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Ready to master this dragon game and collect and breed tons of adorable fire-breathing dragons?
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Dec 2, 2021
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Download Dragon City Mobile 12.8.2 MOD Apk (High Damage) For Android

The game is an entertaining simulator. It boasts great graphics, interesting levels and extremely simple controls that even a child can master.


In this game you can become a real dragon lord. He reigns supreme on an island that soars high in the clouds. The most unusual dragons are grown here. On this makeshift farm, you can raise a huge number of dragons. You must do your best for the dragon settlement to flourish and develop. As you progress through the game, you will realize that these are not such scary creatures as they are described. They eat delicious fruits and do not mind eating various treats at all. To breed dragons. You will need a special incubator and eggs.

Graphics and controls

The graphic component of the game is at its best. All game character models are detailed. In this case, the actions of the characters are accompanied by high-quality animation. The whole game is designed in a funny cartoon style. As for the control, it is fully optimized for the touch screens of modern mobile devices running on the Android OS. With simple touches, you can build various buildings, collect resources, and so on. During the fights, you will have to choose your attacking skills. They are located in special cells and have a detailed description, so you will definitely not confuse anything.

Do you miss Pokémon type games?

When the Pokémon games came out in the 90s, they became a whole new, incredibly addictive genre. Collecting different types of Pokémon and making them fight was really fun, and it was a pleasure to spend hours and hours in front of a Game Boy touring different villages and territories, exploring the world in search of rare Pokémon and trying to win battle after battle to evolve to your Pokémon and have them ready for combat.

There is a lot of nostalgia contained in this type of game, and, therefore, over the years, new video games have emerged that preserve the style of the old Pokémon, but with improved graphics and different stories. Nexomon: Extinction was published recently, and now we have the hilarious Dragon City in our hands.

What is Dragon City App?

It is a Pokémon-type video game for Android that follows in the wake of the Nintendo classics of the 90s, only with many improvements in the graphic section, with dragons instead of Pokémon, and in the form of an online MMO. With this game, then, you will be able to collect hundreds of different dragons, study their characteristics to see which ones are best for each type of combat, train them to make them level up, and fight against other dragons until you become the best Dragon Master in the world. . In essence, Pokémon, but online, with other types of creatures and many new combinations of characteristics, which will make playing this game even more fun!

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Become the best Dragon Master!

As is usual in this type of game, in Dragon City you will start as an apprentice dragon tamer, and you will have to capture new dragons, train them, win battles and improve your city to level up. Little by little you will improve your skills and those of your dragons to advance in this online world and become a completely spectacular master of dragons. The better you get, the more skills you will unlock, but you will also find yourself against stronger opponents, so you are going to have to push yourself!

Features of Dragon City Mobile

More than 1000 dragons available

Yes that’s how it is. With this game you will be able to find and train more than 1000 dragons! You are going to really spend many hours exploring if you want to collect them all and grow your city into a true reference in the game. Plus, new dragons appear every week through different crossing events and special islands, so you’ll never be able to say there’s nothing else to see in the game anymore. There will always be new dragons to capture!

Upgrade your dragons with orbs and other items

How could it be otherwise, there are items that you can use to improve your dragons even more. Use them wisely if you want to get the best out of your dragons, and don’t waste them on dragons that aren’t worth it to become the best in the game. Orbs are hard to come by, so you should treasure them only for your best dragons.

Unlock areas and guardian dragons

As you progress through the game, you will be unlocking areas that are not accessible from the beginning, and you will really love doing it! The new areas will allow you to access incredible dragons, and you will also be left with your mouth open when you discover the wonderful areas that the worlds of this game have reserved for you.

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More than 80 million players

Currently, on the game servers you will be able to meet another eighty million dragon masters. Each one will have their own dragons, objects and abilities. Some will help you learn, others will challenge you to combat, and all will make you have a great time as you grow your city to train more and better dragons. It’s just great!

Download Dragon City Mobile 12.8.2 MOD Apk

Click the link to download Dragon City APK free for Android. Start exploring this wonderful world of dragons to grow your city and become the best teacher!