfect piece of furniture, or simply having fun with the story and the characters’ interactions. Our readers and, of course, we are always a little afraid when we talk about a new game , in particular, with so many qualities. This is because they usually require a lot of systems, payments, equipment and so on. But, things are different with Homescape APK. Below, everything you need to know before starting the house of your dreams.

The introduction is succinct, but a bit goofy

As for the background and the opening video, they are very short and capacious, but they do not carry much sense. The picture is nice and bright – everything is fine and happy. Although it was a little upsetting that visually, the intro no longer resembles The Secret Life of Pets, as it did with Gardenscapes. The video was completely translated into Russian, but the sound of the voice was not properly corrected, it is drowned out by the music.

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The dialogues and the plot also did not delight

The story of Homescapes tells how the already familiar butler Austin returns to his hometown to his parents in their family home. His family, it should be noted, is such a family, they leave a very unpleasant feeling. Although, maybe it’s just me. Austin is a professional butler and immediately proceeds to repair and equip an extremely dilapidated mansion, along the way finding out the plans of his family. True, soon you start flipping through the dialogs without looking, because they are terribly boring and downright stupid, with a minimum of useful information for the player.

The animation is not as interesting as in Gardenscapes

It immediately strikes the eye that there are much fewer interesting and original animations, and this is upsetting. After all, Homescapes came out after Gardenscapes, and in the last they were at their best. In some scenes, instead of action, there is blackout, and now we have already done everything. Looks like a hack.

Download Homescapes 5.0.3 MOD Apk

Do not waste any more time and use our links to start the fun right now with exciting missions and full of surprises with Homescapes APK Mod free download . This time, creativity was raised to another level. The limit is your imagination!