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Dec 2, 2021
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Download AdVenture Capitalist 8.12.0 MOD Apk (Free Shopping) For Android

AdVenture Capitalist is an original simulator where you will make money and try to become the head of a corporation that prints money. As in any other success story, your character will begin to develop from the bottom up. At first, he will be selling lemonade, which he will make himself. But business acumen and self-confidence will help you succeed. Click on the screen, expand your business, develop new directions. Offer your customers more services that will make money. Invest the earned money into further growth.

Lead a multinational corporation and even go beyond the planet. Do business on the Moon and Mars. Hire managers to work for you. You need to download the hacked AdVenture Capitalist on Android for free to make your life easier. Get richer by the minute, even when you’re offline. Buy your capitalist cool outfits and jewelry that will help you earn even more.

Get achievements, participate in limited-time events and activities. Attract investments and interact with multi-million dollar turnovers. Enjoy funny characters, huge development opportunities and varied development directions. Then check out another project called AdVenture Communist. Try to develop in the completely opposite direction.


AdVenture Capitalist is quite an addicting game for all fans of the calm economic genre and strategy simulators with text design of the gameplay! The game is endowed with a strategic market component and invites you to start thinking like many businessmen! For the starting amount due at the beginning of the game, you are invited to buy a small business and start developing it. You can produce various goods and resell them at a different price, earning initial funds for further development. Earn in every way available in the game on mini-games, resale of stocks, goods, products and much more! Buy factories and factories, shops and stalls, farms, houses and garages, cars and yachts, and much more! Make your markup and look for another buyer to make the difference! Build your own villa and purchase all the luxury goods you’ve long dreamed of! AdVenture Capitalist offers the user absolute freedom of action, which leads to a fun and enticing gameplay.
There are several difficulty levels and different modes, games for both beginners and advanced economists with a more serious development model and harsh market realities! Grow your business and lead it to the top of fame, then show off to your friends online! But if you try for a long time, but nothing comes of it, install the mod for a lot of money and close all your financial questions overnight and you can afford absolutely everything! Play, strive, grow rich, feel like a Rockefeller and relax!

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Gameplay features

The gameplay in “AdVenture Capitalist” is quite simple, because in order to make money, the player will simply have to click on the buttons on the touch screen that are responsible for a particular type of business. At the beginning, you will have to press the buttons yourself, but over time you can acquire managers who can replace the player in this lesson. Improving your own businesses will increase your income and hire more maintenance personnel. The main drawback of the game is the lack of the Russian language, but many users are already well versed in game English, so there should be no difficulties with this. The game is perfect even for weak mobile devices based on Android OS, which is an undoubted advantage.

Develop Your Business

In this game you have to start your own business, which will start from scratch. You can start your journey with a small lemonade shop, where you will sell yourself. When you make enough money, you can upgrade your business or start a new one altogether. Follow market trends and attract investors to open a new project that will bring you even more money! Do not forget to hire a working staff who will take on some of the responsibilities and allow you to do new things. But you can also relax in this game! And for this you need to buy as many cool and expensive houses, luxury cars, factories and generally everything that is for sale! Just buy and feel the sweet life of a rich man that will suck you head over heels! What’s amazing is that here you do not need to be constantly in the game. It is enough to set certain tasks and quit the game, and your business will continue to work and make a profit!

Simple and Clicker Convenience

The graphics part in  AdVenture Capitalist is quite classic for this genre. Everything is done in a cartoon style that will appeal to all players. This is a classic clicker that does not require much effort from you in terms of control. After all, all you need is just one of your hands!

Interface and graphics

The game has pleasant and bright graphics, which fully follows the general style of the game and its idea – to show the whole essence of capitalism from a slightly ironic side. You will have a unique opportunity to understand how this huge system works. When the number of your enterprises, and accordingly the profit from their work, increases significantly, you will begin to hire various managers in the face of funny characters to help you in your difficult work, which is another plus and an interesting feature of this game

Download AdVenture Capitalist 8.12.0 MOD Apk

The cartoon game will allow you to relax and feel like a millionaire. You can download the game for free on Android.