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Dec 2, 2021
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Download DEAD TARGET 4.73.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Money)

DEAD TARGET Zombie is a fun action game. This is where users enter a new era of chaos. After the war, many prisoners did not survive as the government turned them into murderers. They stopped being human and became zombies. This version will allow you to enjoy exciting fights and become a real savior. You can download the game DEAD TARGET Zombie on your computer right now and fight with government forces absolutely free.

About the game

Well, after a short introduction, I’ll tell you about this exciting shooter. You will play on behalf of a super soldier who fights for his life, killing a large number of terrible zombies. At first, you will have an assistant who will help you find your way in the ruined city. She will show you where what is and how you need to behave in this terrible city. In these ruins you can find a shop with weapons, where you will have to buy and upgrade guns. Also, after difficult missions, you can relax and visit the casino, where you can win a lot of useful things, for example, money, gold and ammunition.

Main Plot

At the very beginning, the player enters a building filled with evil dead. Here the player will have to go through a little training and master basic management skills. Throughout the game, you will be accompanied by one of the surviving soldiers, who will tell you exactly how to survive in harsh conditions. Advice: It is important to complete various tasks in order to unlock more weapons and supplies. They will allow, quickly cope with a crowd of zombies and heal the player when injured. In the initial stages, the player will only have one weapon – the HK MP5. It will become available for a certain cost. The main currency is money. The user can collect them during missions. The first weapon costs 7000 thousand in-game coins. In addition to purchasing, each machine can be upgraded. All transformations are also available for play money, so it’s worth not missing missions.

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It should be borne in mind that in addition to weapons, the user also has cartridges that run out very quickly. In order not to fail the mission in the game store, it is worth replenishing the ammunition. It will be much easier to play DEAD TARGET Zombie on the computer if the gamer opens all available weapons. This will require patience and successful completion of all tasks. All missions come from the main headquarters and are transmitted with the help of a soldier. In the “tasks” menu, you can see the active missions and start their implementation.

Features of the game:

The entire map is divided into several sections. Gamers will have to visit each location to complete all the tests. The second task will be related to the killing of the dead in the prison. The headquarters found it in this place the second wave of attacks, so the user will have to try to exterminate all the zombies. Before the start of each test, the player can see the reward for completing it, as well as the recommended weapon. If your machine gun is weaker, then it is worth saving up money and returning to this task later with a new cannon.

The fascinating point is that all zombies are divided into several types:

  • Homeless. These characters can attack from very close range;
  • The machinists. They are dressed in the uniform of workers and are capable of causing serious injury.

It is also worth noting that in addition to completing missions, you can visit the casino in the game. It will allow you to win valuable prizes in the form of gold bars or cash. One of the main features of the game is a huge selection of weapons. Here you can find such guns as: AK – 47, Benelli M4, Tesla gan, M134 and many others.

Game Review

DEAD TARGET: ZOMBIE differs from its competitors in that the enemies here are not so slow and passive. They move very quickly and can literally kill with one hit. You have to properly hone your shooting and attentiveness skills, because one wrong move can lead to death. As a rule, zombies attack in a crowd, so there is no point in shooting in the head for a beautiful kill. The more zombies you can kill at one time, the better. A pack can contain more than 20 individuals.

Benefits of the game

If you love spectacular battles and well-developed locations, then DEAD TARGET: ZOMBIE is what you need. The developers did their best and worked out in detail each location. You can feel the atmosphere and horror of what is happening, as if you yourself are in this environment. Players have access to a huge arsenal of weapons that will come in handy for large-scale battles. Opponents are not just passive NPCs who simply move around the location, they want to kill and will do it as efficiently as possible.

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Available mods

The game has an in-game store where you can purchase additional skills and weapons. For real money, you can get extra health or armor. Do not be upset, because without donation, you can also complete the game. You can download the hacked game Dead Target on our website.

The action takes place in the distant 2040. The third world war ensues. The ministry decides to take extreme measures and turns all prisoners into real killer monsters. The CS corporation, which played an important role in everything that happens, goes over to the side of evil and is going to take over the whole world with the help of these creatures. But in order to prevent them, the government is assembling a detachment of troops, which will fight with all force for their country. Come into the game and help stop the impending threat. On our official portal you can download the hacked version of Dead Target for Android. In addition, here you will also find the DEAD TARGET: ZOMBIE mod for a lot of money and gold.

Download DEAD TARGET 4.73.0 MOD Apk

DEAD TARGET Zombie is another action game about the dead. Here the player is waiting for exciting missions, the opportunity to improve weapons, as well as climb the career ladder and acquire a prestigious title. To win, you will need to make every effort and destroy a huge amount of the dead. You can download the game DEAD TARGET Zombie to your phone right now and enjoy the beautiful graphics and an interesting plot.