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It is a defense game to protect the castle from enemy attack.
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Dec 4, 2021
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Grow Castle is a very interesting strategy game that will take you on a journey through time. You will find yourself in the era of knights and tower fortifications. You have to defend your territory from enemies. After becoming the head of the tower, you must improve and develop this defensive structure. And to do everything so that enemies do not damage civilians. Download Grow Castle right now. Enemies are not asleep and are preparing a new campaign.

About the game

This arcade game will be a real discovery for those who like action and massive attacks. To begin with, this strategy is a new application. Here the user is invited to become a commander who will lead his army to victories. The task is extremely simple – to defend your castle from incoming waves of enemies, pump your troops and constantly fight. For a variety of gameplay, the developers have added several game modes, among which the user will clearly find the one that he likes. A pumped-up army and well-placed posts will allow you to restrain attacking enemies and send detachments of your troops to meet them in a timely manner. You can take counterattacking actions that will lead to either defeat or quick victory. In addition to manpower, the user can build defensive structures in the castle and on the walls, which will not let the enemy close to the walls.


After installing the game and pre-launch actions, a large field will appear on the screen. On one part of it there will be your tower, and on the second – a portal from which enemies will appear. Your main task will be to defend the fortress and attack the portal. Only if you manage to destroy it, it will be possible to say with confidence that the mission is over and you can move on.

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But do not think that in this game everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Grow Castle is a solid strategy in which you have to think over every move. Of course, at first the enemies will be weak and repelling them seems to be a feasible task. But with each new level, the level of the enemy will also grow. This means that it will be more difficult for you. And even with one mistake, the enemies will sweep away your tower in the first wave. The further you pump your level, the more opportunities for defense will open up. New opportunities to crush the enemy will become available. But pumping depends on successfully completed fights. And for this it is necessary to correctly approach the redistribution of resources. Vicious circle. But the player doesn’t need to think about it. Enjoy your game.

Features of the game

The game has a well-thought-out system of improvements. We will receive in-game currency for each killed warrior. Coins can be spent on recruiting improvements to the outpost, recruiting new soldiers, etc. Moreover, many improvements are interconnected. So, in order to hire a new warrior, you need to improve the tower. Speaking of the new warrior. You will be able to hire additional unique characters – for example, a magician who freezes enemies, slowing their progress towards the walls of the tower. We will also receive experience that opens up access to new gaming opportunities. So, for example, you can increase the rate of fire of archers, increase the health reserve of warriors, who are summoned to help a knight, and so on.

Upgrading Castle Heroes

Don’t forget about upgrading castle heroes. In addition to raising the level, they can choose a profession. It is necessary to choose the character we are interested in. At the bottom of the pumping window there will be a promotion button. By clicking on it, a new window with development branches will pop up. To get a profession, the hero must reach the required level, which is indicated in the branch. In addition to the level, 10 crystals are needed to get the second class. For the third 20 crystals.

Battles With Dragons

Remember an important rule. As soon as you have battles with dragons and you have accumulated the power of the army to kill the first dragon, throw the waves indefinitely. Start farming the dragon (until you get bored) and knock out the loot from it. Dress witches for damage and any farm zone will obey you. In addition, knocked out and dressed up loot can also be upgraded.

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Download Grow Castle 1.36.5 MOD Apk

Download Grow Castle on your android phone is an ideal option for those who like strategic, but at the same time uncomplicated games where you need to fight a lot, upgrade your warriors and your fortress.