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June 16, 2021
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The game Among Us began to gain popularity among gamers. The simplest description of the game is an analogue of the “Mafia”. Only here events unfold in space, and astronauts move on board, some of whom are impostors. The game can include from 4 to 10 participants, while the villains in one game – no more than three. More than 60 million users launch the game every day. To understand what exactly attracts gamers, you should download the free Android game Among Us and enjoy the adventure.

The roles are randomly assigned to the players. Anyone can become either a peaceful astronaut or a villain. It is impossible to calculate this in advance, and it cannot be determined by appearance. Only by actions is it determined who is who. The opposition between the teams proceeds imperceptibly. Astronauts want to win, which means they must complete all mini-tasks. They are available for execution in different compartments of the spacecraft. In addition, you need to figure out the impostors, otherwise they will destroy all the peaceful crew members.




The tasks to complete are simple: you need to connect the wires in accordance with the color scheme or collect trash. But simple tasks are easy to perform only at first glance. Do not forget that an enemy is moving nearby, whose goal is to destroy the entire team. Therefore, tasks must be completed promptly. The impostors are cunning and careful. They sneak up on the astronaut from the shadows or ventilation. In addition, the impostor can arrange:

  • Sabotage;
  • Equipment wreck on the ship
  • Closing the door at the most inopportune moment;
  • Oxygen shutdown
  • Reactor malfunctions.

When completing tasks, one should not forget about caution. If an astronaut finds a corpse, then he can raise the alarm, gather the whole team. But even here one cannot relax – an impostor can assemble the crew, who himself killed a peaceful member of the group. By doing this, he distracts suspicion from himself. It is not necessary to wait for losses in the team, you can announce the alarm if the player noticed someone suspicious. This can be done through the panic button. It is located in the central room.



You have to play with real people. This is where the difficulty arises. It is not always possible to unite with all the crew members. If the vote still took place, then it is not a fact that it is the traitor who will be thrown overboard. A mistake may occur and an innocent person will be killed. The team will find out about this immediately. The game will continue as the impostor will remain among the team members. The beauty is to download the game Among Us to your computer – the ability to play with friends in parallel and communicate by voice.

The game heats up when comrades have to argue, suspect each and every one of them. Sometimes it is difficult to convince a companion that someone is a traitor and a threat to the team. But this is where the pleasure lies. Competently organizing the movement of the crew along the board is difficult. If each of the astronauts performs a mission in different compartments of the ship, it becomes difficult to get together.

Another feature is the ability to play on an open server. The game is played with strangers via text chat. Here you should rely only on yourself. Trust is practically zero, so getting together and voting to destroy the alleged impostor is problematic. The outcome of the game directly depends on the team, and then how lucky.


Advantages and disadvantages

Among Us is completely free to play. During the game, advertisements periodically appear, and if you wish, you can buy additional items. You need to purchase them for real money. You can do without them perfectly, this does not affect the productivity of the game.

The downside of the game is the lack of the language. However, the mechanics of the game are so primitive that there should be no problems understanding the prompts.


How do I change my name in Among Us?

  1. First, enter into a game, by going Online.
  2. Above the Host option, there will be a name box.
  3. Here, you can choose any name you see fit.

Summary and comments

The game is addictive, it is well thought out, it is interesting to play even with a stranger – there is more intrigue here. You can tell an endless number of times how exciting it is to play Among Us, but it’s better to download the free Android game Among Us and enjoy the adventures of astronauts. In order not to repeat it again, it is worth noting that everyone will like the game, without exception. There is no cruelty here, but it’s not that simple. Intrigue – she always maintains interest in the game until the end of the denouement. Even seasoned gamers find their own specialty in the space adventure. Here it is unrealistic to quit the game halfway through, you always want to know if the player will be right, or if he was mistaken in defining the impostor. This moment is especially acutely highlighted in the competition with unfamiliar people.

It will be more pleasant to pass a verdict about the game yourself. Therefore, do not delay – you need to download it and enjoy new adventures.