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Dominate the world and battle through different areas of history in DomiNations!
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Nov 23, 2021
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It all started with the ‘ancient’ Clash of Clans , which launched a whole series of clones, fairly copying the ancestor. Being an unusual strategy, the game managed to attract whole armies of loyal fans … But why is there – it still attracts. But the gameplay there is built on an extremely dubious pillar – grind. Your task is to recruit troops and attack a random enemy in order to steal all kinds of resources in order to build more buildings and recruit more soldiers. All this quickly begins to annoy, since the gathering of the army takes more than half an hour of time, and all the participants in the battles simply disappear, regardless of whether they survived the battle. And the buildings themselves very quickly begin to enrage, as they require you to just wait, from hours to weeks. Yes, it is the languid wait until the numbers hit zero that has become the genre’s biggest problem. But a new star appeared in the Clash sky – DomiNations.

About the game

DomiNations is an amazing strategy game from NEXON M Inc. The player’s goal here is more than serious and great – to build his own civilization. It will not be so easy to do this, but you will not be bored. You can download DomiNations from our website. You have to make a literal journey in time and in time. Walk the path from the Stone Age to the present day. New inventions, political intrigues, expansion of their borders. Endless battles with neighbors for domination on land and at sea. And at the same time, we must not forget about the quality of life of our own subjects. Because either they will rebel, or they will begin to “lag behind” their neighbors, which means that your country will become an easy target. So you will have to develop your settlement comprehensively. Including in educational terms. And even then, you can enter the world arena, claim your rights to the surrounding lands, rolling out a couple of combat installations, which the neighbors have not yet heard of. In general, the competition is tough here. To date, the game has been downloaded by over 10 million people. They enjoy spending time on “live”, active servers, again and again trying to achieve world domination. Download the game DomiNations to your computer or laptop right now! Maybe you should try your hand too?


It all starts with the fact that the hero must choose a nation that will lead to progress and prosperity throughout the rest of the game. Nations, I must say, are quite real to themselves. There are as many as eight of them to choose from: Greeks, Romans, British, Chinese, French, Germans, Japanese, Koreans. In addition to the unique appearance of the settlement and the flag, each nation has its own strengths and weaknesses. No, one cannot say that one is worse or weaker than the other. It’s just that there are peculiarities everywhere that need to be taken into account when preparing a strategy. Or, on the contrary, to select a suitable nation for your style of play.

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After that, the game begins. Build various buildings, expand your state and improve it. Create places where your subjects could work and rest, come up with ways to get money and resources. You have a very real opportunity to build a real dream city. And as it develops, it will acquire its sights and historical values. You can even choose from famous monuments from all over the world. If you wish, you can “assign” anyone to yourself. As you progress, you will be thrown up all the new tasks, the completion of which will move the plot forward. What’s especially great is that they are all based on real events in our history. By completing these tasks, you can receive useful bonuses and rewards that will greatly help in the development of your country.

But all this will come later. And you will have to start with the Stone Age and a small village. From professions – hunters and gatherers, from tools – stone axes. And from THIS you will have to develop to the modern world. This will not be easy. To prevent your civilization from getting stuck somewhere, you will have to urge it on and on. And also spend a lot of time and energy researching new materials, weapons, technologies, diplomacy, trade and other areas that can help in full development. Remember – whoever has the coolest technology will surely win. And the rest of the states, too, do not stand still and do not wait until you achieve superiority.

Hire troops, attack, loot and do it all over again

The core has remained unchanged: we hire troops, attack, loot and do it all over again. But Big Huge Games was able to achieve a much more significant result than all other contenders for gold. First of all, you have at your disposal not just a piece of scripted land, but a vast free territory, the shape of which you can define yourself. The price for each new sector does not depend on the location of the land, but on the amount already purchased. The forests surrounding the settlement are rich in game: fallow deer, deer, wild boars, rabbits, bears and foxes. Each animal can be caught by acquiring one of two main resources: money or food. It is this factor that allows you to do something useful while your soldiers are slowly preparing for the next attack, and buildings are completing upgrades.

Choose your fate

At DomiNations tactical choice plays an important role. You will be asked to first build one of the many wonders of the world, and then choose one of seven nations. Each option promises certain advantages, so you can easily equip an empire to suit your style. The trouble is that not everything is so balanced and understandable. For example, Japan has a powerful combat potential: her fortress is the only one capable of attacking opponents directly. But exactly how much harm does it do? How much does the damage increase with the development of the nation? What is the firing range, speed and other parameters? One can only guess. At the same time, you cannot go back and change your mind. Here, lovers of maximum efficiency will clearly be disappointed (myself included), because there is not a sufficiently complete explanation of many of the nuances.

Fighting with Joy

The battles in the game are organized very competently: the surviving troops successfully return home, provided they achieve a sufficiently significant victory. I have never seen anything like this in the genre. Here you are pushed to attack carefully and value the lives of warriors in order to immediately attack a new enemy, and not engage in the tedious replacement of the ‘dead’ over and over again. Thus, war turns into a real art, which is facilitated by a variety of ‘tactics’. These are such active skills, with the help of which you can directly influence the fully automatic process of the battle. For example, the basic standard allows all units that have already landed to be directed to one point, forcing them to ignore their usual preferences. If warriors strike indiscriminately, then archers prefer buildings, and cavalry only a special category of buildings – resource ones.

Century of your empire – The Nation

Improving the main square, you pump over the century of your empire – the nation. New buildings open up for you, and old ones get additional pumping opportunities. Here, research is also present to improve the efficiency of troops, but for all of its ‘time’, so the limitations will have to be reckoned with. Starting from the very bottom of the Stone Age, you have to lead your people to the space age of advanced technology. The most remarkable thing is that with evolution and visually significant changes will be noticeable: from banal wooden houses and horses, to steel canons and military airships.

Build big city and buildings

A big city is not a trivial matter. It will take a lot of time and a handful of patience. Very quickly, your buildings will start to take days to complete, so you have to suffer. Unfortunately, no interesting counter-mechanics were invented in this place. For the sake of completeness, I will also mention that the game has a ‘storyline’ with attacks on previously prepared computer settlements. They give little resources, but you can get interesting strategic decisions for your own defense, because great generals study the situation and act rationally, and do not stick in the forehead and sculpt in bulk. A confused attack will lead to a quick defeat, and the construction “anyhow” will only make your opponents laugh, so do not expect easy complexity and ease of management here. The latter is carried out with the mouse (finger),

PVP Mode In The Game

There is also a PvP mode in the game, where you can measure your strength with friends or random co-players. Fight merrily and recklessly for resources and lands, prove that you are the best strategist. Better yet, join an alliance or create your own. Defeating an entire clan of states is much more difficult.

Download DomiNations 9.980.983 MOD Apk

DomiNations surprises with an unusual approach to the genre and really successful innovations. Whether they are enough to attract players indifferent to the Clash is the question in a million. But fans of such strategies will clearly find something to do here. By the way, the toy takes a lot of time, so you have to make it your ‘main concern’ for many months. What I really didn’t like was disconnecting from the server after two minutes of inactivity – why would I do that? Loading here is quite long, however! But the account is securely stored, don’t understand where, so I could not clean it out either from my device or from the server. There is a connection to Facebook and Google – you obviously won’t lose your progress.