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March 3, 2021
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Block City Wars or “Block City Wars” development, where the user finds himself in the most criminal city in the world, where even pets strive to kill you. You should not build illusions, gentleness, kindness in this world is the lot of the weak. Try to read a mantra about dialogue, the desire for pacifism, in a second turn into a corpse. There is no place for slobber, moralists, connoisseurs of virtue, impudent individuals who choose a “hole” in the square head of their enemy. The strongest survives!

Download Block City Wars on your computer, go from an ordinary street “punks” to an extra-class villain. Starting the game, it is immediately possible to determine the tough theme of the plot, the “nickname” – “Frightening Butcher” is proposed. The character can be pumped, improve weapons, armor. It is also possible to increase your rank:

  • Wild;
  • Gangster;
  • Criminal;
  • Fanatical;
  • Elite;
  • Insane.

There is a line of achievements:

  • The number of killed enemies;
  • Destroyed cars;
  • Destroyed tanks and helicopters;
  • Sunken ships.


Any person dreams of becoming an adventurer in his dreams, a gangster of a big city or a fearless criminal. Download the free Android game Block City Wars, transform into a cold philosopher of the criminal environment, lord of the slums, villain of the streets of a big city. It is not for nothing that criminal literature, films, games have always been popular, thus creating an atmosphere of an adventure continuum.

This project is an action game, a simulator in the style of the legendary GTA, but with the popular Minecraft universe today, the space is created from cubic forms. Sometimes an ordinary sales manager wants to come home, throw off the traditional office clothes and reincarnate in the virtual world into a criminal element, where ordinary people and other people of “good will” are in awe of him. Thus, a person relaxes, receives that dose of adrenaline, which is necessary for a thirsty body.

The uniqueness of Block City Wars

The highlight of the project is a variety of modes:

  • Free play. One of the most popular types of the game is “independent swimming”, or “mayhem in the big city”. Here the character prowls through the back streets of a cubic city, tries to find a source of income, kills residents, concentrates his anger on the representatives of the law, steals a car and “cuts” on new Hummers on the roads, is engaged in open banditry. This behavior is well known to us from the GTA plot. No law, only power gives power in the streets!
  • Team fight. Also a very popular mode. Real gangster showdown. Two “teams” of users decide who will control the entire metropolis. With the help of allies, you can not only punish a rival group, but also get even with the police. It is possible to simply “take out” your enemies with the help of a variety of weapons, or shoot them down with cars, ram the enemy’s vehicle fleet.
  • Titans. It is quite difficult to play Block City Wars at this level, the young adventurer is opposed by huge machines. These giants destroy all life with one shot. It is necessary to fight them tactically, armed as much as possible.
  • Single missions. Here, according to the plot, criminal authorities give an assignment to their fighter, and he must complete this request exactly. For example, destroy five thugs on the beach. It is not so easy, gangsters will not calmly watch as they are exterminated. They will fiercely resist, bats, clubs, firearms will be used.
  • Cops and thieves. The eternal confrontation between law enforcement officers and lawbreakers is well illustrated in this Levlé. The police must stop the “convicts” who intend to escape from prison.
  • Rocketball. An original idea, where cars in the stadium play football with a huge cube sword.
  • Street racing. Street racing without rules, you can’t yawn here – they’ll crush you in a few seconds. The recipe for victory is the toughest, boorish behavior.
  • Pixelmon. The main character is obliged to collect all the creatures on the streets of the city and bring them to the base. Opponents from other teams will hinder him in every possible way.
  • Tank battle. Drive the “hell machine”, incinerate enemies. Quite interesting tank models.
  • Skyblock. A mode for parkour lovers, you need to jump on steep structures, while fighting the enemy.
  • Infection. The zombie apocalypse is a must-see in modern games, and Black City is no exception. Adventure in the post-apocalyptic world is a mega-popular topic today.

Download Block City Wars game on your computer, become a real professional of the underworld. Serious crimes increase the rating, the more lawlessness, the closer the victory!


The most characteristic features of the application are highlighted:

  • Free world of a big city.
  • Minecraft world with GTA theme.
  • A huge number of weapons and armor: cold, pistols, ultrasound, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers.
  • Lots of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, tanks, helicopters, ships, boats.
  • It is possible to change the character to the fantastic heroes of Batman, The Flash, or become an avenger from V-Vendetta.
  • A large selection of goods in the store: weapons, armor, cars, skins.
  • Various cards.
  • Ways to make money: robbery, completing quests, winning levels.
  • Interesting rating system.
  • Original game modes.
  • Fun graphics from a cubic universe.

Original content that will suit users of different ages.

Advantages and disadvantages

The application has many advantages:

  • Open world.
  • A large number of weapons and vehicles.
  • Unique maps, modes.
  • Exciting dynamic storyline.
  • An opportunity to throw out adrenaline.

Cons are also present:

  • Female characters sometimes have a male voice.
  • There is no way to form your own line for a calm game.
  • There is no goalkeeper in “automobile football”.

To draw a certain conclusion, you just have to play and decide for yourself whether the project meets the required characteristics.

Summary and comments

Download the free Android game Block City Wars, build a web of crime of unprecedented dimensions. There is no law for your hero: like a car – take it, passers-by interfere – get rid of them. Only the strong will survive in such a cruel world.