Farm Heroes Super Saga (MOD, Unlimited Lives)


The makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga are back with even bigger Cropsies and more switcher fun in Farm Heroes Super Saga!
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Nov 18, 2021
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Download Farm Heroes Super Saga 1.61.1 MOD Apk (Unlimited Lives) For Android

The legendary game for android Farm Heroes Saga returns to the screens of your smartphones, the updated version is called Farm Heroes Super Saga. The game with very nice updated graphics and sound effects will delight both adults and children, in the play market the game is marked with a “3+” icon, which will be a nice gift for parents. Cute fruits with excellent voice acting and animation will keep your child occupied for a long time and improve visual perception and logical thinking. Installing the game on a computer is simple and takes no more than 5 minutes.

About The Game

Bright and fun game “three in a row” from King company is a great way to relax, kill time, and, at the same time, do a little “exercise for the brain”. Created specifically for mobile phones and tablets, Farm Heroes Saga, on the one hand, is simple, not overloaded with unnecessary details, and on the other hand, it is fascinating, with vivid graphics and dynamic development of events. There is a plot here – pretty simple, but cute. Animals live on the farm with satiety and joy. But the trouble is, the evil raccoon, apparently envying them, decided to destroy the farm, stealing grain for the next crops. Why the owner of agricultural land does not take any action is a question that, apparently, will remain unanswered. But his pets, a pig, a puppy, a kitten and a chicken, do not want to lose their home so easily, so they stand up to protect the farm. They need to collect fruits and vegetables from the beds as soon as possible.

More than 100 million users have already volunteered to help the animals in this epic battle for the harvest. As a rule, they are attracted by pleasant bright graphics, the ability to play even on very old devices, the ability of the game to “do” without an Internet connection. All that remains is to download Farm Heroes Saga to your computer or laptop and run it using the emulator on the big screen.

Gameplay: what attracts the game

All ingenious is simple. You have to move the fruits, vegetables, as well as water droplets and small suns, placed on the field, so that they line up at least “three in a row”. The figures that have found their “relatives” will disappear from the screen, forcing the rest to move to free places. Each level is given a certain number of moves or the time it takes to complete the task. As a rule, it consists in collecting a certain amount of certain items on the field. For example: collect 15 carrots and 13 apples in 10 moves. If there are four or more identical figures in a row, a nice bonus awaits you. For example: all fruits of this type will disappear from the screen, the crop will be “harvested” from a whole row, etc.

After passing each level, you will find yourself on a map that resembles a board game for children. A path that stretches like a snake across the farm, and on it there are circles of levels passed and those that have yet to be passed. Advanced levels are indicated by the image of a bull, raccoon or fox. You need to be especially careful here. By the way, if you link the game to your Facebook account, you will not only be able to easily restore your data and progress in the event of a device breakdown or accidental deletion of the game, but also watch how far your friends have progressed in the game.

New Premium Games For Android

Unable to complete a particularly difficult level? Take advantage of bonuses. They can be obtained as a reward for completing some levels or bought. It is for this purpose that donation is possible in the game. You invest real money – you get additional opportunities. So, you can remove the “unnecessary” berry from the garden, remove the crop from a whole row, and increase the amount of the harvest. Hundreds of levels are at your service, and there is an update every two weeks with new adventures. So you will definitely not be bored! The only disadvantage in the game is the limited number of lives. They will be provided to you in the amount of 5 pieces. Lost everything? Wait until they recover. Or buy for gold bars, which can be obtained mainly for donation, and very rarely – for completing tasks.

Match 3 farming puzzle game

Another puzzle from the King’s development studio does not differ in originality, however, even without this, the interest in Farm Heroes Saga is already quite high. With such a game, the authors demonstrate their ability to make really high-quality products that are popular. If you are fed up with lollipops and candies in Candy Crush Saga, then such a project can certainly become a worthy alternative. The game is distributed completely free of charge.

Discover all the special matches!

Just like the sagas that came before, Farm Heroes Super Saga is packed with special matches. matching 4 on a row will add a +1 bonus to all surrounding target crops. matching 5 on a row will automatically collect all crops of the same type on the board. Also
shares the effect of matching 4 per line. “T” or “L” shaped matches will create a line burst that adds +2 to each cropie hit. This one also
has the same effect as matching 4. square matches will combine all cropsies into Super Cropsie. Any regular liked matched by super
liked will get boosted higher than usual! 6/16/2021 Farm Heroes Super Saga Cheats: Tips And Strategy Guide To Get All Stars – All Mobile Games Memorize these special matches and try to create as many of them as possible – they will help you reach your level goal faster!

Achieve Your Cropsie Goal

A really good way to achieve your cropsie goal is to match higher yields. You may not have noticed this, but when cropsie gets stronger, the dot momentum only lasts one turn. If you don’t immediately match the boosted crospie on the next turn, it will revert to its normal point value. To quickly reach your goal, try to go for elevated crops whenever possible so that you don’t waste your promotion value. It’s important to note that super cropsies never lose their boosting value, so you don’t have to worry about those big guys!

Go to your target!

Most of the levels will require you to reach a certain quota for your crops to meet. You will probably have to fit a certain type of cropsie, not just any kind! It is best to pay attention to what you need to complete the level and prioritize that as much as you can. For example, if you need to match blue cultures, try to find matches that only include them. Of course, you cannot do this reliably, just keep this in mind!

Raise your cropsie for a country show!

Once you’ve advanced a couple of levels, you’ll get your very own cropsie to showcase in the country of the show! Your cropsie will start out as a small bud, but beating the levels with good results will earn you growth points. If you click the cropsie button at the bottom of the map menu, you can see how many points you need before its next evolution. The more your cropsie gets, the more coins and points you will
be rewarded when the country of the show comes around. The country of the show occurs when the timer on the right counts down all the way. Be sure to grow your cropsie a lot before your next country show!

Connect to Facebook

Like other King games, we recommend connecting your Facebook account to Farm Heroes Super Saga. When you run out of lives, you can ask other friends who are playing the game to send you extra lives. You can also compare your results if you feel a little competitive!

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Take care of your moves!

If you reach your goal and you have moves left, random crops on the board will turn into super crops depending on how many moves you have. If you play efficiently enough, the big points you get from super cropsies may be enough to push you towards the three-star threshold. Try to save your moves and play each one very carefully!

Download Farm Heroes Super Saga 1.61.1 MOD Apk

Download Farm Heroes Saga and go through a big journey with the hero, collect chains of red vegetables and fruits. Farm Hirous Saga is an excellent puzzle game with familiar game mechanics that can lure lovers of logic games for a long time.