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Download DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE 5.0.0 MOD Apk (GOD Mode) For Android

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a free-to-play 2D match-three RPG available on iOS and Android platforms. The story begins when Trunks’ Time Machine crash-lands on a planet where the series’ timeline has been thrown into chaos, requiring players to fight its legion of iconic villains to secure victory and restore the universe to normal. Collect Dragon Stones to summon powerful fighters from across the DBZ universe and put them together in teams that make use of their elemental affinities, Link Skills, and more. Acquire an entire set of Dragon Balls and summon Shenron to grant a wish. The gameplay consists largely of traversing a board-game style map and taking on groups of enemies using Ki Spheres, which can be color matched for powerful attack combos. Strategically build a team and power through the different game modes, including story mode, events, and the World Tournament.


The previously popular anime about Goku and his friends made a lot of noise at the time. We all loved to watch it several times, and with the release of the game on eight-bit consoles, many teenagers disappeared at home behind joysticks. Now this creation is available on the Android platform, and we got a chance to feel nostalgic. In the story, the powerful Trunks arrived in the center of the universe by a time machine, which caused an unforeseen confusion of the future, past and present. For the Dragon Ball fighters, this is another chance to prove their strength. You have to enter into an unequal battle with enemies from different time continuums: the Cell and Freezer sagas, Tao Pai Pai and Babidi.


The gameplay of this action is quite unique. You will have to control your hero back and forth, as well as push through active KI-spheres, with the help of which you will not only attack, but also carry out various combinations of blows. Intense battles in accordance with all the rules of martial arts await you. From the good old heroes, one can single out Goku, Vegeta, Friza, Piccolo Tranks and Gohan. All of them and many more will be available in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for Android devices with all the active abilities and skills familiar to us from the original anime. You will not just face opponents in a bloody battle. The game has a scenario thought out to the details. In the course of the game, you and your fighters have to find seven dragon balls, which will break the merger of three times and return everything to their places, while enemies from other eras will evaporate and disappear.

Epic And Amazing Battle system

The battle system that allows you to fight with one tap is easy but deep. Each of the five attributes has advantages and disadvantages, and we will connect the balls according to the compatibility with the other party. Depending on the abilities of the characters of the team, there is a strategy to advance the battle in an advantageous way by changing the ball of mind and making it easier to perform special moves.

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Also, depending on the character, powering up during the battle by satisfying certain conditions,

  • Increased attack power and defense power
  • Changes in Special Moves
  • Addition of special abilities

You can get various effects such as. The transformation of the original characters, such as transformation into a Super Saiyan, coalescence using fusion, and transformation of Frieza, is impressive. Make good use of the flashy special moves of the power-up characters to capture the battle with strong enemies.

Train Your Character

Character development

  • Training
  • Awakening
  • Potential opening

There are three types. You can raise the level of the character with “Training”, raise the rarity with “Awakening”, or transform it into a stronger character. In addition, characters with high rarity can power up their individual stats by “Release Potential”. You can get potential balls at the event and expect further power-ups. It is possible to raise the strongest character and create your own strongest team.

Event mode to challenge various strong enemies

The event mode of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is more than just defeating various powerful enemies.

  • An event to defeat bosses in a row
  • A mode in which the level of the enemy rises each time you defeat it
  • Mode to challenge as a team within the constraints

There are events with high difficulty such as. In order to defeat the strong enemies that appear one after another, it is necessary to collect and train strong characters. If you can clear the event with the characters you raised, you will have a sense of accomplishment.

The main story hasn’t been updated for years

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has an “adventure” mode that advances the original story of the game. This hasn’t been updated in the last few years and the story remains halfway. It’s a disappointing point because it’s a story not found in the original story and it’s also the charm of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. However, in addition to the “Adventure” mode, there are also modes such as “Event” and “Tenkaichi Budokai”, so you can continue to enjoy yourself. In particular, the “Event” mode is updated with new events several times a month, allowing you to challenge the powerful enemies that appear one after another. You will be able to fully enjoy “Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle”.

Connect the balls of Qi and battle

In the battle, you can attack the opponent by tapping the ball of Qi and connecting it. Depending on the number of connected Ki balls, the “Ki Gauge” will be accumulated, and it will be possible to perform Special Moves and Super Special Moves. Advance the battle to your advantage with “skills” that increase the abilities of your friends and reduce the damage of your opponent’s attacks.

Free to play

And despite having all those amazing features, the game is currently free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. That being said, you can always pick it up from the Google Play Store for absolutely free.

Game More Enjoyable With Our Mod

This would offer unlimited health and high-damage attacks, which allow you to effectively take down your enemies. All it takes is for you to download the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK from our website. Follow the provided instructions to properly install the game and you’ll be good to go.

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Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is an amazing action game for android, made in the best traditions of the eight-bit version based on the famous anime from the 90s. Join an exciting battle between the characters from the popular anime series, and save humanity from the split of the time continuum!