FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape (MOD, Free Shopping)


Escape to an island getaway filled with adventure, mystery, and fun new mini games in this colorful free-to-play game from the makers of FarmVille!
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June 15, 2021
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FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape is a new farm simulator, but instead of the usual rural landscape, a tropical island awaits the player, where we will manage our farm. So, according to the plot, the main character of the game moves from the cold snow-covered north to the southern tropical island and is going to open a hotel there. Our hero will have to develop his enterprise, constructing various restaurants and bars, clubs and other entertainment establishments near the hotel. And all so that tourists from different parts of the world flood to the island. Business can be developed by occupying the entire island, and then bringing the enterprise to a new level.

The Basics

Fortunately, this is a game that you can play both online and offline and you don’t need a lot of Facebook friends to progress through the game (although it does help a little). Unlike other similar games from Zynga, buildings are more specialized and you won’t earn everything (coins and XP) from doing all sorts of activities. In fact, coins are usually obtained by selling items on the farm board or to other players
using the virtual marketplace. You also gain XP this way – and you gain more experience points by completing quests too. Finally, we have an item that produces buildings and animals that will not give you any coins or XP points directly, but items that you can collect and then use to craft more complex items and end up selling them for money and XP.

The game also uses different types of premium currencies such as keys and fertilizers, which can help you speed up your farm. You also need special items to unlock or activate others, such as water, which is required for crops and trees (but free and unlimited), or stamps that can be exchanged for special animals.


After following the onscreen instructions and rebuilding the farmhouse and barn, you are pretty much on your own. The basics of the gameplay are similar to what you just did and there are hardly any gimmicks when it comes to playing. Using the drag and drop mechanic, you buy and place new items on your farm, rebuild the items you purchased, and start producing crops or goods. Just follow the onscreen
instructions and you’re done!

There are three main areas to start with:

– Almanac, where you will find quests
– Farm Board, where you will be allowed to sell items that you produce on the farm for coins and XP
– General store (under the almanac), where you can purchase new things for your farm.

Later, more options become available as you play, level up and unlock new areas. In the end, you will be allowed to join the co-op and team up with other players, communicate with them and help each other. And you should be ready for the long drive because you will probably be playing FarmVille 2 on your iPhone or iPad for quite some time from now!


Welcome to your new farm! Farm Village: Medieval is a game very similar to the ever popular Farmville.
This is another farming management game, but this time in the middle ages. Oh what a turn! We’ll help
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Grow multiple crops!

You never know which orders you will receive a request board, so it is best to grow different types of
crops. If you make it a habit to grow multiple crops, you will always have storage to choose from if you
get requests that are not right for you at the moment.

Keep your chickens fed!

Early on, selling or using chicken eggs for inquiries is a great way to make some decent money. Chickens
have a long wait time before they lay their eggs, although – it takes them twenty minutes! You need to feed
them periodically, otherwise the egg timer will stop and stay suspended until they feed. It is imperative to
always have food on hand. You can make chicken feed with two wheat and one corn in a feed mill. Each
order costs three bags of feed. Later, this applies to all your animals, so there is appropriate food!

Accept the requests of the villager!

Sometimes, instead of using the request board, villagers will come to your farm personally asking for a
specific item. They compensate you in gold, which is usually quite a lot, more than the request fee. Once
you have items, it is almost always worth selling to the villagers. Try to have loads of items in your barn
so you can be prepared for the villagers, as they won’t stay forever!

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Keep adding buildings!

Each time you level up, you will unlock additional buildings for your farm. You will also unlock more farm
plots and sometimes more other buildings. Set aside agricultural plots right away so you can increase
your yields. Always have your plots planted!

Plant according to your playing time!

If you plan on staying for a while, try planting fast crops so you can harvest them right away. If you leave
the game for a while, plant longer crops so they are ready by the time you return.

Making exquisite products!

Consider making refined products your top priority as they cost the most money. However, remember that
they take the most effort and time. Turn your wheat into bread, milk into cream and all! They go to great
lengths on the request board, and if you get a personal offer from a village it costs some serious money!

Tool cleaning is very cheap!

If you need more space for your farm, clearing instruments can be bought in the markets. These tools are
actually quite cheap and work straight away; that’s right, don’t wait for hours waiting for trees and rocks to
clear! Saws and axes are usually about ten coins, and bombs are twenty coins. Don’t be AFraid to buy

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The game FarmVille 2 Rural Solitude can already be downloaded on Android,  In the application you will find various missions, a wonderful location on the seashore and the opportunity to develop your farm. In addition, you can enter into an alliance to discuss all important points with friends and participate in various missions. Install FarmWilly 2 for free and start a new life as a farmer!

Download FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape 1.113.8175 MOD APK

Fans of the popular FarmVille 2: Country Escape and Township will now have access to another amazing adventure as they take on epic nature retreats into this paradise on Earth. Feel free to get in multiple activities across the islands while still enjoying the classic farming gameplay on Farmville Tropic Escape.