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Immerse yourself in an unforgettable world of adventure with a modern Stone Age family!
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Nov 10, 2021
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Download Family Island 2021200.0.13187 MOD Apk (Unlimited Energy) For Android

Who has never asked the following question: Who would you take to a desert island? It is almost certain that most people do not respond that they would take their family. But this game can make you and these people think differently. Besides, what would it be like to live on a desert island without advanced technology, without a phone, internet, or even a stove? Without all of that, but with your family?

What is Family Island

It is on this “What If” that the Family Island APK builds its premise. You will be immersed in a fantasy world at the very beginning of humanity. To be more specific, in the Stone Age period. There, the character Bruce, his wife Eva and children need his instructions to create a new home and experience different situations always filled with good humor. Like any good casual game, Family Island’s storytelling is very well constructed.

Having his place of origin (we don’t have cities in the Stone Age :/) destroyed by a volcanic eruption, Bruce and his family need help. In the game, your initial task will be to secure some basic survival items: fire, water and shelter. After that time, your mission will be to seek the prosperity of the family through other resources and activities, such as agriculture, animal husbandry, housing improvements, harvesting and exploration of the territory. But despite being a remake of farm games, the story and other issues related to daily life and family relationships will lead you to very current and even necessary questions. Thus, Family Island is a very complete farm simulator game, full of twists and which deep down is a great family adventure!

Family Island Features

Hone Your Cooking Skills

Finding food on a tropical island doesn’t seem like a big deal. After all, fruits are all around you, right? Well, not that much, at least not on Family Island. For this reason, you will have to resort to cooking. Needless to say, a well-cooked meal is far more nutritious than a banana or a couple of berries.

In the early stages of the game, scrambled eggs or fried roots will be the main options on the menu. Fortunately, the family will be prepared to eat these meals as often as possible. Of course, make sure the chickens and goats are producing enough eggs and milk. Once the food is ready, gather the family and serve the food at an impromptu table.

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Upgrade equipment whenever possible

If you have enough energy, you can overcome any obstacle on Family Island. Moreover, all this stamina will allow you to gather enough resources to upgrade the production units in the village. As a result, the production of goods will increase and the economy on the island will begin to flourish.

For example, players should upgrade their storage facilities whenever possible. Why? Well, repositories are essential to conserve your resources. Increasing the storage level will open up space for new goods such as wood, stone, or grass. However, requirements are not always easy to meet. Therefore, click on the “Use” option to reserve the goods that you currently have in stock. By doing so, you will not be able to spend them elsewhere.

Awaken your creativity 

Free your left brain and stimulate your creative sense to create an effective strategy. So, by dealing with the game’s challenges, you’ll be stimulating your mind to think outside the box. Thus, when thinking about building a house, you should think about whether it is close to resources such as wood, water, mineral resources and think about its capacity for expansion and scalability of your world.

Explore new territories

As you settle down with your family, build your home, and cement your stability, it’s time to look for resources to evolve. Thus, the exploration of territories should be a fundamental pillar of your survival strategy on Family Island.

Create your own world 

Use basic management and strategy concepts not just to survive, but to thrive in an adverse environment and limited in natural and energy resources. Enjoy and enjoy creating your own virtual world.

Customize and Create your own farm

 Create your own farm in a dystopian prehistoric world. Choose the location, the arrangement of each of the mobile and immovable features, and much more.

Exciting missions and stories

Casual games with missions are a must. It couldn’t be different with Family Island. The game has different types of missions to make the game even more dynamic in those moments when you want to escape the main context.

Limited Amount of Energy

When using the different characters for the actions proposed in the game, your character will lose energy. But don’t think of this feature as limiting you. In fact, it works to stimulate your imagination and strategy skills when having to manage your priorities in the game, super too!

Super Fun Graphics

Family Island for Android has advanced graphics in the style of your favorite cinematic animations. The game runs in 2.5D, which provides an aerial view of the world in question. Its characters are elegant and have both graphics and diverse characteristics and personalities. The goal is for you to really feel the difference in your traits and actions, being able to differentiate and use each family member in different ways.

Family Island 2021200.0.13187 MOD Apk

If you are looking for a game that is pure farm, but has a good feel for adventure and storytelling, Family Island is here for you. Download the latest Android version right now and exercise your strategic thinking and creativity skills in a single app. It is free.