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Rockbite Games
June 21, 2021
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Deep Town is a mobile clicker. It has its own flavor that will appeal to the haters of this genre. These are sophisticated mechanics of building an industrial city, interesting boss battles, automation of production and archaeological excavations. The latter allow you to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere without dialogue. An example is the ” John Doe phone “, on the display of which the Android icon is visible. If you dig deeper, it turns out that this smartphone belongs to an unidentified person, since John Doe is the name of an anonymous or insignificant character. In general, there are many surprises in Deep Town that I will definitely show you.


Since this is an arcade game, Rockbite Games once again followed John Carmack ‘s unshakable truth that games don’t need a story. Indeed, at the very beginning we land on a certain planet. The player acts as an artificial intelligence whose task is to dig deeper and collect everything that is bad. At some point, we get a snapshot of the planet, where the various layers are located, and in the center is the core. It is to him that you need to get, because there is something hidden there, there are hidden answers to all questions. At the same time, the developers, apparently, are trying not only to keep the player busy, but also to tell him about our planet. This is done as follows: after the destruction of a layer, the “Journal” section is replenished with YouTube videos in English (some of them certainly have Russian subtitles). In one of them, we are told and shown facts about the Earth.


The gameplay in Deep Town is interesting, but not immediately. At the very beginning, the player can only shoot at the earth’s layers, and also release small droids with a short lifespan. To fix this business, it is necessary to expand production and perform tasks. These two points are interconnected: we were told to mine coal, and then make graphite with it. The latter is useful for more advanced things like a chip. Moving on: mining coal requires a mine. Initially, it will collect resources very slowly, and its capacity is small. To do this, you need to pump it. Life hack: the fourth level of the mine requires a chip.

Sometimes the player encounters bosses: these are tentacles or huge monsters that interfere with drilling further. They often have a lot more health than your damage; this means that you need to pump not only mines and other structures, but also yourself. This increases the damage and unlocks new abilities. As an example: ” Nano-clouds “; it’s a bunch of bombs that explode and with which I manage to kill bosses. In tandem with this, ” Miracle Gas ” works , which, when ignited, prevents the enemy from being healed. By the way, bosses restore health, so without tactics, the fight with them can drag on. But as soon as you get the above abilities, it doesn’t take more than one minute for the enemies.

Most of the time, you will be thinking about how to automate the collection of resources from multiple mines. This will become possible after the construction of the ” Drone Base “. It is better to immediately pump it for crystals, so that there are at least two drones: one is engaged in assembling resources, and the other, for example, accelerates the melting of ore into ingots. By about level 40 (it took me a few days of moderate time in Deep Town) you will breathe a sigh of relief, because the gathering of resources will be automated, and in the workshop it will be possible to create two types of ore at once. All this saves time and allows you to return only after important construction and / or improvement.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Exploration of the Earth’s interior

Deep Town is a sci-fi game where you basically have to click and wait, but it hooks with its unusual idea and originality of the idea. Here you play the role of artificial intelligence, the purpose of which is to drill the earth’s crust in search of precious metals, stones and minerals. Archeology is the basis of the clicker. Thanks to this game, you will not only learn more about mining, but also explore the secrets that are kept underground. In Deep Town you have to extract resources, smelt and forge metal, make items to improve your mines, develop and pump. It’s hard to break away from the plot, because something new is always waiting for you.

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Beautiful graphics and animation

Today, game aesthetics and visuals are as important as mechanics and story. The Deep Town developers focused on a beautiful picture and thought out in detail the appearance of the Earth’s layers, artifacts, tools, drilling rigs, boilers, robots, and in general everything that is in the virtual world. Users note that all natural objects look really natural, and everything related to steampunk is done beautifully and in detail. The level of animation is impressive and speaks of a serious attitude. In Deep Town, even the terraforming process is clearly shown. It seems like an insignificant aspect, but in standby mode it is much more pleasant to look at the picture. View Deep Town Reviews

Great development prospects

Erecting massive buildings, constructing efficient factory conveyors, mastering the drilling of solid rock, and making high profits from crafting unique items will take a long time. First, you will have to use the simplest metafields of mining and precious metals, but the bonus system in the game is very diverse, so you should not expect a monotonous and boring process. As you progress in the mining business, you will acquire more advanced installations and will be able to use your own drilling robots, cryogenic technologies and fire explosions in order to get deeper, get more resources and craft new useful items. A variety of materials and techniques will allow you to go from an ordinary miner to the owner of a large factory.

Strategic thinking training

Deep Town is a sci-fi strategy game in which you interact with other users and make in-game purchases. Here you need to take care not only about the extraction of resources and the production of items, but also about how to properly dispose of them. Collaboration skills are essential for the success and good management of a factory. There is a need to improve understanding of where to spend money and materials. At the same time, there is no imposition of purchases in the game – you can progress without donations. In this way, you will develop pragmatism, without which you will not achieve success either in the virtual or in the real world.

The ability to create your own world

The logical outcome of your efforts will be the creation of your own world – a city that you will build right under the ground. What it will be depends on your strategy in the game. The population in the form of steampunk robots is at your disposal, so it will be possible to develop city-forming enterprises faster. The path to managing a huge metropolis cannot be quick and easy, so you need to be prepared for difficult but exciting challenges.

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Download Deep Town: Mining Factory 5.0.8 MOD Apk

Deep Town: Mining Factory offers similar experiences with unique setups that many of you would find interesting. The vast and interesting worlds, the simple yet exciting in-game mechanics, and so on, all will be available for Android gamers to pick up and enjoy whenever they’re ready. That’s said, you can start to have fun and enjoying the awesome simulator and strategy gameplay right away. And with our unlocked version of the game, you can enjoy the game to the fullest with unlimited and free gameplay.

What's new

- Fixed Free Booster timer bug
- Crash fixes