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Game Insight
Dec 1, 2021
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Download Gods of Boom 27.1.243 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Ammo) For Android

Guns of Boom is a mobile action game from the developer Game Insight. In fact, in front of the user – an online toy with an emphasis on group shooting combat in a kind of setting. Visually, the app strongly resembles projects such as Team Fortress and Overwatch. That is, the developer made a bet not so much on the realism of what is happening, but on high dynamics, an abundance of visual effects, as well as a slightly satirical tone of what is happening.

As part of the gameplay, the user will act as part of a group that must destroy the opponent, or fulfill certain tactical goals. You can play solo or as part of a team of your friends. Management within the framework of the project is implemented in a manner familiar to the genre, but there is no automatic aiming and shooting here. Extremely simple navigation within the application, the absence of functions that burden the interface, as well as the ability to play on the network made this project extremely popular both among fans of the genre and simply among ordinary gamers. The game really leaves a pleasant impression after itself. You can even download Guns of Boom to gain an edge over your opponents as well as increase your gaming comfort.


Since the project is focused on multiplayer, there is simply no single-player mode in it. In this game, you will not find an exciting backstory, or a whole arc dedicated to the description of the confrontation, as well as its roots, as implemented, for example, in the latest projects of the Call of Duty franchise. This is an online arena with a minimum of additional features outside of the gameplay, so you shouldn’t count on atmospheric immersion in a long story. However, this did not harm such a dynamic, satirical, and also exciting action game, on the contrary, the application only benefited from the lack of a long storyline, focusing on the active phase of the gameplay.

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The gameplay in Guns of Boom is built around shootouts. You will participate in rounds on various maps, fight against real users as part of a team or solo. Since the project relies precisely on the simplicity and accessibility of the gameplay, the characters here are not distinguished by deep elaboration, as well as an abundance of skills. Most of the available perks are passive, that is, such skills work all the time, they do not need to be activated in advance. The interface itself is made in an extremely laconic manner, and all control comes down to using several functions via a touchscreen.

A virtual joystick is responsible for the movement of the character, which is located in the left corner of the game interface. It is not difficult to use it, it is enough just to pull the head of the manipulator in the right direction for the hero to run in the indicated direction. On the right, you can easily see the “Aim” and “Open Fire” keys. Above them there will be switches for special items and skills. So, for example, if you have a first aid kit, its use will be assigned to one of the buttons. It is important to remember that you are playing as your own fighter, improving his basic parameters, as well as skills, and not choosing a new one every time, as is the case in most other FPS.

Graphics and sound

Guns of Boom has extremely low system requirements and the game almost always runs smoothly even on devices 2-3 years ago, it can run on flagships 4-5 years ago, but the price is low graphics and mediocre effects. Guns of Boom is at the level of Counter-Strike 1.6 and its flaws are hidden only thanks to the hand-drawn visual style.

There are no quality settings, but you can enable 60 FPS mode for a smooth gameplay comparable to shooters Games.

In terms of sound, this is the most disappointing part of Guns of Boom. Firstly, it is flat and dull, and secondly, there is no background sound, and the sounds of shots change only when you change the type of weapon. It is far from always clear where the source of the fire is, and there is only one track in the main menu and it gets boring pretty quickly. But the game has cool comments on your kills.

Features of the game

Beautiful High Dynamic Graphics

Undemanding 2D graphics with an emphasis on the cartoon style of design. Outwardly, the project resembles games such as Team Fortress. The chosen setting allows you to reduce the requirements for the user’s device, as well as to give what is happening in the application a shade of unreality.

Super Dynamic Gameplay

Super dynamic gameplay. Due to the specifics of the game maps in Guns of Boom, as well as the short duration of the rounds, each shootout here is a constant action, the situation on the battlefield is constantly changing. If you like reckless fun in games, then this project is designed especially for you.

Simple Designed Control

The controls in the game are designed so that even a beginner in the FPS genre can easily figure out what is happening. There are only 4-5 controllers on the main screen, which are easy to follow. Even in the hottest gunfight, you will be sure that you will quickly make the right decisions in a specific situation. The toy can be recommended to those who are just discovering this genre.

Own Character Development System

Own character development system. You start the game as one of the proposed heroes, customize him, give his appearance personality traits, and also improve special skills. Form your vision of the future shooter in advance, and then adhere to the chosen development line.

Action Games PVP

Focus on multiplayer, PvP, as well as the impressive potential of the project in esports. In each round you will face the players corresponding to your level, you will gain experience, as well as improve your own shooting skills and tactical maneuvers. Invite friends to join your group to have fun together.

Download Gods of Boom 27.1.243 MOD Apk

Is this game worth your time? Of course, since this toy is characterized by addictive gameplay, simple controls, and high dynamics. Together, this makes it a terrific attraction. Download Guns of Boom on your Phone to see for yourself.