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Join fast-paced action-packed combat. Play Combat Master -- the ulimate FPS experience on your mobile. Best-in-class multiplayer gunfight. Next-level performance. And a whole lot more.
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Alfa Bravo Inc.
Oct 30, 2021
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Combat Master Online FPS 0.1.249 MOD APK (Mega Menu)

Haven’t played online shooters for a long time? Welcome to Combat Master Online FPS , the first action game with next-gen graphics. Create your fighter and go to battle with the enemy in a matter of seconds! Thanks to the excellent optimization by the developers from Alfa Bravo, the loading time of the maps has been reduced several times. Before you can press the Play button, you will already plunge into the abyss of the fighting. The game is distinguished not only by a unique combat system, but also by fair rules. All fighters are equal. No donations, loot boxes, or paid upgrades. Focus only on your abilities and at the top of the leaderboard.

One of the most impressive combat video games comes to Android!

Those who enjoy first-person combat games have a great selection of Android games like CoD Mobile or Dead Effect 2, but now they can add a great title like Combat Master to their selection. In this game you will be able to enjoy one of the best first-person combat experiences, with an extensive selection of weapons and a wide variety of maps in which you must defeat your enemies quickly and with your best aim.

This game is one of the best graphics optimized for smartphones! If you are one of those players who prioritize graphics above all else, this game is definitely made for you, because it has some of the best AAA graphics for Android, with great precision in the design of the weapons and enormous realism in the textures of the maps and the movements of the characters.

What is Combat Master App?

Combat Master online is a first-person combat or FPS video game, with which you will be able to fight on different maps cooperatively and online to try to defeat your enemies, in the purest battle royale style. In this game, then, you are going to have to combine your skill with weapons and great coordination and tactical intelligence with your team. It is important that you coordinate well with your companions, because to a large extent they can easily overcome you if you try to make war on your own. Keep in mind that your enemies will be really prepared to act collectively!

New Premium Games For Android

Stunning graphics, a wide variety of weapons, and no loot boxes!

One of the main complaints from players of other FPS or battle royale games is that their dynamics are often designed to favor those who buy more loot boxes or, ultimately, those who pay more to get better equipment. This ‘pay to win’ dynamic that is so popular in companies like Electronic Arts or Activision is not present in this game, where everything you spend will simply be oriented towards things that do not affect the game dynamics, such as, for example, skins.

Features of Combat Master APK Mod 2021

Dynamic Battles

Apparently, the game is still under development because there is only one team mode at the moment. As a part of six players, you have to fight with the opposing team for the title of the winner. Just get more kills than your opponent in the given period. Now the battles last 3 minutes, and this is enough to shoot 30-40 frags. Perhaps all this is possible thanks to small maps where you can meet the enemy at every turn. Even in the place of rebirth.

Dozens of customizable weapons

Immediately after the launch of Combat Master Online FPS, any user can receive a fighter set as a gift and equip it at their discretion. The gun shop is now stocked with dozens of small arms. Use knives, shoot pistols, or get in a comfortable position and spray the enemy with lead from a sniper rifle. It all depends on what kind of fight you prefer. The weapon customization mode is currently in the testing phase. Apparently, after its implementation, you can modify and customize any weapon at your discretion. How the developers will cope with this task without making a donation is unknown.

Convenient and customizable control

The combat system during the game is made at the highest level. In addition to the classic character moves, you can also jump and crouch. The parkour system also deserves special attention. Use the buttons above to perform lightning-fast maneuvers as you move across the map at wind speed. In fact, a character cannot move at the same speed – the further you run, the faster the movement will be. Depending on the speed of movement, there may be higher jumps or sliding on the floor.

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Another feature of Combat Master Online FPS is the ability to customize the location of the control buttons. It should be noted that the presented combination of buttons on the screen is not very convenient, since the fire button is located in a rather inconvenient place. However, you can easily fix this nuance in the settings by adjusting the location of all functions to your liking.

Graphics and sound

The description on Google Play doesn’t cheat – Combat Master Online FPS has great optimization. The lightness and high detail of the surrounding world make it possible to safely declare the game as a good PUBG clone. Depending on the type of device, players can choose from several options for graphics settings and customize the individual settings as they see fit. The sound in the game is minimal. No distracting music, just battle sounds. Shootouts, explosions, battle cries – all this awaits you in the game.

First person shooter

This game is one of the best first-person shooter that exists for Android, so if you really want to enjoy a video game with which you can test your aim and your ability in combat, Combat Master is one of the best options that you have at your disposal.

Online multiplayer

How could it be otherwise, Combat Master has a complete online multiplayer game mode with which you can spend hours playing with your friends, and it also has a complete optimization system designed to reduce lag so that the games are more fair and more dynamic.

No loot boxes

You will not find loot boxes in this game, nor any type of ‘pay to win’ dynamics, so that everyone will have the same chances of winning. Your advantage will be given by the weapon you carry at all times and your own ability to fight.

Triple A graphics

This game boasts some of the most impressive graphics for Android, typical of the main AAA games. In this way, you will be able to enjoy a combat game that is not only fun, but is also extraordinarily dynamic and looks spectacular.

No daily updates

Some games make it very difficult to play them on a daily basis because they are continually incorporating mandatory updates that make you wait a long time before you can start playing. To avoid this and make your games more agile, Combat Master only updates the game every so often, and in hours with little player traffic.

Combat Master Online 0.1.249 MOD Apk for Android

Get now Combat Master APK Mod Latest version, one of the best shooters available for Android, and enjoy a unique multiplayer combat experience without loot boxes!

MOD Features:

[ Player Menu ]

  • -> Godmode
  • -> Unlimited Ammo / Rapid Fire
  • -> No Recoil
  • -> Dumb Bots
  • -> Remove Spawn Protection
  • -> Infinite Game
  • -> Mass Kill
  • -> Enemy Size

[ Movement Menu ]

  • -> Speed
  • -> Jump
  • -> Height
  • -> Fov

[ ESP Menu ] Team/Enemy – Make Sure In Game Graphics Resolution Set To Max Called (Resolution Battle In Settings)

  • -> Esp Boxes
  • -> Esp Lines
  • -> Esp Health

[ Account Menu ]

  • -> Add XP
  • -> Unlock-all Emblems
  • -> Unlock-all Calling Cards

[ Trick Shot Menu ]

  • -> Map
  • -> Trick Shot Spot
  • -> Teleport

[ Paid Content Menu ] – This Is All Paid Content Just Saved You $60 <3

  • -> Enter Username (Account Username)
  • -> Select Operator
  • -> Select Primary Weapon
  • -> Select Secondary Weapon

Modded by Axey