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Are you ready for a super fun run race? Blob will be your favorite runner of all times!
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Oct 30, 2021
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Download Blob Runner 3D 4.1.20 MOD Apk (Unlimited Money) For Android

“Are you ready for a fun race? The Blob will be your favorite runner of all time! Your goal is simple – keep an eye on the Obsteckle, shoo them away and collect the jelly now to become the Giant Blob!

What is Blob Runner 3D?

Blob Runner 3D is an endless racing game in which the player controls a humanoid-shaped doll that loses body parts as it bumps into one of the many obstacles along the way. Luckily, during the tour you can also pick up small gelatinous masses with which to rebuild your body. And that is the main grace of the game: to see how our character is losing and recovering parts of the body. Thus, as it progresses, it changes in shape and even in color depending on the parts of the body that it loses and the masses that it collects. Of course, the goal of the game is to keep moving until you reach the checkpoint, and then repeat until the next meeting point. So, time after time. To do this, it is essential to avoid tripping over too many obstacles or our character will completely break down and we will have to start over.


The dynamics of Blob Runner couldn’t be simpler. You have to guide the character along a platform trying to avoid tripping or hitting one of the many existing obstacles. At the same time, you will have to collect the different gelatinous masses that will appear so that the parts of your body that you lose are rebuilt. Otherwise, the pace is not too fast, so avoiding most obstacles is not particularly difficult. And we say most because some are literally impossible to beat without bumping into them.

Blob Runner 3D reinvents endless racing games

Endless racing games are a favorite of casual gamers. Especially from those who play with the mobile phone. They are ideal for playing a quick game anytime, anywhere. In addition, they adapt perfectly to the touch controls of mobile devices. Thus, it is not surprising that titles like Jetpack Joyride, Temple Run, Temple Run 2 or Subway Surfers are so popular. And this despite the fact that the games are always the same. In any case, the truth is that more and more interesting proposals appear within the genre. One that stands out for its freshness and originality is Blob Runner 3. It is not well known yet, but it has many numbers to surprise and be one of the mobile games of the year. Do you want to know more about the game that threatens to be the new trend in Android games? Well, keep reading because we bring you a complete analysis of Blob Runner 3D.

An ideal game to pass the time

Blob Runner 3D is one of those games that should be installed on your mobile phone. It is ideal to have a game on public transport or to spend some time dead. In addition, it is perfect for the smallest of the house who can go crazy with the different forms that the doll takes.

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Some colorful graphics, although a bit repetitive

At the graphic level, Blob Runner 3D does not stand out especially for its spectacularity. To begin with, the tour always takes place on a white platform that appears on a blue background. In addition, the obstacles, although they are well achieved, end up being somewhat repetitive. Of course, the movement of the doll is really achieved, both when it has a full body and when parts of it are missing. Anyway, visually, the game is quite pleasant and even relaxing. To this, without a doubt, it contributes that the graphics are so colorful and cheerful.

A snowman or Michelin man

It is not very clear if the developers have been inspired by a snowman or the famous Michelin man, but the truth is that it seems a mixture of both. In any case, it is a little more colorful and a lot more agile.

Blob Runner 3D is a free game

Another point in favor of Blob Runner 3D is that it is a free game. Of course, it is not yet available in the Google Play Store, so if you want to try it, you will have to look for an alternative source. Of course, before downloading Blob Runner 3D, make sure that the website you are downloading from is trustworthy.

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Without a doubt, Blob Runner 3D is a very interesting proposal. However, and although it has great potential, it seems like a fairly limited game. It is up to the developers to implement some improvements to the gameplay and the graphics. If you do it properly, the game will improve tremendously. In that case, as we anticipated at the beginning of this article, we could be facing one of the surprises of the year in the Android landscape. Otherwise, it is likely to join the long list of titles that pass without pain or glory. Ultimately, time and users will decide how far Blob Runner 3D goes. In any case, it is a free game, so you don’t lose anything by trying it.

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Download the latest version of Blob Runner 3D APK for free for your Android mobile and enjoy one of the funniest and most original endless racing games of recent years.