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Nov 13, 2021
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Download ARK: Survival Evolved 2.0.25 MOD APK + OBB (Amber/Craft/Immortality) For Android

The popular TV series The Walking Dead also gave a significant impetus to this. Both budget and large-caliber projects were born. However, the trend of mindless creatures is gradually declining. Against the background of this fall, the developers are again returning to the classic genres – action shooters, futuristic action games, horror. But, along with moldy concepts, survival simulators demonstrate a new surge of activity. And if earlier it was interesting to survive even yourself, today the interest is enhanced by the presence of a cooperative or multiplayer. The most prominent examples are games like Rust, MONSTRUM, Stranded Deep and others. 

Not so long ago, another promising project with a unique concept was born. Game ARK: Survival Evolved affected dinosaur theme that emerges is extremely rare. One of the last successful dinosaur games was Turok, but the game was focused on a story-driven passage. ARK is currently in beta testing. Early builds of the project are available for playing on Steam, therefore, the presence of bugs and the lack of certain features should not surprise gamers. The exact release date of the release version of the game is unknown. Nevertheless, even the early versions of the project grab the attention of the players. 

What is ARK: Survival Evolved?

The game is a multiplayer project, collective survival in an unknown area. After choosing a character, the player simply appears on the coast. Like the hero of the series Lost, the gamer does not understand what happened, where he ended up and what will happen next. In fact, the fate of the survivor will depend only on him. Gathering resources, growing food, building a house, fences and other types of shelters – it seems quite standard in this scenario. But, among the “classic” survival scenarios appear – dinosaurs. 

Thick-faced and toothy creatures inhabit the entire island and are a mortal threat to the modern “Robinson”. Nevertheless, along with predators, the character can meet friendly dinosaurs. They can be tamed for further movement or use as “labor”. This interaction with dinosaurs in games has not yet been observed. Within the framework of early access, about 30 different variants of animals have already been implemented, but by the release of the game their number will reach more than seven dozen. The process of taming dinosaurs will play a key role. Depending on the strength of taming, certain commands will be available to the player. Also, tamed creatures will be able to carry your things. 

Survival system in ARK: Survival Evolved

In addition to predators that can threaten the life of a character, ARK: Survival Evolved has other factors that affect survival. In particular, the player needs to regularly feed the character with different plants or meat. Each unit of food has its own nutritional level. Drinking water is also important. If the character is exhausted or dehydrated, then everything is lost. In this game there is no place for jerks and dull bores. Survival is an extremely difficult process, and it depends only on the gamer how long he will last on this island. The player’s inventory is limited, which is worth paying attention to. The overload system is partially similar to STALKER – the heavier the items in the inventory, the slower the character moves. You need to collect items for crafting buildings, things, clothes, making a fire. 

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Character Customization and Graphics

Before getting to the island, you can completely customize your character. In the open world of survival, this opportunity is more rare than a rule. But, the developers were especially enthusiastic about this component. Forget about primitive editors that only allow you to change the color of your hair and clothes. Here you will find complete freedom to build your player. Of course, not as detailed as in The Sims, but with its own twist. As you know, the graphics component of open world games always suffers and is far from such giants as Battlefield, Fallout, Call of Duty. In ARK, the picture is quite nice, all the necessary elements are drawn in detail. Early versions of the build will not give you a good FPS, but the situation will change closer to the final version after optimization. 

Collective Survival and Unique Features

It was already noted above that the game supports multiplayer mode. Moreover, playing in a company is the key to a long life on the same island with predatory creatures. To make the collective game more interesting, each character can create his own tribe and invite friends to it. This feature aims to make it easier to interact with homes and pets. Using Pass-codes, players will be able to enter the tribe’s village. And upon death, there is the possibility of respawning in one of the houses of your group. 

The crafting system is well thought out and very logical. All the resources that are in the “safe” zone allow you to create simple things. If the character goes deeper into the forest and finds himself in dangerous areas, there are chances to find items for the production of new things. With active play and interaction with the environment, the character gains levels and can increase his characteristics. They will help with survival, battle, work processes. 

Collect, Build and Paint

Cutting down large areas of forest, mining ore and other valuable resources, you can do all sorts of tools for the promotion of construction , which is made from the whole ensemble, connected between a part, such as foundations, pillars, windows , stairs, doors, gates, hatches , water pipes , cranes, generators, wires and so on . There is a load system on any structure of buildings , that is, it has the abilitycollapse, as a result of this, it is fundamentally important to strengthen and carefully think over your buildings. All buildings , weapons , clothing and armor can be decorated, as well as billboards and other decorative objects. Good cover lowers the danger , generated by the weather criteria and keeps you and your supplies.

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Plant, Grow and Harvest

Collect seeds of various vegetation, plant them on land plots that you make , water and fertilize the land (animals defecate, which is converted over time into compost (there are various types), which can be applied as fertilizer). Keep an eye on the plantings , they will grow and you will receive sweet and original fruits. You will be able to transfer all the hardships and seize the peninsula ARK: Survival Evolved non-violent method.


The console interface in ARK: Survival Evolved is just incredibly awful. Especially when compared to what exists. The main reason is the blocked ability to use the cursor. Instead, each time you have to “move around the cells.” And this is as inconvenient as possible. And when you play on the server, then it is likely that while you have to dig in your inventory, you will be killed.

Modern Graphics

Game ARK: Survival Evolved is made using the latest technology of computer graphics. Using the Unreal Engine 4, the developers have created an impressive Jurassic world with full dynamic and global lighting, realistic clouds, realistic weather effects (fog, rain, snow), as well as the best DirectX11 and DirectX12 technologies.

Download ARK: Survival Evolved 2.0.25 MOD Apk

Ark survival evolved has not lost its relevance. The game continues to be popular with a large number of gamers. The new feeding system will make it easier to tame creatures. Many animals are simply not needed. The new construction system brings variety to the gameplay and allows you to build fantastic structures. If you are thinking about buying a game, then the game is definitely worth buying. Also, if you abandoned the game, now there is a reason to return to this project. On this note, I say goodbye to you all good luck and goodbye.