Candy Crush Jelly Saga (MOD, Unlocked)


There's a new player in town, the wiggling, jiggling Jelly Queen and she's here to challenge you to a game of Candy Crush Jelly Saga!
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June 21, 2021
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Candy Crush Jelly Saga 2.67.9 (Mod, Many lives) – welcome candy lovers! Queen Jelly herself invites you to play with her a new juicy game Candy Crush Jelly Saga. Her jelly majesty has prepared many insidious surprises for the players. Try to make long rows and grab more space with your jelly. There is only one rule here, whose jelly is more on the field, and that one is recognized as the winner. Act quickly and you will be rewarded! Time will fly by, because in the new jelly saga there are plenty of exciting game modes, additional functions and competitions with Her jelly. Also, the game will delight its fans with new amazing sweets. Use well-deserved boosters and bonuses to defeat the powerful Jelly. Play one-on-one with the jelly spiteful person or compete with your friends and see who can score more points.


The gameplay resembles well-known puzzles to many. You will need to collect candies of the same color and shape nearby, boosters and points are provided for especially successful combinations. The game is carried out taking into account a certain time or the number of moves. The allotted time depends on the level and difficulty. At the same time, reaching the first positions in the rating table is not at all easy. Some levels are filled with additional tasks, without which you cannot advance further. Also, at certain levels, you will need to fight a strong boss or complete a very difficult task.

Queen Jelly has become very influential and powerful. She decided to expand her domain by taking the playing fields from you. The Queen is a very dangerous and cunning opponent. You will have to fight her for a long time and stubbornly, because in order to defeat her, you need to go through 120 levels, the complexity of which increases as you approach the queen’s castle. Invite friends to the game with whom you can compete, and at higher levels help them, or ask for help. Friends will always come to your rescue! Collect colorful candies to make combinations of three or more identical sweets. In case of difficulties, use the boosters or bonuses that will become available to you during the game.

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Invites Players to Plunge Into A Bright Fairy-Tale World

created entirely from jelly sweets and sweets. Together with Princess Jelly, who is striving to conquer the virtual space of the playing field, players will have to go through many exciting adventures, stages and levels. The main task of gamers is to create chains of the desired shape and configuration. To do this, you need to swap sweets until the desired result is achieved. As a result, you should get a flat line from the same objects or a square from the same type of figures.

Game Has Only One Campaign Mode

Each new location is a set of original puzzles and logic puzzles that gamers must solve in addition to composing colored candy chains and combinations of elements of the same color. For example, at some levels, you need to collect combos only from a certain type or number of candies. To complete the other stages, you must complete the level in a time-limited game period, but in order to unfreeze the icy tiles, you will need to correctly combine the indicated elements to form a colored chain of sweets and lollipops.

Jelly in Wonderland and Puzzles

In this exciting and addictive game, you can play in several addictive levels, during which you can set incredible new records. Ahead of the players are battles with epic Bosses led by Queen Jelly. Play with her and go through an incredible number of levels. Collect as many candies as possible to advance further and set new records. To win, you will have to free up all the playing space and stock up on a large number of moves. Powerful and exciting boosters and other items will help you with this.

Interested players

With the help of in-game currency, you can also increase the retention of players already interested in the project by organizing tournaments, events, giving out daily bonuses, and so on. The bottom line is that the in-game currency will be the reward in such events. By giving players the opportunity to earn something that is worth real money, you increase retention and stimulate spending within the application.

Classic Jelly Mode in Candy Crush Saga

In Candy Crush Jelly Saga, the level logic is built in reverse. The player should not free the field from the jelly, but completely fill it with it. This mode is called Spread the Jelly. Any free square is “filled” by a match of elements on it. But there is an important condition: in order for the jelly to occupy free cells, at least one element of the chain collected for “filling” must be on the field with jelly. Based on this new gameplay, King came up with the Beat the Queen level type. And we urge you to pay close attention to it. In it, the player fights against an AI opponent for dominance on the playing field (it sounds like we’re not talking about Candy Crush!).

Played As A Real Tactical Strategy

The fact that this particular mode will help the new Candy Crush contribute to the retention of the streak – we will not dare to predict. Moreover, it seems to us that its implementation was a very bold step on the part of King. The target audience of such games is not ready for turn-based tactical competitions.

Reducing the churn of potential buyers

Typically, there is a significant gap in the number of users between the decision to purchase something and the completion of the purchase. Suppose the user does not pass the level, out of spite he decides to buy a consumable. But if the game does not have its own currency, he has to first answer the question whether he really wants to do IAP, then drive in the password. This cuts off some of the potential buyers. At the same time, if he has already paid for something once, he has some game currency left, which is just enough for any booster. That is, the user continues to spend, he gets used to doing it, so the next time he buys currency for real money, he will internally resist it less.

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The game has a classic gameplay, but, thanks to the stunningly beautiful graphics, various tasks and an abundance of various prizes and awards, it will captivate you for a long time. The game will be interesting for both children and adults.

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