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A magical world of old school action RPG adventure is calling for heroic wizards and knights.
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Nov 25, 2021
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Download Guild of Heroes 1.123.5 MOD Apk (Free Shopping) For Android

Guild of heroes is a classic RPG inspired by Warcraft, the Diablo series and Dungeons and Dragons. Passing dozens of locations with traditional isometric graphics, completing fabulous quests and fighting in hardcore raids with gnomes, elves, orcs and other wickedness, you will understand that this is a good old classic! It’s time to gather your friends, take up arms and embark on a dangerous adventure to save the world from monsters and dragons! Or go all the way alone to take all the glory and honor for yourself! Download Guild of Heroes for Android absolutely free!


Representatives of various races live in the fantasy world of the game: ugly trolls and orcs, dwarves, noble elves and many others. Once in the world of the game, you will go to perform interesting tasks and participate in battles against bosses. To defeat this, you need a team of other players. Your path will not be easy, full of dangers and traps. And one of the dangers, in addition to monsters, will be other players playing as warriors or magicians. This game has a simple and straightforward control system that distinguishes it from many other online RPGs. You will understand the interface quickly. But to become the most famous among the heroes, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort. While doing quests, you should not relax for a minute, because there are a lot of enemies around. Each type of monster has its own weak points. If they are hit, the enemy will suffer great damage. But even without prejudice to his character, not everyone can defeat the monster.

It is really difficult to deal with the key bosses that guard the caves. Possessing good defense, they destroy inexperienced players instantly. Only experienced and strong ones can try to fight them. As a reward for destroying a key boss, you will receive rare artifacts that cost a lot of money. As in other similar games, in the Guild of Heroes you will find both weapons and uniforms. Thanks to the large selection, you can create a unique and inimitable image for your character that will be seen by other gamers. It is recommended to choose the weapon wisely, as it takes a serious weapon to defeat serious opponents.

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In the world of the game, in addition to military skills, it is useful to own magic. This weapon, when used correctly, hits the enemy much stronger than the best sword. As the game progresses, find and learn new spells that can be pumped over time. So you will gradually master the magic of several elements that are in the game. To hone your skills, apply the learned spells in battles. If you cannot cope with the enemy alone, contact other gamers to unite in a team and defeat by common forces. The team should include gamers of different classes and levels, each team member should have an individual role. To develop your abilities, you need to fight with other players.

Combat System And PvP Mode

You explore dungeons and fight off enemies – attack them with skills from the bottom panel. The character hits the targets himself. The player is required to dodge / move and activate skills. Opponents also know how to dodge, which forces you to choose the right time to strike. You can hire fellow travelers to help the main character. They are waiting in the tavern. The mercenary will help out in heavy battles against hordes of monsters.

Fights with teams are held in the arena or in guild wars. Get the support of your friends. They will join the battles. Earn trophies and climb the league rankings! Show who is the boss.

Guild Of Heroes Gameplay Features

Join An Army Of Thousands Of Players

Despite the fact that you are saving the world and in the Guild of Heroes you are supported by the Great Mage, look around! In addition to disgusting creatures and ancient cave dwellers, you will be attacked by sorcerers and fighters from gangs of other players. You are not the only one who wants to take all the honors and become a living legend! The gameplay is divided into two parts – Trial and Arena of Eternity. Want to fight powerful titans? Fight without rest, pump your hero – when you collect a large number of points, the Arena of Eternity will finally open for you. And then show the strongest titans who is boss here! And don’t forget to participate in contests and live communication with other players. To do this, join the army of players on Facebook!

Collect Gold, Weapons And Ammunition

Secrets of the game Guild of Heroes: getting into a new area, do not forget to collect gold, weapons and ammunition. They drop from dead enemies. And go to the city to improve the armor and weapons collected from corpses, as well as order healing drinks and other useful potions. Ten to fifteen minutes of playing time, and you are equipped to the eyeballs in order to further crush the evil reptiles that have flooded the neighborhood! The Guild of Heroes is not just a war, but a fight for world peace!

And if you don’t want to swing your sword, then you can exchange them for a bow or magic staff. The battles are dynamic, each one takes two to three minutes, so you won’t get bored! Also collect gold, look for diamonds, mine skill chests after boss fights and find your style of battles in the game Guild of Heroes!

You can choose one of two classes – mages or archers

The first know various “witchcraft tricks” to deceive and dumbfounded enemies. The second are real hard workers, they killed their whole lives for daily work in the sweat of their brow, fighting in the arena. The choice is yours! Or, after all, magicians run the show. After all, it is the Chief Magician who gathers heroes for the decisive battle for the balance of peace on earth. But prove that you are no less a worthy husband of your kind by playing as an ordinary archer! Take a bow, put on huge armor and – into battle!

Gang Of Comrades And fight alongside

The Guild of Heroes is an MMORPG, which means you can gather a gang of comrades and fight alongside thousands of other players! Collect raids on the most arrogant and “fat” bosses in advance. The developers made sure that even experienced gamers did not get bored; some missions are really hardcore! And when you improve your fighting skills and put on the coolest equipment and weapons, do not think that everything will be easy. Uncleanness “has in mind” people like you, and prepares a worthy rebuff. Sly dwarves and gnomes, ancient elves and orc shamans are not bastard and are able to stun you at any moment!

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Download Guild of Heroes 1.123.5 MOD Apk

You can download the Guild of Heroes for free, and the main opportunities will be open to you immediately.