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Nov 22, 2021
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Download Angry Birds Friends 10.8.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Powers/Unlocked) For Android

Angry Birds Friends is one of the worthy representatives of the series of games of the same name, where you can directly compete with your friends in the skill of passing the levels. Probably every user of the Play Market has played or at least heard about such a franchise as Angry Birds. This series, which began as a small and modest game, quickly gained cult status and is currently one of the most popular gaming franchises on mobile platforms. The application in question can be attributed to the classic look typical for the very first part of Angry Birds. If you want to enjoy your favorite bird gameplay with your friends, then be sure to check out the guide on how to download Angry Birds Friends to your Phone.

Of all the arcades on the, the bird franchise is the most popular. This is due to the fact that she did not copy any gameplay, but immediately came to the application market with an original and peculiar idea. The gameplay of throwing birds from a slingshot against the fortifications of pigs quickly gained popularity. At the moment, you can see several dozen brainchildren from the studio Rovio Entertainment Corporation, which are completely devoted to the adventures of the heroes that everyone loves.

About the game

Angry Birds Friends for Windows does not offer you any general storyline that would bring together all the available episodes of the campaign. The project is a kind of collection that contains all of the studio’s developments. These developments, by the way, later formed the basis for other representatives of the series. The main feature here is the competitive spirit that permeates every episode. If before you were only interested in hitting the coveted three stars for passing, now you will have every point on your account. They influence your rating among friends.

Everyone is already accustomed to the fact that every application of the studio Rovio Entertainment Corporation, attributed to the old school, undoubtedly causes a storm of emotions among the fans. So Angry Birds Friends did not stay away from the admiration of the gaming community. The number of downloads quickly passed the fifty million mark. It is worth saying that this figure is growing rapidly every day. The initial rating for the project was stable at 4.5, but the recent updates have caused a storm of indignation from fans. 


Angry Birds Friends for android gives you everything you expect from every game in this series. The main goal of each level is to destroy all the dastardly pigs on the map. The pigs will build various fortifications that will protect them from the superpowers of feathered characters. For each level, you will be given a limited number of birds, which you will launch over the enemy’s fortifications from a huge slingshot. Each of the heroes has its own unique abilities that help in overcoming obstacles made of certain materials. If we talk about wood, then Chuck (yellow bird) is capable, like an arrow, of stitching fortifications made of this material. In matters with a stone, the Bomb is the best, which explodes on contact with the surface. It is impossible not to mention the Blue Trinity, which is ideal for dealing with glass and other fragile materials. So each bird has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The tactics of passing each level directly depends on the birds offered to you. By the way, there are a lot of levels here. Here you will encounter five full episodes and a special mode called the Weekly Tournament.

Bright and colorful graphics

Beautiful graphics characterized by a cartoon style, funny characters and colorful locations. Despite the rather simple and tough concept, the game will be able to lure you for a fairly long period of time, as it has a frantic dynamics and constant changes of location. The beautifully hand-drawn picture of the backdrops is perfectly combined with the crisp and vibrant textures of the birds, which are constantly in the very center of attention. Just start playing and you won’t be able to come off. You can download and try the Angry Birds Friends application on our website, as well as choose the appropriate version for yourself in the form of a mod or original.

Play your favorite arcade game

As in any other arcade game about the confrontation between birds and pigs, here you have to go through levels of varying difficulty, fighting against green enemies. At each level, you need to use a large slingshot to launch angry birds into the fortifications of pigs and thereby destroy them. For each successful completion of a level, the player will receive three stars, special points and coins. As you progress through the puzzles will get much more difficult. But so that the passage does not become a burden, there are various additional bonuses. Download the game Angry Birds: Friends for your computer and help the birds to defeat all their enemies, passing exciting and difficult levels.

Lots of really fun and sometimes difficult levels to sweat over.

The essence of the game remains the same. The player needs to go through a lot of exciting levels. Each level is a playing field, on the right is the base of angry birds, on the left are the structures of pigs. You need to use a huge slingshot to launch feathered projectiles to strengthen the enemy team. As soon as the bird successfully hits the enemy barricades, the pig disappears and you receive victory points. It is necessary to destroy all the pigs for the level to be considered passed. For each bird not spent at the level, you will receive additional points. Before starting the passage of the main levels, the player is not familiar with the gameplay of such games. It is worth taking part in a training tournament. Here you will understand all the intricacies of the mechanics.

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Opportunities to play with friends

Invite your friend to the special lobby through the system of friends on the social network. By accepting the invitation, he or you can play with each other by launching one of the matches. The cards are constantly changing each other so that players do not get used to the monotony and do not start to get bored. Try to use your birds as efficiently as possible and shoot down all the green pigs that are hiding behind their buildings made of different materials. Each material, like a bird, is unique, so you definitely have to find an approach to any surface and competently use the selected fighters. Start conquering the game charts by constantly being in high places on the leaderboard.

Download Angry Birds Friends 10.8.0 MOD Apk

Angry Birds Friends is a great option for an exciting time with your friends. No time to meet in reality? Then meet them in the virtual world and compete properly. Who doesn’t love excitement? Join millions of fans around the world and make new friends. Help the birds to return what is rightfully theirs and how to punish the evil pigs. Do not hesitate – everything is very easy to do. Just follow the link on the current page to download Angry Birds Friends to your Android Phone. Also check Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Classic.