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One choice can change everything! With romance, drama, horror and more, Choices has the best collection of story games in the world!
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June 16, 2021
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Choices: The stories you play – Most players value the storyline in games, so the ability to influence the game’s story becomes a significant advantage for any project. The popular Choices: Stories You Play is a unique quest, because the local plot changes under the influence of the answers and choices of the players themselves. Within one of the proposed stories, there are several possible endings, and when re-acting out, you can choose different answers and look at the alternative progress of the story.

The creators of Choices offer multiple stories in one game, categorized by genre. Any of the thematic plots differs in style, characters, quality of dialogues and general idea. Periodic replenishment of available quests allows you to enjoy the game, meeting new characters, making friends, making decisions and ending the story based on your own decisions. Millions of gamers liked the colorful design, detailed characters, engaging dialogues and the ability to influence the plot. The replenishment of the proposed stories continues, satisfying the needs of any connoisseur of quests or a simple lover of Android games.

How to indulge yourself in the gameplay

You are a novelist who may have a chance to penetrate the content of the novel of your dreams. You can fully enjoy the great opportunity to experience the whole story by playing the roles of the main characters in the story. In fact, you can determine how your characters will speak or react to other people based on the details of the plot. The endings of each story can be determined by you.

Inside the gameplay, there are tons of text dialogs and static images / backgrounds that you can select and navigate to the end of the content. You are able to control the flow of your stories through the interactions between all the characters. All of your decisions will have a significant impact on the future of the game. In other words, you must build great relationships with others across the timeline.

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Fantastic customization for your characters

The game provides you with a few basic tweaks to allow you to interact more with choices, as well as quickly build good relationships with your characters. Every time you need to decide on a look to prepare for any special occasion, there are three gorgeous outfits to choose from. Plus, you can personalize your characters by changing their names, skin color, hairstyles and fashion styles. And then your characters are ready for a new journey soon.

Uncover the secrets and twists and turns within novels on your own

By following the flow of stories, you will have the opportunity to find intriguing plots and twists in the gameplay. Moreover, you can choose which of the best matches in the end. If you are a dedicated fan of visual novels, you shouldn’t pass up this chance. It will bring you the most incredible experience. Sometimes it can take you a long time. They have a different figure of exciting stories. However, it will save you the hassle of returning to the game frequently, allowing you to obtain keys for a limited period of time.

Key Strength

In gameplay, the keys are your power to advance to the end of the story. Every time you want to play with an account, you must spend a key to do so. You might be wondering how long the keys will last for you. Don’t worry. The creators of the game have thought about it. Choosing will give you a maximum of 2 keys, and it will prompt you for a key every few hours. At the moment, you can have less than two keys.
However, you can choose another way to get more keys. It is that you can buy them if you want, you will not be replenishing these keys. Therefore, to make sure you have enough keys for your captivating visual stories, you should log into the game regularly to use the free keys.

Obviously, this method, which forces you to come back to the game often after a certain period, is a great idea. There are many mobile games in the current market that offer many attractive perks and offers at the start of the game.
Later, gamers have to buy whatever they need. They easily find themselves in a situation where they quickly get bored after a long time playing the game from scratch. For this reason, a habit-based method is an exceptional option. If you like stories and are curious about the results of these actions, you can purchase some keys or diamonds from the app store. In the game, several different options and settings will cost you a few keys or diamonds. Do you want to know if your roommate is gay or not? Did he fall in love with you? To find out the answers to these, you may need premium currency through your real money.

Several kinds of stories

When you come to a choice, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of novels such as romance, drama, and horror. The choice always has a great collection of story games in the world for you to make the ball roll. You can choose your favorite stories from an extensive library with weekly updated chapters.

Plus, you can jump into a freshman love story, make many new friends, and find your true love. Or maybe you can play in the thrilling storyline of a kingdom that is being attacked by various enemies. Your character can become more attractive and individual depending on how you dress them. You can define what modern, elegant or sexy youth outfits are for each special occasion.

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Download Choices: Stories You Play 2.8.6 (MOD, Premium Choices)

A story can contain many scenes and endings. If you love it, you can play until you meet all the scenes, enjoy all the endings and know how to behave for a good future.

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