Bleach: Brave Souls (MOD, One Hit/God Mode)


Experience the world of the mega-hit anime, manga, and novel series Bleach! Build teams with your favorite characters
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July 22, 2021
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BLEACH Brave Souls is a stunning action game featuring powerful heroes. The entire theme of the project relates to the representatives of the classic anime. You will appear in the role of a real warrior to continue the fight for justice. The developers have added high-quality three-dimensional graphics, which perfectly describes each character to the smallest detail.

You will go through many different entertaining levels to fully enjoy the gameplay. The creators did not bother with management. For this reason, it turned out to be simple and understandable for everyone. It will take a lot of time to master the skill of fighting to perfection. Only after long and persistent training will it be possible to execute the proposed strikes, as well as make combinations of them. Do your best to destroy the enemy. Please note that there are many interesting opportunities waiting for you to demonstrate your power. Start conquering opponents, proving your advantage over them. It will take a long time to participate in the duel, so enjoy the gameplay to the fullest. The toy in question has everything that brings pleasure to users. You will get adrenaline rush when you start participating in fights with swords and katanas. Choose the hero you like to explore the storyline. There are three ways available to you. It only depends on you what to choose. If you are interested in the presented concept.

Story of the game

For Those who are familiar with the anime series or manga “Bleach”, the game will not be able to present anything new. She more or less follows the main story line, so there will be no surprises. Beginners are advised to familiarize themselves with the main moments of the story before diving into the gameplay. At the center of the story is an ordinary Japanese teenager Ichigo. He encounters Rukia, a Shinigami who is temporarily incapacitated. Ichigo takes on the responsibility of capturing the “empty”, aggressive creature, into which evil people with a dark soul are reborn. Subsequently, he independently awakens the power of the reaper, after which he discovers the world of Soul Society for himself.

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The gameplay in BLEACH Brave Souls almost completely corresponds to the “canons” of mobile MMORPGs. In fact, this is an isometric action game with a dynamic combat system, which has been greatly simplified to please users on mobile platforms. The game is focused exclusively on multiplayer, without a network connection you will not be able to access the gameplay. It is important to understand that BLEACH Brave Souls is a team project. You can play and farm solo, but the most interesting fights with serious bosses require team involvement. As such, there are no classes in this MMORPG. You choose between different heroes. Interestingly, the game has the ability to control both conditionally “good” and their opponents, “empty” and “Arrancar”. The game is divided into chapters that follow the main narrative line. Now we should dwell in more detail on the technical aspects of the gameplay. The graphic shell of the project is three-dimensional, but the rendering style is “anime”, which may alienate some users. The project is not localized into Russian, this seriously complicates the acquaintance with lore and the game universe. If you don’t know English well, then first you should study the main points of this universe, so it will be easier for you to navigate the plot. The main client of the project is available on the basis of the F2P platform, but the toy itself is shareware. This means that as part of the gameplay, you will come across content that can be purchased for real money. It allows you to quickly open new heroes, speed up the “pumping”, get more “consumables” to improve equipment.

Game Controls

Since battles take a decisive role in this project, the developer tried to make the character manipulation mechanism simple and intuitive. Pay attention to the interface. On the left side there is a joystick, it is responsible for controlling the movements of your hero. Hold touch on the controller to guide your character. On the right is the standard skill wheel. At the very beginning, the hero will have only one skill open. Later, you can access the rest, but for this you need to kill monsters and get experience for completing tasks. Some of the characters have multiple forms. So, for example, Ichigo can awaken the power of “Bankai”, after which it will actually be a different hero with new skills. If all this seems difficult to youp.

3D Characters And Graphics

Animations and textures are pretty basic since this is so long ago, but it holds up today nicely… As mentioned, BBS is pretty advanced for its time, with its 3D characters, environment, and physics very much ahead. Animations and textures are pretty basic since this is so long ago, but it holds up today nicely, especially because it mirrors the anime show’s source material so nicely that it feels like a natural extension of it. Outside of the stages, the players are also presented with wonderful anime art character portraits and other cool stuff.


Interesting Facts

The game differs from the main anime title in some respects. But the most interesting thing is that it features characters from the final manga arc called Thousand-Year Blood War. An anime series will be filmed for this chapter, but only at the end of 2021. So far, there is no information about who will be involved in the adaptation.

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Download BLEACH Brave Souls 13.1.2 MOD Apk

BLEACH Brave Souls has only a few major flaws. The game is narrowly focused, it will appeal only to those who are familiar with the original source. It takes a lot of time or donation to quickly unlock the desired hero. Localization is not very good here. But all this is more than covered by an interesting and dynamic gameplay in which you constantly do something, be it quests, killing a raid boss or farming monsters. You won’t be bored here. Don’t forget to download BLEACH Brave Souls on your android phone to play with your keyboard and mouse. Believe me, this is much more convenient.