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Nov 19, 2021
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Download Dr. Driving 2 1.50 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download for Android

Dr. Driving 2 is a racing game in which you will drive a car in a big city. Where and how to park the car? Gamers will again be concerned about this in the second part of the car simulator Dr. Driving 2. There have been no significant changes compared to the first part. But first, you must definitely practice. A number of tasks will appear before the user, which need to be performed using two gas pedals, steering wheel and brake. Only then the first car will “open”.

First, simple instructions are given: after a short drive, you need to park your car without touching other cars. If this can be done immediately, then the number of points will increase significantly. Tasks are becoming more difficult each time, respectively, the parking space decreases and it will be more and more difficult to wedge a car there.

Money is scattered on the way to the parking space. After collecting them, you can purchase a new vehicle or tune the existing one. There are various cars to choose from, so you will surely like one of them. After customizing the purchased car, you can compete with other gamers in the racing mode. The graphics are not very powerful, but connoisseurs of the first part and similar games will like the car simulator.

Description of the game

In the course of the game, you will go through levels, which consist of certain stages that can be completed only by observing the speed limit and traffic rules. Take part in multiple races observing the traffic rules. You can not exceed the speed, ignore traffic signals, be careful at the intersection. Game Dr. Driving 2 provides excellent graphics as well as good animation. The streets of the city are detailed in detail. Provides a detailed simulation of the driving mode, with regard to fixing violations, turning the ignition key, transmission control.

You can play the game in several modes. In single player mode, you can complete various tasks. And in multiplayer – compete with other players. At each level, there will be a certain time allotted for the completion of the task, so you must act promptly. At the same time, you can ride on a wide variety of cars, and new cars can be opened for coins.

Dr. Driving: learn to drive!

Dr. Driving is an addicting car driving simulator that will allow gamers to quickly learn how to drive a car and act correctly when driving in the city. Dr. Driving is a great opportunity to test your driving skills in urban conditions. The player will need to park in a difficult situation, take passengers to different points of the settlement, and also complete many missions of varying difficulty. To get acquainted with this exciting simulator, gamers need to download the game.

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Plot and Gameplay

Some gamers call Dr. Driving a racing simulator, but this is not fully consistent with reality. This is an exciting game that will help you learn the rules of the road and learn how to behave while driving while driving a car. In Dr. Driving, you can get a speeding ticket, punishment for an accident or wrong parking. If a gamer wants to be on the honorable leaderboard called “The city is proud of them,” he must strictly follow all the rules provided by the game. The game needs very little space on the your phone, and the system requirements are insignificant, so install Dr. Driving is possible even on the weakest device.

To get play money, gamers need to go through the proposed tasks, complete multiple missions, and also register through the social network Facebook. A detailed review left by the user in the Play Market will bring a certain amount of money. The money you earn can be used to pay for car improvements. For gamers who want to get a pumped-up car right away, there is a kind of game with unlimited money. After that, they will be able to enjoy the game without any restrictions. A gamer is given a fixed time to complete each mission. If it is not enough, you can extend it, but you will need to pay a certain amount of money, while the currency will be real, not game.

The game is able to appeal to many gamers. To pass the final test and the driving test, you need to install the game, practice regularly and complete all tasks and quests. Throughout the game, the gamer will need to show all their skills in parking, overtaking other vehicles or performing various maneuvers related to traffic within the city. When completing some tasks, the player will need to deliver important persons from one point of the city to another, and this must be done as carefully as possible and without any adventures.

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The game does not differ in detailed graphics, but what is there is enough to enjoy the events on the screen. In Dr. Driving has the ability to adjust the density of city traffic and display the location of the steering wheel. You can also set the camera view, for example by assigning a third person view. By completing tasks, the gamer will earn cash rewards that he can pay for new cars. Certain modes of transportation can only be purchased with real money.

Key features of Dr. Driving 2 on Android:

  • Pleasant interface, which is easy and convenient to use
  • View from the passenger compartment with a steering wheel and pedals
  • Continuation of the mobile driving simulator
  • Advanced controls, where the player will need maximum dexterity to make dangerous turns and reduce speed on difficult sections
  • Smooth physics that does not require the player to rush headlong
  • Elaborate 3D graphics in realistic models of cars and houses
  • A big city and a training track on which you have to hone your skills as a real driver
  • A wide selection of cars for every taste and system of upgrades.

Special Controls

Special controls in the game will help you complete all levels and tasks with the highest score. The game is a simulator in which incredible and insanely interesting tasks await everyone. All tests are very different from each other and in each player something new awaits, some new obstacles. The game also has a multiplayer mode, which provides an opportunity to arrange races with other players.

Download Dr. Driving 2 1.50 MOD Apk

After downloading “Dr. Driving 2” on your android you will have the opportunity to experience all the tracks of the metropolis and get real pleasure and joy from fast driving in real time.