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Your duty is to lead the battle and become the best shooter and sniper.
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Nov 24, 2021
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Download Cover Fire 1.21.23 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Currency/VIP 5) For Android

Cover Fire – Shoot to Kill is the ultimate next generation mobile shooter. Short missions, sensor-oriented controls and many chests, cards, cases to improve skills await you in this game. In fact, we have a shooting gallery in front of us – but made very efficiently and competently. The developers are constantly working on the game, adding new features, stages and events to it. So it’s not too late to download Cover Fire even now, especially since the game is distributed free of charge. In this article, we will show you how to do this, as well as provide instructions on how to set up keyboard and mouse controls. With their help, you can play at an even higher level than before!

What is Cover Fire?

Let’s make a reservation right away that this is not a masterpiece game, and you will not find any revelations here. However, if you are looking for a good shooter with a storyline and varied modes, then Cover Fire is perfect for this purpose. It is very interesting to shoot here, the sounds and sensations from the shootings will delight fans of the genre – and there is simply nothing more important for the game of this genre. Based on this fact, we can say with confidence that the project of Genera Games was a success.

About the game

A truly amazing Cover Fire game right on your smartphone will not let you get bored for hours on end. A fascinating storyline, great gameplay, ease of control and eye-pleasing graphics with quite decent system requirements – that’s all about her. You can download Cover Fire right now using the corresponding link in the review. This shooter was created by the developers of Genera Games, and they definitely cannot be accused of hack. Perfectly traced locations, not stereotyped interesting characters, weapons worked out to the smallest detail, which really does not look like a fake.

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You have to lead a small resistance squad. And your enemy, alas, is strong and dangerous, so it will not be easy to win the victory. On the way to triumph, you have to complete more than one hundred tasks, go through dozens of difficult missions, replenish your armory, and train recruits. However, no one promised that it would be easy.


“We have very simple controls, let’s remove the training,” the developers decided. And removed! After logging in through your Google account, you will receive the “most detailed” instructions: on the right – aim, on the left – shoot. And then you will be thrown into battle. However, it may be true. Why waste time on detailed explanations of, frankly, obvious things?

Your game begins on one of the city streets. You have an automatic machine in your hands, and the only defense is a low concrete block, behind which your hero hides, squatting and bent over in three deaths. Not the most comfortable position, but what can you do. Moreover, the enemy now and then has to hide. You can download the Cover Fire game from our website and run it. In full height, your shooter stands up only to fire a shot. Be careful. The enemy must be destroyed as quickly as possible – he still has a weapon too. So try to aim better.

Completing each mission is also accompanied by side quests. They should not be ignored, because strict adherence to instructions, and not just the destruction of all targets, will bring you additional bonuses and points. The tasks are quite feasible: kill the enemy in a certain way, free the hostages, destroy two with one shot, spoil the equipment, spend less than the specified number of cartridges. Passing each level will open up a mini-lottery in front of you. Five chests. A number of them can be opened. The better you did on the missions, the more chests you will get. It’s simple.

Inside are dollars and upgrade cards. You can spend the money at your local store by purchasing a new weapon. By the way, even just looking at all the products offered in the store will be nice. There is just a huge number of pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns. And each has a real prototype. Choose weapons to your taste and purses continue to fight.

Excellent graphics are an additional plus of the game

The plot in the game is also not something unique and breakthrough, however, and not annoying. A certain global corporation Tetracorp has seized power over the world and is trying to dictate its will. Whole settlements were at the disposal of enemies who can control every step of a person. Naturally, there were people who did not agree with this state of affairs, and you are one of them.

In Cover Fire, you have to lead the resistance, which consists of veterans of various wars. Each of your fighters has unique skills that you just need to use wisely. This is the talent of the commander – the competent use of available resources. In addition to controlling the overall process, you also have access to the skirmishes themselves during the control of the selected characters. Therefore, you will be able to control what is happening on the battlefield to the last tiny detail. In this case, victory or defeat will be completely your achievement.

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Gameplay mechanics

The main mode here is the campaign, which advances the player through the plot, allows him to pump the level and get acquainted with the basic controls. If you download Cover Fire to your android phone, the control can be configured even more flexibly. However, whether a purely mobile shooter will be to the taste of android gamers is an open question.

What are missions? As a rule, these are short skirmishes, each of which takes no more than a minute, and very often even half a minute. This is a consequence of the mobile nature of the project, because on smartphones, gamers often do not have time to immerse themselves in the gameplay for a long time. The essence of the gameplay is short firefights from a variety of weapons – machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and much more. The game was also not spared by the console mod – the basis of the local gameplay are shelters and rolls. It should be noted that these features are the best suited for games of this nature.

The skirmishes are not too varied. Our character hides behind another slab or other convenient element that comes across and sometimes leans out to shoot down the next enemy who has set up. If your opponents shoot too actively at your cover, it may become unusable – you can see this on the scale with percentages. In this case, you need to go to another shelter, if, of course, there is one nearby. The game itself will tell you when you need to do it. If you have destroyed all the closest rivals, the hero will run further on his own. you can’t move and control movements here – only shooting.

Extra features

As you progress through one stage after another, you will receive rewards. This is realized, as usual, with the help of cards, cases and chests. Of the five cases, you will be asked to open two or three or four, depending on the success of the stage. Cases can contain game currency, skill cards, weapons or characters, as well as additional items – first-aid kits or grenades.

Everyone will find a character to their liking.

To get the maximum number of cases, you need to complete in-game tasks. For example, on many missions you need to spend no more than the specified number of shots, manage in half a minute, prevent enemies from discovering yourself, and so on. The assignments follow from the general nature of the mission. The campaign is divided into episodes, each of which in turn consists of many short stages. At the last such stage, you will meet the boss. By defeating him, you will unlock the next episode. There are currently nine episodes available. The authors are constantly working on the game, so the new part of the campaign will not keep us waiting long.

Download Cover Fire 1.21.23 MOD Apk

Cover Fire is an excellent realistic shooter in which the player will have to assemble a team of specialized fighters and fight against Tetracorp. Download Cover Fire to your mobile phone and enjoy with our mod features.