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Meet Clumsy Ninja, the most hapless ninja ever to grace a touchscreen!
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Nov 21, 2021
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Download Clumsy Ninja 1.33.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gold) For Android

In childhood, probably, each of us tried to grow our own Tamagotchi and will get a lot of positive emotions and happiness from this. Let’s repeat the sensations. Many people were waiting for this product, and not only because there were a lot of advertisements, presentations and other information about the release, but for the reason that the product was supposed to show all the new features of the iOS operating system. At the time of the first showing of the game on slides, the product was still far from complete, but already to smithereens the famous Tom with his ability to repeat the user’s voice and fun to snort. There were moves and now we can safely enjoy an interesting toy with an unrealistic amount of possibilities. Just play for a couple of minutes and you will understand why the product has been developed for so long – the mechanics are thought out to the smallest detail, there are no drawbacks in the graphics, the number of objects and their textures amaze any fan of casual games. Yes, in fact, it’s just a Tamagotchi, only in a more sophisticated form.

About the game

You cannot leave our little friend in trouble. He really needs your help, so take some time for him, and he, in turn, will give you a lot of great mood. You need to train a clumsy wrestler until he masters all the necessary skills. To do this, you will have a huge arsenal of necessary equipment, so feel free to go to work! The whole game consists of a series of specific missions that a wise sensei gives you. By doing them, you will be one step closer to your cherished goal.

Interesting Controls Management

The game uses very interesting controls. You can grab the arms and legs of the main character, push him or just watch what is happening. In the store you can buy various clothes and accessories to create a unique look, so there will definitely be a place for your imagination in the game.

Graphics and sound

Gorgeous three-dimensional graphics catch the eyes of users, and wonderful animation of the character’s movements creates the effect that a living person is actually living in your phone. All actions of the character look very realistic, and the music and sounds add the final bright touch to the picture.

The task of the game

If you just look at the game, then there is nothing new in the tasks for passing. You develop your fighter, train him in a variety of competitions, teach techniques and other things that a ninja should know, buy him different clothes and stuff like that. For certain tasks or achievements, you are given experience points and with an increase in the level, new things, tasks, clothes, types of training are unlocked. In general, this is the same Tamagotchi, yes, but there are incomparably many opportunities for development here and keeping track of all this is much more interesting than just taking the cat to the toilet and putting him to bed. A very interesting training system, in which you take a direct part, will allow you to make a real combat vehicle out of a clumsy kid. Well, can you really refuse such a thing?

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There are a lot of Tasks

At every step in the game you will be accompanied by interesting tasks, without which the passage of the game will drag on for a very long time. Quests are pretty simple and just show you how you can entertain your warrior or train him. For example, buy a trampoline, train a ninja on it twice, buy balls for him and tie him to his legs. There are a lot of tasks, experience and money are given for them, and crystals are also given for increasing the level. So I advise you not to forget about the missions and then our hero will become a cool fighter much faster. Yes, and without quests, gold coins cannot be earned, but they are needed to buy many things in the game.

Purchases Free With Our MOD

The product has been developed for a long time, and is given away for free. What’s the catch? I think you already know the answer to this question – in-game purchases. For crystals, which are bought for real money, you can buy more beautiful trampolines, training bags and other things that are usually sold for coins, and decorated with crystals. You can also buy more pleasant-looking things for these crystals – kimonos, headbands and other clothes for our warrior. This does not affect the gameplay in any way, but if you really liked the product, then why not spend a couple of hundred on decorating it?

Keep Train Your Ninja

It’s pretty obvious that if you want to turn your Clumsy Ninja into a real business, you have to do some training. A lot of training actually, but fortunately almost everything you do with or for your ninja will give him experience. There are two different things here: XP points, which level up your ninja and training through special items like the trampoline or basketball hoops, which improve your knowledge of the ninja
belt. But while you wait for it to fill up (repair, as it is called in the game), be sure to follow all possible steps.

It’s All About Fun

While progress comes naturally in Clumsy Ninja, fun is a key element here as the game has a great sense of humor. So try all kinds of crazy tricks and always explore: you will find many hidden things that you can do. Here are some examples of fun things: – tie the cylinders to the arms and legs of your ninja and he will fly. – put him on the ground, that constantly press his head, and he will launch like a rocket on the ground.

– Tickle him until he can’t stand it anymore
– Scare your ninja with a watermelon
– Let him do breakdice moves by quickly turning and throwing him around
– Keep exploring to find your own fun things clumsy ninja can do

Level up to unlock items

Even if some quests require you to get an item that is instantly available for diamonds, the easiest way to access it is to level up your ninja and get items for regular coins. Try to save your diamonds when you really need them.

Never Waste Diamonds on Fixing Training

We have agreed that you should only really spend diamonds when you really need them, and that does not include fixing elements. Wait how long it takes -Clumsy Ninja is a waiting game after all, and make sure you always use all the elements before exiting the game.

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Use High Experience Items First

I think this is pretty obvious too, but whenever you start training you should go for the item that gives your ninja the biggest chunk of XP (usually a higher level item). This is the only way to progress faster, although nothing beats completing all items one at a time.

Download Clumsy Ninja 1.33.2 MOD Apk

The game is very exciting and thanks to the process of constant development you will not get tired of playing. We went in, beat a punching bag, jumped on a trampoline, completed a couple of missions, bought a bandage and that’s it, you can close the game. Then, when there is time, you can go again, go through new missions, make fun of your warrior and get a lot of emotions from this. I think the game is even too good for a free product.

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