A Rising Star Asking For 10x Increase In Salary For First Drama

In the Korean drama industry, it is not uncommon for top actors to receive a salary of 100 million won (~ 2 billion VND) per episode, but there are more and more new actors. trying to make a profit and shouting exorbitant prices, making the situation worse.

1. Rising star asking for 10x increase in salary for first drama

According to the Daily Sports report published on April 23, it is about an actor who started to gain attention 2 years ago, who became a rising star in the last year and is currently on the rise. prepares to play the lead role in a drama that will be broadcast on terrestrial television (meaning SBS, KBS, MBC, EBS channels) in the second half of this year.

This person, who only recently played a supporting role, has received a little over 7 million won (~ 135 million VND) per episode for his role. After becoming the main actor, that person asked for a salary of 70 million won (about 1 billion 350 million VND) for each episode. Remuneration increased 10 times.

The film’s production company was unable to meet all the demands made by the actor’s management but decided to pay an amount that approximates the requested remuneration. There is a reason why the producer is still trying to continue casting this actor. One representative stated:

Following the Hallyu wave, the recent work has made the actor a rising star in Asia. As global platforms are becoming more and more developed, the presence or absence of casting actors plays a large role in the conclusion of overseas copyright agreements.i. So even though this person is still a rookie actor, we have no choice but to accommodate their desired amount of money. There are no other alternatives.

From the above example, it can be seen that although the negotiation process is not smooth, but based on the results, both the production company and the actor management company are in a “win – win” situation, both sides benefit.

2. Having a prominent work when starring last year, the actor demanded 80 million won (~1 billion 6 VND) for the next work

The above article also mentions that another person who is preparing to appear in a new drama is also a rising actor from the last few years before becoming prominent when playing the lead role last year.

This person’s new movie has been scheduled to be aired and is in the process of peaking for filming, at the same time, this actor is also discussing his next work after that.

The actor’s agency asks for a salary of 80 million won per episode (~ 1.6 billion VND) with the production company of the drama that is expected to air later this year or early next year.

The film’s production company responded by saying it couldn’t because it didn’t matter to them that it had to be the actor, leaving the futilely cheeky management company in isolation. Because demands for an increase in wages appear to be in moderation, rather than the ridiculously exorbitant prices that any official in the industry would be speechless to hear.

Korean netizens’ response to this article:

– That’s a lot of money, normally 16 episodes each, so if you calculate the total, it will be 1.1 billion won (~ 22 billion VND) for a work

-The person number 2 is obvious, isn’t ㄴㄷㅈ (Nokdujeon / The Tale of Nokdu)
Rep: – He’s been filming for a while, and this actor just recently joined the crew

-Why does it seem like I know both..

– In the first case, both sides win-win, but in the 2nd case, it’s not like that

– The problem with the management company?

– I don’t know who it is but the production company that seems to have surrendered to meet the demands is an idiot. The second case is well resolved. Being a rising star doesn’t mean there are no replacement actors

– So after only receiving 100 million won (2 billion VND) then you will receive 1 billion won (20 billion VND) then?

– The first case is indeed exploitation…

– If he does well, he gets everything, but if he fails, he’ll go back to playing a supporting role or super-sub again. Just need to be greedy in moderation. Since he’s a rising star saying there’s no one to replace him, I guess he’s not casting properly

-There’s probably a lot of alternatives for the rising star, it’s brazen and bragging haha ​​If that work doesn’t work, he’ll be out of the industry in an instant

– Greed has reached the sky, it’s just a rookie

– Wow just rising but 70 80 million won

– Saw Lee Jae Wook mentioned at the beginning and Jang Dong Yoon in the second. Lee Jae Wook is just a rookie, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration
Rep: – Do you believe what they say?
Is it crazy that Lee Jae Wook debuted 2 years ago?
Rep: – Alhambra aired 2 years ago
Rep: – Alhambra starts on December 18 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Rep: – Anyway, it still counts as 2 years, regardless of whether this article is true or not. He’s a rookie, this year also starred in a terrestrial TV drama, Seems to be aimed at him.

– No matter how it’s going up, it’s too much to increase 10 times. 5 times, I can still understand

– The article is too specific

– You have no conscience

– It’s nonsense ㅋㅋㅋㅋ How can any star actor receive 70 million won (1 billion 4 VND) for a work in this industry ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Knetz’s comments refer to Lee Jae Wook. This actor born in 1998 debuted at the end of 2018 through drama “Memories of the Alhambra”. In 2019, he received a lot of attention through 2 works “Search: WWW” and “Extraordinary You” as Baek Kyung. This year, Lee Jae Wook will act with Go Ara in a romantic drama “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” by KBS.

Jang Dong Yoon was also mentioned in the comments. Born in 1992, Jang Dong Yoon has attracted attention in recent years and especially caused fever when he played the male lead in the work Biography of Nokdu last year. Jang Dong Yoon is also filming an action drama called ‘Search’ on OCN and is considering starring in a romantic drama. ‘Sunbae, Don’t Put On That Lipstick’ (Sunbae, Don’t Put On That Lipstick) of the next JTBC.

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