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June 16, 2021
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Become the most epic fighter in Dragon Ball Legends. Download Dragon Ball Legends mod APK to battle other players from all over the world in this epic battle saga. Experience the full action of this card battle, where your characters will fight teams on the cards that you put on the screen. This is an awesome card game where you can collect all the best bonuses and special moves, as well as an enjoyable battle game in which you can watch your heroes fight and attack each other with energetic attacks. You will start by training in your School of Turtles and level up your Ki to a level where you are ready to face powerful opponents. When you are ready, you will be involved in real action, where more important things are at stake than simple training exercises.


Dragonball Legends brings in two game modes to play with. A story mode where you typically play instanced battles against AI opponents, and a PVP mode where you battle against random people across the globe (matched depending on your current battle rating). If you follow the basic order of things, what you’ll need to progress in the game is to repeatedly take on the chapters of the story to help you level up your characters and earn some relatively important items in the game such as soul crystals, equipment, and training items – which you mostly get by taking part in the game’s PVE mode. If for instance you’ve hit a bump playing the story mode (like being matched to a very powerful enemy that is very hard to beat), what you can do is to re-play the previous chapters over and over until you get to level up your characters (to strengthen them) – to give you a better chance in beating the opponent. In the process, you might also want to check which missions reward you with training items and other loot items

Training items like training weights and milk are usually rewarded by meeting a certain milestone in the game. However, some levels do randomly drop them as loots too upon beating the opponents. They are very helpful with getting your characters stronger especially when you are out of energy to perform any more missions. Alternatively, you might want to play the PVP mode of the game. As early as playing the tutorial phase of the game, you’ll be tasked to play a PVP battle. There are no limits to how strong or weak your characters are, as the battles are arranged depending on players’ battle rating. During our try of the game, we didn’t had any problems securing a fight on the tutorial phase as the match-up felt spontaneous.

How to play Dragon Ball Legends

As you master Dragon Ball Legends, you need to make sure that you are fully aware of these helpful tips in order to win more in the game. Level up your characters and collect Dragon Balls, but make sure you have the basics first.

Unique battle system

A character that reproduces the era of the anime version has appeared A game app that missed the first closed beta test lottery, missed the second CBT, and was waiting to play until today’s official distribution! To be honest, as expected. No, it was better than that What should be noted is how to show the battle action! In Dragon Ball, the familiar aerial battle is developed , making a normal attack while keeping a certain distance from the enemy, and avoiding the attack by swiping left and right. When you feel like it, select the arts card from the bottom of the screen , decide on a continuous combination , and hit the todome with the rising rush. On the defensive side, there was a cover change system that changed the character to protect the damaged character, and a very deep and cool battle system was built

Explore the combat system

who hasn’t won battles just by knocking out of control and hoping for the best? A card-based Dragon Ball Legends game works a little differently, and it’s definitely worth taking the extra time to master the in-game combat system. Learning how to attack your opponents in the most effective way will help you while playing Dragon Ball Legends – make sure you fully grasp the basics of the gameplay by using the tutorial and a few practice games before embarking on your adventure.

Send part of your team on adventures

Speaking of adventures, you can send part of your team to collect rare trophies to help you on your quest. It is worth doing this as often as possible, although be careful as you cannot use this member of your team when they go on an adventure. It may be worth not sending your core team members to ensure that you can still defend yourself when needed.

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Collect the dragon balls

some cards will have a dragon ball in battle – use them! After you have collected all the cards with dragon balls on them, you can easily defeat your opponent using the Rising Rush move. This move will force all remaining team members to attack immediately and inflict devastating damage on opponents. It doesn’t automatically win the game, but it certainly brings you closer to victory.


Use your character’s special abilities

Throughout the fight, you will notice that your character’s energy bar will gradually increase over time. This will ultimately result in you being able to unleash a devastating attack that can easily turn the tide of a battle in an instant. Make sure you remember to click on the energy bar when it is full.

Forget about early heroes

Hero class is the lowest character class, and while there are a few familiar faces in the series, you really don’t need to worry about them if you want to progress. The best characters in the game are vastly superior to the old school heroes and can deal significantly more damage.


Play the story

You will have to go through the story mode to advance further in the game. Story Mode isn’t really about Goku, but about Shallot. You will try to help Shallot restore his memory and find out who he is in the game.

Collect and strengthen successive characters!

Various abilities are set for the character, such as level, attribute, and arts card. If you collect something like a character fragment called Z power, you can raise the star rank and it seems to be even stronger

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