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Oct 30, 2021
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Grand Truck Simulator 2 1.0.30b MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money)

Open your transport company and deliver cargo to the farthest places, driving huge distances and doing the work of a trucker.


Become a real leader of your transport empire and lead it to success, besides, you have to work there not only as a manager, but also as a driver and even a mechanic. The task here is quite simple, as in any other game about the delivery of goods, you have to come and pick up the cargo, and then take it to the right place. Of course, at first glance, the task seems quite ordinary, but the complexity here is added by the fact that you need to choose the path yourself, besides, on your way you may encounter many problems, including car breakdowns, and lack of fuel and much more, and in these difficult conditions you have to work.

Features of the game

Great graphics as well as constantly changing weather, this game is made as realistic as possible, so everyone who loves to play truckers will like it. You have to independently manage the company, and choose which orders to execute, as well as constantly pump your car. By the way, it’s also interesting that you can open the insides of the car, and rebuild it using various parts.

Your own fleet of trucks

If you are one of those who since childhood always wanted to have a fleet of trucks, you are in luck because today and thanks to video games it is possible to have it. What’s more, in the era of mobile phones, you can even have it in the palm of your hand. Thus, you can manage your trucks from anywhere and at any time. And that’s what Grand Truck Simulator 2 proposes to you, take charge of your own fleet of delivery trucks. Do you want to know more about the new version of this original and realistic simulator? Read on because we take a closer look at Pulsar GameSoft’s new game below.

A bet on simulation that works

Today, there are already a multitude of driving games, most with a decidedly arcade focus. In some of these titles it is even possible to get behind the wheel of the beasts of the road, the trucks. However, there are not so many focused on offering an experience closer to simulation. It is much less common to find games that bet on simulation focused solely and exclusively on trucks. Hence, the Grand Truck Simulator proposal was so novel and had considerable success. Result of this is this second part that comes with some interesting news.

A complete tutorial

Grand Truck Simulator 2 is not the kind of game that as soon as you download it, it gives you the chance to get behind the wheel of a truck. No, in this case, you will have to learn the operation of the vehicle. First of all, you are going to have to pass a complete tutorial. At least that way you make sure you fully understand how the game works. In it, you will learn from such basic issues, such as turning the engine on and off, to others a little more complicated such as the use of the camera and the handling of the mirrors. In this way, until you have passed a few levels of the tutorial, you will not be able to raise enough money to buy the first truck for your fleet. Of course, your first purchase will surely be quite modest. Unless you pull your wallet or credit card.

A wide variety of trucks

In Grand Truck Simulator 2, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of trucks, perfectly represented. It includes everything from small delivery vans to large trailers. Unfortunately, in general, they do not come with their real names. We assume that for a licensing issue.

Manage your fleet down to the smallest detail

Grand Truck Simulator 2 comes with a new much more realistic physics. As a result, you will have to be aware of issues such as tire pressure, cooling, lubricant levels and much more. Of course, it will test not only your driving skills but also your knowledge of mechanics.

Complete different missions

In Grand Truck Simulator 2, you have the ability to perform different missions. These include transporting food, such as eggs, milk or yogurt bottles, planks, and much more. To complete these jobs you must transport the cargo on the assigned route. The different routes are distributed in one of the three available maps. Of course, to perform these tasks you must have a suitable truck and a driver’s license of the indicated level. Of course, if you do the task correctly, you receive a financial reward based on the distance traveled.


On a visual level, Grand Truck Simulator 2 is not a title that stands out for presenting spectacular graphics. The positive note is put by the trucks that are represented fairly faithfully. The maps, on the other hand, are quite careful and have some interesting details, but they are not excessively varied.

Grand Truck Simulator 2 free download

Grand Truck Simulator 2 is a free game, so you can download it completely for free. Of course, as is usual with many of the games for Android, it includes micro purchases. A lot of micro purchases to be exact. And this is perhaps one of the main negative aspects of the game. Its aggressive monetization system. And it is that it costs more to fill the tank than the reward obtained for completing a mission. In addition, it includes advertising. In principle, its visualization is voluntary. However, since it is necessary to see ads even to consult the list of available trucks, the truth is that you will have to see them yes or yes.


Grand Truck Simulator 2 is a game designed for truck lovers. Especially for those who love simulation both driving, fleet management and mechanics. Unfortunately, however, it abuses micropayments and lacks a wide variety of settings. In fact, in the long run, the game turns out to be excessively repetitive. In addition, the loading times of the scenarios are, in general, quite long. And it’s a shame because Grand Truck Simulator 2 promises and has such interesting details as being able to listen to the radio in the truck. Hopefully in future updates they will solve the various limitations of the game, and reduce payments and ads.

Grand Truck Simulator 2 1.0.30b MOD Apk

Download Grand Truck Simulator 2 APK mod for free to get the most out of one of the best truck simulators for Android. Enjoy the game completely unlocked with Grand Truck Simulator 2 APK mod and forget about the heavy commercials.