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Fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes.
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June 21, 2021
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Canadian mobile game developer Supercell has managed to become legendary thanks to its great games: Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach and Hay Day. Each of them was the leader in the ranking on Google Play. Absolutely every version of the game has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the case of mobile versions, the problem is most often associated with the need to donate and completely unequal conditions for regular and VIP players. Today, another android game from the Canadian developer – Brawl Stars came into our field of vision.

We have studied the game world, the plot, the scenario, the possibilities of the game without the introduction of real money in the most detailed way. Today we are in a hurry to share our thoughts with you. We propose to start with a general overview: let’s talk about the main points that are striking, and draw some subjective conclusions. And then let’s move on to looking at features, cups, ranks, characters, gameplay, and much, much more.


Exciting and Competitive Gameplay

Even at the soft-launch stage, the game was compared to overwatch, only with a top view – supposedly both the drawing is cartoon, and the characters overlap. In fact, nothing of the kind – Brawl Stars has completely different, simpler mechanics, low dynamics of the game and practically no competitive component. Also, the first few hours of the game will be devoid of any tactics – you will most likely just run and shoot at enemies, although it would be convenient to have some kind of signals like “gathering in one place” or “no need to run 1×3”.

To control the characters, two sticks are used – the left one is responsible for moving, the right one, respectively, for shooting. You don’t have to bother with it – a double tap on the right side of the screen makes it possible to shoot at the nearest enemy, which is convenient for massive 3×3 mixes in open areas. You need to aim if you shoot the bushes, or direct your “super”, also some characters need a sight to make them more effective.

Unique and Cartoon Style Graphics

Graphically, the game looks nice – everything is drawn in a cartoon style, but it is very cool, and the picture is pleasing to the eye. True, the portraits of the heroes look very similar, and the first time they cannot be disassembled, given their number. The interface in the game itself is convenient – everything is “at hand”, and no buttons get in the way anywhere. But on the main screen, it was necessary to fit a lot of different information, so it was decided to make small buttons. Not all of them are intuitive, which can be attributed, rather, to the disadvantages of the game as you take part in incredible multiplayer battles. Try your hand at team battles, each of which will have three participants from anywhere in the world. Choose a character from several different classes, pump his unique abilities, and also use power points to improve the hero’s power. Collect crystals that are scattered around the map and remember, the team that collects the most of these gems wins.

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Variety of game modes

You will find many exciting game modes that diversify the gameplay and will not let you get bored even for a minute. Capturing crystals – here you have to defeat a team of opponents, as well as collect and hold 10 crystals to win.
Clash is analogous to a battle royale. Robbery – break into the enemy’s safe first and don’t forget to protect yours. Brawlball – here you have to show your football skills. There are also many special events, time-limited. This game can be downloaded from the official Google Play Store .

Team up with friends and online gamers

For those who’re interested in competing with friends and online gamers, especially for your bragging rights, then the awesome leaderboards are definitely where you could enjoy. Challenge online opponents and friends in ranked battles as you try to earn enough points to write your names on the boards.

Join the club

You can join the Clan to find teammates. People in the Clan will often help each other a lot in sharing combat experiences. They are people who have had a lot of experience. Moreover, the Clan Wars is also quite impressive when it offers attractive gifts for the participants. You have to reach certain levels to participate in events of this nature.


If in strategies it is enough not to clog the entire screen with buttons, but to use only the most necessary and correctly explain why each of them is needed, then in the case of an action it will not work. For a game in which victory depends on ease of control and aiming, these elements are critical. Supercell didn’t reinvent the wheel. You will move using the joystick that appears when you tap the screen on the left side of the screen. The tied, but large and comfortable joystick on the right is responsible for the attack. You can drag it off and see the affected area or tap – then the character will simply open fire on the nearest enemy. And what is the MOBA without the ultimate? Brawl Stars called him SUPER. A small joystick next to the main one is responsible for it. A few battles will be enough to get used to all not to experience inconvenience.

Mythical and Rare Characters

A separate point of the players’ love for the genre is the unique characters. The developers have also worked on this. I was very pleased that each character is not just a new ratio of health and damage level, but an original hero who needs to learn to play.

  • Shelley fires her shotgun. Her “Super” destroys cover and keeps enemies at a distance
  • Nita attacks with a wave of energy, and her Super is a huge bear, continuously attacking enemies until he is killed
  • Colt fires his revolvers. Super boosts shots so that they reach further and destroy cover
  • Poco attacks enemies with a sound wave, and Super heals himself and allies

And stuff like that. Surely, favorites and unloved characters will soon appear in the game, but now such a variety only indicates that the developers respect the players. At least, I want to believe in it.


At the beginning of the review, I was a little cunning. Still, I’m biased. I don’t like free games. The distribution model alone forces me to initially downgrade the project to 8, no matter how wonderful it is. All Supercell games are free, and thanks to this alone, the company manages to earn hundreds of millions of dollars. How critical is this model in the case of Brawl Stars? My main complaint is the leveling of characters outside of battles. I don’t know if there is something similar in other games, but here you can almost from the start make a lot of real money and get cool characters. To do this, you will first need to buy power points to open the way for development, and then – coins, for which the pumping takes place. And if you are okay with in-game purchases, then there will be where to roam here On the one hand, this is unfair to those players who accumulate both points and coins through play. On the other hand, if, when creating a match, opponents are selected according to strength, then there should be no complaints. In fact, by pumping his character for money, the player thus makes himself worse, finding himself in the major league, but not having gaming experience with which he could win there.

Ranks and trophies

There is a direct correlation between ranks and trophies in Brawl Stars. After each battle and tasks, an individual hero and the whole team are awarded rating points and awarded trophies and cups. Ranks are the sum of all trophies received. You can increase your rating through participation and victory in battles. Additionally, when you increase your rating, 10 tokens (a kind of game currency) are added to your balance for each point.

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The very process of earning trophies and ratings is implemented in a rather interesting way. First of all, it’s worth understanding that trophies and ranks are earned for every character in the game. In the first couples, for a victory, rating points are added quite quickly, and for a defeat, they practically do not decrease. The higher the player’s status, the more difficult it becomes to earn new points.

How to install (update) Brawl Stars [Private server / a lot of money]

  1. Download the APK file. If you are updating and the previous version of the application was downloaded from us, then we put it on top of the old version, otherwise the performance (data retention) is not guaranteed .
  2. Allow in the settings the installation of applications from unknown sources (done once)
  3. Install the APK (for example, using a file manager )
  4. If the application has not been installed, read the topic Types of signatures and what they are for
  5. Run the application
  6. A short video tutorial on installing applications with cache is here
  7. When playing the modified version, disable automatic login in the Google Play Games app. How to do it is written here.

Download Brawl Stars 36.238 MOD Apk

Brawl Stars is an awesome upgrade of your favorite games in terms of graphics and gameplay. Hence, you’ll certainly find it enjoyable and interesting. And of course, our modified version of the game will definitely interest you.