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Play the most realistic driving simulator of 2021! (version 1.34.5)
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June 4, 2021
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Car Simulator 2 is a new game from the well-known Russian and not only users of the Oppana Games studio. Judging by the name and other projects, these authors like to create non-standard applications aimed primarily at Russian-speaking users. But Car Simulator 2 is quite capable of capturing the interest of a wider audience, and many will probably even want to download Car Simulator 2 on a android phone. There is also such a method, and we will talk about it in detail at the end of this review. But first, some more information about this project.

About the game

The tendency of developers to port all computer games in one form or another to smartphones is due to the increasing technical power of the latter. However, not all authors of original games are ready to do this, and the creators of clones do not have rights to the brand. Therefore, crafts appear based on different levels of quality. GTA is one of the main games not only of the two thousandth, but of the entire gaming industry for all time – the enduring popularity of this game speaks in favor of this statement. The last part is still in the top sales, although it was released a long time ago. However, it would be too difficult to run it on a smartphone – but many mobile studios are quite capable of creating a game with an open world and cars. We’ve seen all sorts of attempts to create a GTA clone on mobile. There were big names similar to the original type and attempts to create their own brands. While the competitors were doing all this, the guys at Oppana Games quietly released the second part of their Car Simulator. And she came out quite successful!

Car Simulator 2 allows users to feel the spirit of GTA on their smartphone. An open, albeit small, world, the ability to get out of the car, many tasks – all this reminds of a great game that has conquered millions of gamers. And even if Car Simulator 2 is not perfect, but it is one of the best mobile GTA-clones at the moment.


The gameplay of Car Simulator 2 is as fun as it is simple. No training needed – you just launch the game and go to the map. A couple of slides about controls and mechanics – and now you can do whatever your heart desires in this small but cozy game world. Most of the game takes place behind the wheel, and it is more convenient to control the car in games from the keyboard. Fortunately, there is a way to download Car Simulator 2 to your android phone – we’ll cover that in detail at the end of this article. What can you do in Car Simulator 2 on android phone? The list of tasks is quite large, and you can choose from them what you like best. But it’s better to focus on the most profitable ones in order to get a cooler car. You start with the Lada Priora, which, of course, has a different name in the game – like many other recognizable models. But this will not bother us – everyone already understands everything.

To choose what to save for, you can drive into the garage – they are marked on the map. Some cars are not available for purchase. They are rewards for completing certain tasks that you will encounter during the game. Others are very expensive. You can earn money, for example, by delivering passengers. To do this, you still need to refer to the game map. The corresponding places are marked on it. You just need to drive up, take the task, then pick up the passenger and drop off at the agreed place. Easy Money! Throughout the game, you should monitor the remaining fuel. Gas stations are located very often, so you can always restock. If you run out of fuel right on the road – it doesn’t matter. For a reasonable fee, a tow truck will tow you to the nearest gas station. There are also race tasks in the game. You will be able to compete with others for the main prize – money or cars. Races come in several disciplines – they have different badges. The map will help to navigate, as always.


Despite the name of the main genre in the title of the game, here you can enjoy not only realistic car controls, but also several entertaining modes. Let’s take a look at everything that Car Simulator 2 offers to players:

  • Simulation mode. Everything is extremely serious here, since any damage or mishandling of the car will lead to consequences. You can open any doors, look under the hood, inside the car, and even drive in a first-person view.
  • Free check-in. In this mode, one large location is presented in the form of a city, through which you can move without restrictions. You can invite friends to the server and arrange a meeting in different cars to find the fastest model.
  • Garage and tuning. In your own garage, you can change the appearance of the car, as well as customize the technical part. There is a car dealership in the game, where you can buy new vehicles with the accumulated money.
  • Races, taxis and other activities. So that buying, building a car does not seem like a vain idea to you, the developers have added many additional activities, including daily missions, quests, street racing and much more.

You can enjoy all of the above modes thanks to beautiful 3D graphics, high details of cars, surroundings and even pedestrians. The game provides for a dynamic change of day and night, as well as weather conditions.

Features of the game

Car Simulator 2 has a lot of details and features that are difficult to notice after the first 10 minutes of the game. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with them in more detail:

  • the city has traffic rules;
  • if you violate the rules, you will have to pay a fine;
  • the car must be refueled at a gas station;
  • You can earn money both in the taxi service and for the city mafia.

An Updated Realistic Driving Simulator

which is one of the best representatives of the genre at the time of its release. The player is given the opportunity to move around the big city in a variety of cars. During the passage of various levels, the user will take part in quite intense races with other real participants and just explore the metropolis. For completing tasks and winning the competition, he will be able to buy new cars that will impress with their amazing detail and appearance.

An open 3D world

Exciting car driving simulator! An open 3D world in which you can have fun both alone and with gamers from all over the planet. Over 35 vehicle models that can be upgraded. Dynamic gameplay. Just jump in the car and go for a drive around the city, changing the time of day if you want. Take part in wild races! Complete tasks and get rewards. The car can be driven from both 1st and 3rd person. Visit a car service where your car will be improved and tuned. Refuel at the interactive petrol station. You can conduct a dialogue, there are hints.

Download Car Simulator 2 1.37.0 MOD Apk For Android

A great game that lacks stars from the sky, but gives users the gaming experience they want. If you love the spirit of GTA, then don’t miss this project! And even better would be to download Car Simulator 2 on your android phone, because it was on the keyboard that most began their journey in this genre. And Car Simulator 2 from Oppana Games feels great on your android phone

What's new

beta version 1.37.0 (04 jun 2021)
New villa.
New 5 cars.
Police flashers.
Wheel size.
Selling your own cars.
Gameplay optimized.
Fixed bugs.

beta version 1.34.5
New missions: Parking.
New missions: Racing with Police.
New 3 cars.
New car color painting.
Filtering Chat Messages.
Car update: doors.
Gameplay optimized.
Fixed bugs.