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July 14, 2021
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Hide.io is a fun hide-and-seek simulator in which you can both have fun and demonstrate your disguise skills. Probably there is no person who would not love such an exciting game as hide and seek. The kids are still running around in the yards and hiding from each other in the trees, in the bushes, in the entrances. But what if the weather is bad outside, and the soul asks for your favorite game. There is a way out, now you can enjoy your favorite game without even leaving your home. Next, we will describe how to download Hide.io.

When you hear the word “hide and seek”, you immediately recall a carefree childhood, ringing laughter and a triumphant exclamation if you are on the winning team. But do not forget that hide and seek is far from the safest game. How many cases were there when resourceful schoolchildren hid in sewer manholes, climbed to the tops of trees or climbed into transformer booths. All these cases ended very badly. The Haidio project aims not only to give you a dose of pleasure, but also to keep you safe. But, nevertheless, it is extremely important to find a balance between virtual games and real pampering.

About the game

Haid.io has swung to the title of “new word” in the genre. The very fact that this is a separate project, and not some kind of mode in a mediocre game, already commands a bit of respect. The game is designed to unite millions of gamers around the world. This is a place where gamers of different races and nationalities will not shoot each other or destroy the settlements of neighbors, but simply hide from each other as part of a funny childish prank. This kind of peacefulness already makes you want to download the game, but Hide.io won the hearts of fans not only with good intentions. Here you will find stable servers, a multi-million dollar community, and various gameplay features that other competitors cannot boast of. The project is quite worthy, about which ten million downloads and an assessment of four and a half points can speak.


Hide.io for Windows did not invent a bicycle and left the main idea of ​​hide and seek unchanged: one team is looking for, while others are hiding in the most unexpected places. But this is a virtual game, so its own flavor has been added. The team that hides is represented by inanimate objects. The set of items is typical for the area where the party is going. If you play in the “office” location, then you can become an urn, a cooler or a printer, and hide and seek on a farm promises you to become a trough, a fence or a tree. The team that will be busy searching is represented not by ordinary guys and girls, but by whole detectives with characteristic skins. Yes, the police here are looking for inanimate objects that opponents pretend to be, that’s right. But you can’t even imagine the degree of fun that hovers in every game.

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Gamers who play as items are forced to masterfully blend in with their surroundings. Often simple logic and trickery can help. It is clear that the toaster has nothing to do in the bathroom, and the TV is very unlikely to find its place in the toilet stall. Although the items on the map are generated in a new way each time, they are all subject to a certain logic. This is done so that detectives do not lose their heads from the amount of junk in each location. If everything is clear with disguise for one team, then you will not envy the detectives. If the gamer has definitely decided that it is not a loaf of bread in front of him, but a player, then to confirm the guess, it is necessary to thoroughly smear it on the subject. This is how the declassification mechanism is implemented here. The inspectors seem to hit so hard that on an unsuccessful hit (if the selected item is not an opponent), they lose health points. This mechanic is designed to make the inspectors think logically and not bang their fists at all objects on the map.

Features of the game

Hide.io is a full-fledged real-time hide and seek, but with some features that can only be realized in the virtual world. These chips include the main feature – the ability to transform characters into surrounding inanimate objects. Before the start of the round, the team selects objects for themselves and disguises themselves as the design of the location. Opponents begin to search – look out for suspicious location of objects, movements, are guided by sounds. So that the match does not drag on for a long time, hiding can make sounds and move around the location. If the player finds a reincarnation, then he must shoot him. Hide.io game also provides the following features for players.

Hit anything suspicious during the final phase!

When a match reaches the last 45 seconds, all taggers will be immune to tags. That is, they will not lose any health if they mark the wrong object. It’s time to go absolutely crazy and mark everything you see as there is nothing to lose, only time, which is debatable anyway if you don’t have any leads.

Grab your bonuses!

As a Tagger, you can find gold floatings around cards to help guide your way. Nutrition of the heart restores your health. The running man icon temporarily increases your movement speed so you can quickly zip around. The most important power up is this? an icon that gives you a hint. The tooltip will tell you the object that the player is currently inhabiting. This is invaluable information, so
try to grab the clues whenever you see them.

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Look for an obscure but suitable place!

As a hider, you want to settle in a good hiding place that doesn’t make you stick out like a sore thumb. Take in the map and objects around you, and try to sit in a place where you blend naturally. For example, on the stadium map there are a bunch of bicycles and tires lying around. If you end up like a tire or a bicycle, try to land yourself next to one! If you’re lucky and Tagger decides to hit a real object, they will be discouraged from hitting any other object

Download Hide.io 31.0.4 MOD Apk

But this applies exclusively to games like Hide.io or Hide & Seek, which we tried on android. With other games, there is usually no such trouble. For fun, you can try playing. But if you plan to spend long enough time in it, then a smartphone with a large screen or a tablet is better.

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