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CSR Racing 2 – The next chapter of the drag racing game, now with AR mode!
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NaturalMotionGames Ltd
Nov 19, 2021
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Download CSR Racing 2 3.5.0 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/Unlimited Money/Key) For Android

About the game: unbearably realistic

CSR Racing 2 is a beautiful, simple enough to control and very bright racing simulator from the developers of the studio NaturalMotionGames Ltd. Here you will find speed and drive, and the adrenaline will simply go off scale whenever you are waiting for the best moment to “gasp”. Racing here is only one mode – drag racing. However, it cannot be said that this is bad. Anyway, as a rule, each user has their own preferences about the races. So, in the end, space is saved, system requirements are reduced, and in the game there are only really fans of such races.

The most important thing in these competitions is to quickly and timely press the gas all the way. This will allow you to accelerate as much as possible on a straight section of the track and leave your opponent to swallow dust. It’s just, of course, only in theory, but it’s even better.

The game pleases with nice 3D graphics, good styling, and an amazing collection of cars. There are more than two hundred of them here, and each of them is a copy of a real machine. Watching what is happening on the screen is exciting and pleasant to the eye. Add to this the amazing atmosphere and you have CSR Racing 2. In the game you have to participate in night races. Not very legal, I must say. Excellent portrayal, attention to detail, the roar of the engines, the creak of the tires. Compete with artificial intelligence to master new tricks and earn reputation, and with real players to check who is the coolest today. You can download CSR Racing 2 to your phone right now and start your game!

Another interesting highlight of the game is the Augmented Reality Mode. It is quite possible to take a photo in front of your virtual car. And then you can show your friends. Of course, you won’t be able to pass off an image as a real snapshot, but it’s quite possible to “plunge” into the game a little deeper. The only thing worth paying attention to is the availability of free space. You will need almost 2 GB of space for installation. But you can rest assured that it is definitely worth it. To date, CSR Racing 2 has already been downloaded by over 10 million people. The rating of the game is quite high, 4.7 points out of 5. How to run the game CSR Racing 2 on a PC will be described in this review below, and now a little about the game.

Gameplay: plot, interesting in the game

The game begins with training. They did not come up with anything new here. To make learning easier, you will be given a really cool and cool car. Don’t be too happy, it’s temporary. But it will be an additional incentive for you. You’ll remember what it’s like to drive a good car. The assistant will tell you what to do and where to click. Fortunately, CSR Racing 2 is pretty straightforward. Driving courses do not need to be completed in order to understand it. There are only three buttons. The main thing is to understand which one and when it is better to click. And everything will be just fine.

After a test run, you will be recognized as a worthy racer and will immediately be assigned to one of the teams. Now you need to buy a car. As you might guess, not nearly as cool as the one you were given for a test drive. But you still need some wheels. So welcome to your local car dealership. Eyes run up from choice. Especially considering the fact that all the cars that are presented here exist in reality, and are not just the fantasies of developers. Everything is traced to the smallest detail – nice to see. Alas, in the beginning you will have access to not the coolest options, but those that are open to beginners are also quite good.

However, who chooses a car for racing according to the “Beautiful!” Principle? Of course, you need to pay attention to the “inner” beauty, that is, the characteristics. After all, the most important thing in our races is acceleration speed. So look for a car with a more powerful engine, good tires and a transmission. Take your choice seriously – and then everything will be fine. The game has several options for races, but they are all built on the same principle. The track is always straight, and you are required to accelerate as quickly as possible, and then change gears every time. If done correctly, you will have an advantage in the race. And then there was a victory.

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The tracks are short and the runs are short. On average, the player manages to change gear two to three times. Quite a logical decision. Whatever one may say, but the game is nevertheless created primarily for smartphones. Well, in between races, it’s time to start pumping your car. Improve its technical characteristics, change the appearance at your discretion, repaint it in your favorite color. Make your racing car truly unique and unforgettable.

Features of the game

The key features of CSR Racing 2 can be described using the following points:

Realistic 3D Graphics

Realistic 3D graphics. The visualization in this game is really very high quality, the picture is at the level of projects. However, this led to the application becoming media demanding. You will need a powerful smartphone or computer for your gaming session.

Convenient control

Convenient control with a minimum of keys. There is no joystick, as well as additional keys, the car drives on its own. Only the checkpoint remained under the control of the user. You have to shift up or down at the right time to keep up and not ruin the engine.

Intuitive gameplay

Intuitive gameplay. The runs in CSR Racing 2 are very short, with the longest running barely a minute. The essence of the passage comes down to the collection of cars, their “pumping”, as well as the purchase of new exclusive parts. As such, there is no definite “finish” here.

Challenge other racers!

The multiplayer mode in the game is rather primitive, but effective. We go into the room, in which there will be several more players of about our rank. After that, we either select the enemy and challenge him, or wait until we are challenged to a high-speed duel. You can always decline an invitation from another player if you do not want to mess with a known strong opponent. By the way, the game is played on bets, not on virtual parrots, so stock up on in-game currency. And you can download CSR Racing 2 from the official services.

Upgrade and change cars

With the help of the game currency, you can (and even need to) purchase new parts that will improve the performance of the vehicle. This is the backbone of the basics that will take you all the way from the downtrodden frightened rookie to the king of city racing. In addition, you can personalize your car by setting a personal number, repainting it in any color and installing the vinyl you like. More than a hundred real-life cars and a large number of different combinations of colors and vinyls – isn’t that cool ?!

Complete all? Impossible, sir!

It would seem that with the passage of the campaign, the game partially loses its meaning. In reality, everything is different. Single races in the style of “ladder”, competition between gangs and just multiplayer a la desmach are unlikely to let go of the true fans of this genre. At least until they collect an impressive (and most importantly, beloved by heart and soul) car fleet.

Download CSR Racing 2 3.5.0 MOD Apk

If you love to compete with your friends and you need a game with a simple storyline, good graphics, colorful tracks, beautiful effects and constant dynamics, then CSR Racing 2 is a great choice! By the way, the game is now available all over the world .