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Oct 27, 2021
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Bus Simulator: Ultimate 1.5.3 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money)

The game offers a creative and realistic bus simulator, great graphics and vibrant sound. You can feel like a bus driver.


Your daily job is to transport passengers to different places in the city. You start in the garage, where you can choose an affordable bus. After that, you move by bus to the place marked on the map. As with other driving simulators, the game offers a simple and intuitive control system. On the left of the screen is navigation, and on the right is the accelerator, brakes, horn and gearbox. To control the bus, you need to combine these keys. The game also allows you to change the viewing angle. If you use the first view, you will sit in the cockpit and feel like you are driving a real bus. If you choose the third perspective, the bus will be controlled externally, giving you a wider viewing angle.

Graphics and sound

The game has nice 3D graphics. In addition, the traffic system is detailed with many different routes, traffic lights, trees and buildings. In addition, weather effects have been added to the game. Such as rain, fog, snow, day and night cycles. They will make your driving experience truly great. Plus, good sound awaits you. You can hear the sound of the engine. Or whistling from other vehicles. If you are bored while driving, turn on the radio and listen to news or songs. There are over 100 different radio channels for you to change.

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Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK – Run your own bus company

Beyond the most popular games, such as Fortnite, FIFA 21 or Call of Duty, there is a wide variety of genres that do not receive as much attention, but that have a significant number of followers. One of them is that of management games. Another is the simulators. And the truth is that they are increasingly fashionable.

Currently, there are many management games. They range from those that allow you to manage an airport to those that put you in charge of a football team, through those that give you the possibility of directing a train company or a fire station. You can even find titles in which you have to manage a farm or an anthill. The same happens with simulators. There are combat planes, passenger planes, trains, ships and so on a long list that covers practically all types of existing vehicles.

And yes, there are also bus simulators that allow you to create and run your passenger transport company. Among all of them, perhaps the most popular is Bus Simulator: Ultimate. Sounds interesting right? You want to know more? Well, keep reading because we have tested Bus Simulator: Ultimate 2021 and it has left us a very good taste in our mouths. We will tell you everything below.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Originally released for PC and compatible, the game developed by Zuuks Games, Bus Simulator: Ultimate puts you in charge of your own commuter bus company. Not long after the release of the version for personal computers, the corresponding versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were released. And finally, shortly after, the adaptation for Android and iOS mobile phones is here.

Create your own bus company

Nothing better than starting at the beginning. In order to create your own bus company, the first thing you have to do is choose its name and the name of the owner of the company. Besides, you also have to select a logo and an avatar. The next step will be to create your own route, and start selling tickets and making trips. Yes, because in Bus Simulator Android your goal is not only to have fun, you also have to make your company profitable and obtain the maximum possible benefits. Pure capitalism!

At the beginning, you will have only one vehicle in your fleet, but if you do it well, over time you will be able to increase their number. And the best of all is that to do so you have the possibility to choose from a wide variety of models, all of them perfectly recreated. Of course, you will also be able to hire new drivers. Won’t you expect buses to drive themselves? Or did you plan to drive them all yourself? In addition, you can also improve the company’s facilities and over time you will also be able to expand the routes you can take.

Get behind the wheel of the bus

When it comes to getting behind the wheel of one of your company’s buses, Bus Simulator. Ultimate surprises with the great graphic quality of both the vehicle and the available maps. Also noteworthy is the developers’ attempt to add a touch of simulation to driving. Thus, depending on the type of control you choose, you have the gear lever, the clutch, the steering wheel, the brake and so on until you complete all the controls typical of a bus. Anyway, don’t worry, the controls are pretty straightforward. Something similar can be said about the view, since it is possible to choose between different types of view. In the event that you opt for the first-person option, you will be able to accommodate the driver’s seat and modify the position of the camera.

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Realistic routes

The game includes a series of routes that have been recreated quite realistically and with a good level of detail. Even more so if we consider that it is a game for mobile devices.

Through the different routes available, you will be able to travel through countries such as Azerbaijan, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the United States, among others. The effort to offer the most realistic experience possible is also reflected in the design, both interior and exterior, of the wide variety of buses available. All have been recreated with a great level of detail. Something similar happens with the passengers. And it is that the developers have sought to program them so that they interact and react in the most realistic way possible.

A free game, but with integrated purchases and advertising

Bus Simulator is no exception to the rule for Android games. Like most mobile games, you can download Bus Simulator: Ultimate for free.

However, the game includes a large number of in-app purchases. Practically, to improve any aspect of your company, you will have the possibility or need to invest real money. Anyway, another way to do it is by watching advertisements that, it must be said, in the case of the Zuuks Games title are quite long.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate 1.5.3 APK mod, the best way to enjoy the game fully unlocked

Now, you can download Bus Simulator: Ultimate APK mod for free and get much more out of one of the best bus simulators. If you want to get infinite money, be sure to try this modified version of Bus Simulator: Ultimate. Don’t think twice and download the latest version of Bus Simulator: Ultimate APK mod for your Android device. Start traveling a wide variety of routes recreated with a great level of realism.