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Play the original classic Hill Climb Racing! Race your way up hill in this physics based driving game! Play for free and also playable offline!
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Nov 11, 2021
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Hill Climb Racing is a very funny arcade racing game that can not only help to “kill” time, but also cheer up the player. The toy is made in a two-dimensional style with hand-drawn graphics. The essence of the toy is quite simple, the player needs to drive the entire route, collecting as many bonuses as possible in the form of coins and fuel cans, while the driver must remain safe and sound. At first glance, everything seems very easy, but it is worth playing for a couple of minutes, and then you realize that getting to the finish line is not such an easy task.


We play as the hero Newton Bill, a simple shirt guy who is looking for adventure on his head. At the first launch, only a jeep and one track are available in our arsenal. Our goal is to drive as far as possible, everything is complicated by the fact that the track has its flaws, and our car is very unstable. Everything can end or we crash or run out of gasoline.

On the way, we come across various bonuses: cans of gasoline and coins. Thanks to gasoline, we can go further, and coins help us buy new cars and open new tracks. In total, Hill Climb Racing has about 10 tracks and each has its own characteristics, there is even a track of the planet Mars. Also, each machine has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, on a motorcycle it is better to do big jumps, but on a tank … well, a tank is like a prem tank straight ahead and that’s it 🙂 You can also improve your technique for coins (reduce fuel consumption, increase maximum speed, etc.)

Control system

It is typical for all similar races in the game – there are only two pedals: gas and brake. Although, in order to reach the maximum level, the player must be able to balance with the car. It is especially important to remember here that harsh braking on a slope can cause the vehicle to roll over. And too harsh gas on the surface going up can only throw the car back. During the game, the gamer needs to ensure that there is always fuel in the tank. Only then will Newton be able to successfully complete his crazy trips.


To prevent the player from getting bored, simply driving the car along the slopes, the developers have come up with special bonuses. They are expressed as the previously mentioned coins, the cost of which may be different, as well as cans of gasoline, which may also come across the hero on the way. They need to be collected in order to continue the path and move to a new level of the game. If you let go of the attention or simply drive past the canister, it may turn out that there is no longer enough fuel for the further journey.

It should also be noted that the amount of coins collected may depend on the length of the track that Newton conquered. Money can also be credited for the car somersaults and its flights. That is, the longer the car hangs in the air, the more money the driver will earn.

Cost options

It is much more pleasant to receive coins when you know what you can spend them on. And here the player is presented with a number of possibilities. For the money earned on the road, you can not only unlock a new track, but also acquire newer vehicles.

Game levels

They are measured by the difficulty of passing the tracks. So, with each new level it will be more and more difficult for the hero to overcome this or that route. But with the help of the acquired capabilities, he will be able to do everything, the main thing is to get used to various maneuvers. In addition, the player can choose one of the eight provided modes of transport. This will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game.

Game decoration

There are no impressive special effects here, but the game is quite interesting and addicting. Difficulties on the way only increase the player’s adrenaline level. The graphics in the game are relatively simple.

Update your ride in the store

If you feel like you are struggling, they are not afraid, shop here. This Hill Climb Racing area allows you to improve various aspects of your vehicle. These upgrades will affect your engine, suspension, tires and 4WD. Each of them will improve your game well. Upgrading the engine will make it easier for you to climb hills and will also allow you to jump higher. This will give you the ability to perform tricks more easily, which will increase your score. The suspension helps maintain stability, especially on uneven road surfaces and at high speeds.

Updating tires also helps to improve traction and is never enough. Finally, 4WD gives you better handling overall. This makes it perhaps the most important upgrade in the game, as the game is all about keeping you in control in hilly areas. Each of these upgrades will be useful, and each of them can be upgraded 10 times, so take advantage.

Looking for customization options

They are found in the car menu after you select Race from the Cups or Adventure menu. Click on “Appearance” next to the updated parts above your current car. You can customize the appearance of each vehicle you own. You can choose blue paint for your starter jeep and green for your scooter, but your character will wear the same outfit no matter what car he is in. Also, keep in mind that paint colors differ for certain vehicles. So if you unlock new paint but don’t see it as an option, check the customization tab for other vehicles.

Sightseeing adventures

Ignore the landmarks. Hill Climb Racing 2 has vastly improved graphics over its predecessor. The track has many small details such as grass-munching cows, double-decker bridges and mysterious military camps. When in Race Mode, ignore these landmarks. They are all secondary and will not affect your drive, even if the cows act like you are about to hit them. Let Adventure mode be your time for sightseeing and cows. Race Mode – Race Time.

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Download Hill Climb Racing 1.52.0 MOD Apk

Hill Climb Racing is a delightful game that will help you pass the time. Are you waiting for the bus or sitting on a boring pair? Launch Hill Climb Racing and time will pass quickly. In fact, there is practically no difference between the two versions of the game. Hill Climb Racing 2 for  Android are alike, and only a gamer with a well-trained eye can find the differences.