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From the Creators of the Original Hill Climb Racing Comes Hill Climb Racing 2! It's Bigger, It's Better And It's Much Much Funner!?
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Nov 23, 2021
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Download Hill Climb Racing 2 1.47.3 MOD Apk (Unlimited Money) For Android

Hill Climb 2 is exactly the kind of product that can easily be called good, but the first part was still more interesting, in my opinion. The developer did the right thing – he decided not to change anything in the game drastically, just raised the level of graphics and detail to a higher level, made physics even more real and familiar, added a couple of interesting chips and that’s it, the game is ready. Many people liked the original part for the fact that you can spend time in it for hours, getting maximum pleasure from it and enjoying pleasant control. I played the second part for a certain time and I want to say that playing is just as interesting, but not so addictive, or something. Perhaps, however, during the time while the second part of Hill Climb was being developed, we were already accustomed to games of this kind and they are not so surprising, because at one time there were no analogues of Hill Climb. And now there is not so much, if in truth. So let’s go!


As I said, the developers decided not to radically change anything compared to the first part. We have a start from which we fly into the racing strip. It is worth noting here that nothing depends on how quickly you go through the track, at least in a single player game, so you shouldn’t rush and press the gas pedal to the floor. Going through certain stages of the map, you will receive gold in bags, you will collect cans of gasoline and extend your race path. Our controls are quite simple, it does not require special knowledge and skills from you in racing simulators, everything is done here more casual and simple so that you can play and enjoy the process, and not worry about every turn. And, most importantly, the further you go on the map, the better – you raise more coins, get more points and stuff like that. In general,


Actually, as in the first part, the control consists of two pedals – gas and brake. To drive, you need to press the gas pedal and, if you need to brake sharply, press the brake. Although, I have not seen such situations in the game. It is worth noting that if you press the gas button gradually, taking breaks, then the car will not go so fast and cope with bumps and cliffs. It is also worth noting that throttle and brake in the air are your control lever – tilt the car forward or backward, do somersaults, and so on. It takes some getting used to, but overall the management was good, good, and stayed.


The developers decided to slightly improve the graphic component of the game, although this was not at all necessary – the players loved the product for the essence and atmosphere, and not for the picture. But, I must admit, now the virtual world looks much more attractive, there are more textures and details, a lot of interesting little things. By the way, the maps have also become much more interesting, but to unlock new content you will have to play a lot and try. And the cars themselves have become much more attractive, there are more small parts on the body. We liked everything

Great Start!

Watch your RPM at the start of the race. The longer you hold the gas, the higher it will be. You will see a small green area if you look closely. You will want to try and keep the needle in the green area. You can do this by holding the throttle at the start and then releasing it as it passes the green zone. When the needle drops, lightly press on the throttle to make it jump into the water. green Zone. If you can manage a perfect
start, your car will start much faster than usual. This trick is the key to getting a good start!

Adventure And Multiplayer Cup Mode

Above all, try not to crash. The game has 2 modes, single “Adventure” and multiplayer “Cup”. In both, the main rule is to stay away from accidents. In single player mode, as soon as you hit an obstacle, the game is over and you have to start all over again. In multiplayer mode, after the same situation, you will receive the status of a racer who did not finish the race. Then you will automatically receive 4th place and 0 points. Sometimes you really have to take risks and collisions cannot be avoided, but you still need to be as careful as possible. First of all, the task is to win or earn coins / gasoline. The main thing is to remain intact until the moment of crossing the final mark, which will no longer matter. And even if at this moment you are on an incredible flight,

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Stay on the ground!

As fun as it is to pretend that the plane is, as you soar in the sky with your jeep, it is actually best to stay on the ground as much as possible. You get bonus points for airtime, but we’re not even entirely sure what this is for. You lose a lot of speed when you hover in the air, so try not to jump over ramps too quickly. Sometimes, when you are walking over small humps or hills, your jeep may start to tip over backwards.
When this happens, release the throttle and apply the brakes. Depending on how hard you put on the brakes, your front end may bump straight into the ground or you may relax gently.

Upgrade your vehicle!

You might be tempted to save your coins to upgrade better jeeps, but don’t! You should start upgrading your starter jeep now. Your opponents will start outrunning you if you don’t, and this will happen the second you hit Bronze II. all updates are equally important, so be sure to upgrade all categories. Keep an eye out – sometimes you will be able to get a free update in exchange for watching ads. If you see that
one of the buttons under the updates turns yellow, then this is your chance! This is incredibly useful later on when upgrades start to get really expensive.

Stick to the landing!

On occasions when you will be forced to spend a lot of time in the air – for example, during the appropriately named large air cup – make sure you stick to the landing! As we mentioned in the tips above, hitting the brakes will cause your front end to spin back down. It goes in opposite directions too – if you step on the gas and release the brakes, your rear end will come down. Use this to position yourself for a smooth fit. Make sure to keep an eye on the terrain below you, as destroy could mean the end of the race for you!

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 1.47.3 MOD Apk

The game, without a doubt, became a worthy continuation of the first part Hill Climb Racing. The developer simply did not fundamentally change anything and the very essence of the product remained the same – you can have fun, collect coins and improve your vehicle, compete with your friends for the fastest passage of the map, participate in the ranking of the fastest players in the world and stuff like that. That is, the game was simply improved by a couple of levels – in terms of graphics, multiplayer and physics, which will allow you to enjoy even more. This game is definitely worth trying on your smartphone.