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Lead a band of cute creature heroes through thousands of fun puzzles in the incredible world of Minutia, with Best Fiends!
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Dec 2, 2021
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Download Best Fiends 10.0.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) For Android

This time we will save the forest area from the attack of an unknown slime, and brave bugs will help us in this. The developers have made a very cute and enjoyable three-in-a-row game, from which it is hard to break away precisely because of the light atmosphere, the absence of violence and those things from which you start to get nervous and angry. If you, after a hard day’s work, on the way home, decide to cheer yourself up a little, then this game will do just fine – simple controls, a bunch of levels with different bonuses and secrets, interesting tasks and difficulties, beautiful graphics and soft interface colors will do the trick … Many users take a break from the stress, playing shooters, killing heaps of opponents and thereby letting off steam after a variety of life problems. We advise you to do the same, only in the cute and bright game Best Fiends,


This product is not a classic representative of the “three-in-one” genre, since the creators have slightly changed the gameplay system itself. The classic game assumes a playing field on which you will swap elements to make a chain of three identical elements in a row. In this game, you do not need to change anything in places – the goal is only to notice a chain of identical objects on the playing field and connect them, getting the longest chain possible. Then the element is destroyed, causing damage to the enemy, and others take the place of these elements. Elements can be connected not only along straight lines, but also along curves, as well as diagonally. This makes the game very flexible and easy to play, because you will always be able to extricate yourself from the situation. Truth.

The Wizarding World is in Danger

The narration in the Best Fiends game is extremely leisurely, occasionally delighting the user with small introductory cutscenes, which briefly outline the general concept of a very uncomplicated plot. The tiny inhabitants of the country of Miniatury lived for quite a long time in absolute peace and harmony with each other, without knowing any troubles. However, the usual harmony was broken by the sudden fall of a mysterious meteorite that crashed into Mount Thunder. This incident was not without consequences: an unknown force was able to drive the local slugs crazy, instantly turning their community into a dangerous gang of thugs. Previously, peace-loving snails entered the slippery slope of plunder and robbery, devouring the ubiquitous greenery of the flower country.

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The insects, for which you have to play in the Best Fiends mobile application, decided to give a powerful rebuff to the distraught hooligans. In addition, a gang of dangerous snails managed not only to disrupt the quiet life of innocent plants, but for some reason took some of their relatives hostage. It is now that the insect friends will have to unite to defeat a common enemy, as well as go a long way to the very center of Thunder Mountain in order to unravel its main secret and save all their friends from an unpredictable fate.

Leisurely Flower Tetris

The game begins with training, which smoothly introduces the user both to the features of the world presented here, and to individual elements of the gameplay. Which is pretty good at helping you to understand the course of the matter. The first hero of the story is a green insect named Temper, telling about what the player has to do during the overwhelming amount of time. The main screen of Best Fiends is a map of events, between which you should gradually move to progress through the game.

The general structure of each individual level is fairly uniform. The playing field is divided into a number of cells with five types of pictures of different colors. For the successful completion of the stage, it is necessary to find and combine adjacent identical cells, drawing a broken line between them. The selected sequence then disappears, adding a certain number of points to the user’s account, and new random pictures take its place. The levels differ from each other by tasks, during which you will need to collect precious stones and defeat the suddenly appearing slugs using the contents of the cells.

Cartoon Adventures

The gameplay formula of this application does not shine with particular originality, since games similar to Best Fiends can be found everywhere in today’s world of mobile entertainment. First of all, it is worth noting the popular projects Candy Crush Soda Saga, Cookie Crush Match, Farm Heroes Super Saga and Jewel Legend. All these games are built on the basis of logical interaction with blocks, which appeared on the screens of portable devices back in the days of Tetris. But despite this, Best Fiends has its own unique features that can pleasantly vary the uniformity of most levels.

First of all, it is worth noting some plot basis, thanks to which the user has a certain motivation for the daily passage of events on the map. The excellent graphic design also cannot be ignored: the cartoonish drawing of the characters and the environment creates the required positive attitude during fights with slugs, and the cheerful background music helps to pleasantly relax. As you move along the map in Best Fiends, locations, tasks, field structure and enemy types will change, which noticeably increases interest.

The growth and development of heroes

Tamper is far from the only hero in Best Fiends. The insects against slugs act as a whole squad, which you have to completely collect during the passage of the presented levels. Each character has a connection with a certain type of cells, thanks to which he is able to significantly increase the power of the collected combination. In addition, with the advent of new heroes, you will from time to time come across bonus cells on the field that have certain effects. This can be, for example, the explosion of neighboring blocks or their replacement with more profitable for the player, which also brings some variety to the process.

Finding new characters is not limited to. After successfully completing each level, you get the opportunity to collect the meteor claws necessary for the subsequent modification of the characteristics of the heroes present in the team. By opening the appropriate section, you can pump the character’s attack power, buy him a suit, and also get additional abilities. Having achieved some success in the game, thanks to the improvement of your own squad, you can connect your Facebook account and compete in achievements with friends.

Puzzle for all ages

Best Fiends is a good logic game with a leisurely and rather interesting gameplay. The external graphic design is pleasantly pleasing to the eye, and the presence of high-quality localization will allow you to completely plunge into the world of the mysterious country of Miniaturia. Despite the overall uniformity of the gameplay, you will not be bored in this universe, since the developers were able to add the maximum amount of original content to their product, designed to make the passage of a huge set of monotonous levels as varied and motivated as possible.

Control of Game

The controls are very easy – when you start the application, you will see tips for the game, after loading a map of the levels will be presented, click on any of them and play. The developers have tried to simplify management as much as possible and you know what? They did it.

Download Best Fiends 10.0.8 MOD Apk

The game is really very pleasant to look at, and this is already enough to spend a couple of hours in the game. Of course, you may not like the calm pace of the passage, the absence of difficult tasks and pressure from the toy, but this is its beauty. You just play and relax, get positive and take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. Even in-app purchases do not disappoint, but delight in their simplicity and ease.