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September 30, 2021
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The gaming industry has seen many different simulators, from an elevator simulator to a goat simulator. Not surprisingly, among so many varieties, the cooking simulator has also caught on remarkably, which has grown into a whole series under the title “Cooking Mama”. The story of the capable Mom began in 2006, when the original Cooking Mama was released for the Nintendo DS , which attracted players, first of all, by fully implementing the lower touchscreen of the portable console. Children and adults alike were happy to cut, roast and stew in the virtual kitchen, and later Mom got a sequel for the Nintendo DS and two standalone games for the Nintendo Wii… However, the matter did not end with cooking alone, because, as it turned out, Mommy loves not only cooking, but also sewing, looking after the garden and taking care of the children But that’s another story. Today we’re talking about Cooking Mama, a Nintendo 3DS exclusive and the latest installment in the series.

All games in the Cooking Mama series work according to a very simple scheme and offer the player to play several dozen mini-games. In the fifth part of the culinary series, the developers did not dare to change something in the stagnant concept, and therefore one should not expect any revelations from the gameplay. In total, Cooking mama has six game modes, two of which relate directly to cooking, while the rest are designed to diversify your leisure time with various educational mini-games or mini-games for speed and reaction.


Each mini-game introduces a different cooking activity, such as mixing, frying, or chopping the provided ingredients. The mechanics of the mini-game themselves range from quickly drawing parallel lines for chopping up objects to a rhythmic game where ingredients are added to the pan or the temperature is adjusted exactly at the right time. In many cases, players must look at the top DS screen to see what to do next and then complete the task on the bottom screen. If a player commits a serious mistake or time runs out without making sufficient progress, this stage of the cooking process is considered a failure. When this happens, an image of an angry “Mom” is displayed with flames erupting from her eyes, with the caption “Don’t worry, Mom will fix this!”.

Preparing a meal may require playing one mini-game or a dozen. When each dish is ready, the player’s performance is judged based on the average score of each mini-game. Depending on the final score, the game may award the player a bronze, silver or gold medal. The highest medal earned for each dish is recorded and displayed next to each item in the selection screen.

Features of Cooking Mama on Android

  • Variety of tasks;
  • Stage-by-stage cooking;
  • The presence of an incentive system.

The “Test” mode offers you to compete with real users from different parts of the world, set personal records and win prizes. To do this, additional tabs open: “Test Yourself”, “Play as a Trader”, “Schedule”, “Take Care”, “Train Your Brain”, “Help”, “Picture-Puzzle”, “Holiday”.

Not all tasks are about cooking. There are challenges where players will fish, match pictures, take care of flowers, trade, etc. The game “Cooking Mama: Let \ ‘s cook” has colorful graphics and nice animation.

Interface with many tabs, but easy to figure out. The developers tried to bring realism to the cooking process. For example, making minced meat from meat, if you use a meat grinder too quickly, the handle flies off. It can be put into place in one click.

The Impressive Kitchen

The most interesting, of course, is the mode “Let’s Cook!”, For which the players fell in love with the talented “Mommy”. The game features 60 recipes for a wide variety of dishes, such as pumpkin soup, Hawaiian pancakes, sushi, cherry yogurt or tofu. Thus, with the help of Mom, the player will prepare both main dishes and desserts, including those that he did not previously suspect existed. The cooking process itself is divided into small mini-games that use the touch screen, tilt sensor and microphone of the Nintendo 3DS. For example, to cook chicken nuggets, you first need to cut the meat by moving up and down with the stylus, then similarly cut the garlic by quickly tapping the screen with the stylus, shape the meat using circular motions and dip it in wheat flour. The whole cooking process will be watched by Mommy, which, in turn, also timed the time for each stage. In the event that you coped quickly and without a hitch, your reward will be a gold medal, slow down – a silver one, made a lot of mistakes and didn’t make it in time – a bronze one.

Enjoy a variety of interesting mini-games

The mini-games turned out to be quite fun and perky, but they do not carry any practical value. Firstly, the recipes are presented here very superficially, and therefore use Cooking Mama as a recipe book will not work. Nevertheless, this process will really show the basic basics, and there is some kind of competitive aspect. But it was not without omissions: in some mini-games it is not clear what needs to be done, and the rating system turned out to be unbalanced, because if the player received gold at all stages, except for one, the final award will be a silver medal. Thus, due to just one mistake, the perfectionist will have to repeat the process of preparing this or that dish again.

We will help you in the store!

In this game mode, players help Mom run a restaurant. Players do this in two main ways: acting as a waiter, arranging dishes on a tray and earning points by picking the correct layout, or by starting the cash register and giving customers the correct amount of change using the values ​​of 1, 10, 50 and 100 coins.

We will help you to harvest!

This game mode is focused on having players collect ingredients for recipes by catching falling food in a truck or using scissors to cut fruit from a tree as they scroll through the scene. This mode also has puzzle sorting.

Download Cooking Mama 1.75.0 MOD Apk

The above, I can say that Cooking Mama: Let’s cook! develops and improves the ideas of the previous games in the series, as well as supplements them with new game modes. Although she does it very carefully, so as not to destroy what has already happened before. That is why the game can be blamed for the lack of any innovation.

What's new

version 1.75.0
Limited time recipe this time!
Swiss Roll
Play limited until the next update!
Fixed certain bugs.
Made balance adjustments.