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Stickman action Game - Anger of Stick 5 : zombie
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Oct 27, 2021
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Downlaod Anger of Stick 5 1.1.65 MOD Apk (Unlimited Money) For Android

Many people turned into zombies as a result of an explosion in a secret laboratory. Your hero has to save the whole world from this monstrous epidemic.


The game will take you on an exciting journey where you are the only reliable mankind in destroying evil zombies. To buy weapons, ammunition in the game, you need to accumulate gold coins. To get these coins, you need to successfully complete various stages. Gems are used to improve weapons and improve health and skills. Gems can be used to restart the game if you die halfway through. First, you’ll start with an entry-level weapon. Stronger ones can be unlocked after reaching certain levels.

The new stick figure battle games is here!

A few years ago, videos in which various stick figures held epic fights that could have been signed by Jackie Chan himself became popular on the internet. What these videos had was extraordinary pacing and truly incredible combat choreography that is hard to find in even the best fighting movie you’ve ever seen, in part because it’s so easy to draw stick figures, so you didn’t need to spend too much time. and money to do the animation. This is why these videos were so amazing and became so popular! And their success was so great that they managed to become video games and spread throughout the Play Store so that people like you can enjoy participating directly in these epic battles of stick figures.

What is Anger of Stick 5 App?

Anger of Stick 5 is a battle game similar to others like Stick War: Legacy or Stick Revenge, based on the famous videos of stick figures fighting each other that became so popular on YouTube and other internet platforms a few years ago. With Anger of Stick 5 you will be able to enjoy some of the most epic stick figure battles you can imagine, in an even more fun way. Now, instead of being a simple spectator of this type of battles, you will be able to participate directly and control some of their fighters! The gameplay is especially fun and allows you to have a huge variety of moves to crush your opponents. Which now will also be zombies!

Endless levels, and enemies more epic than ever!

Anger of Stick is a game that comes with a large number of different levels that will become increasingly difficult for you to overcome, so you will have to give your best to be able to defeat the rivals that will appear. And these enemies will be truly formidable! In addition to enemies en masse like in previous video games and final bosses that are much faster and stronger or have better weapons, you will also have to defeat zombies, dinosaurs, giants and much more!

This game is the new installment in the saga of fighting games featuring stick figures that began to become popular a few years ago as a result of various YouTube videos. Thanks to these games you will be able to enjoy some of the best stick figure battles for Android, with spectacular movements and hundreds of enemies.

Improved and Easy Controls

One of the funniest things about these games is to perform different combos and make the most of your fighters’ full potential, but for that you need reliable controls that allow you to move like a fish in water. This can be achieved thanks to the improved controls of this game, with new buttons integrated into your touch screen.

Dozens of different enemies

During your battles you will encounter tons of different enemies, including veritable hordes of stick figures that you will have to fight simultaneously, as well as a huge variety of final bosses including zombies, giant stick figures and even dinosaurs!

Helicopters, machine guns and much more! 

With this game you will not only have to fight with your fists and legs, but you will also be able to use a huge variety of weapons including machine guns and pistols. In addition, you will also be able to get on a helicopter to shoot your enemies from above. Few games are as cool as this one!

Small Size Game Only 30 Mb.

Finally, this game will only occupy 30 Mb on your smartphone, so you can install it on almost any device. As we said, stick figures are not difficult to design or animate, and that results in the technical simplicity of the game. Your drummer will appreciate it!

Anger of Stick 5 1.1.65 Mod APK free download for Android

Get now the incredible Anger of Stick 5 infinite money and enjoy with this awesome stick figure fighting game!