8 New Korean Dramas To Watch in April 2022, from Our Blues with Lee Byung-hun and Shin Min-a

Han Ji-min in K-drama coming out in April.

Here’s the new April K-drama list.

1. Tomorrow

Originally scheduled for late March, Tomorrow will premiere on April 1.

After appearing in The King’s Affection , SF9’s Rowoon will lead the new MBC drama as Choi Joon-woong, a graduate from a top school from a wealthy family who has trouble finding a job.

One night, he crosses paths with two angels from the crisis team whose mission is to prevent people from committing suicide.

Kim Hee-sun’s Alice played the lead role of the god of death Gu Ryeon in this webtoon adaptation of the same name.

The drama will be shown on MBC and Netflix from April 1

2. Green Mother’s club

Taking over the spot on the schedule of Korean broadcaster JTBC that is about to be vacated by Thirty-Nine is Green Mother’s club, which chronicles the friendships and challenges that a group of five mothers have to go through.

The two women met when their children attended the same elementary school. They each have their own struggles with motherhood and their personal lives, but together they helped each other through.

Movies starring Lee Yo-won ( Different Dreams), Choo Ja-hyun ( My Unfamiliar Family ), Kim Gyu-ri ( God of War ), Jang Hye-jin ( Parasite ) and Joo Min-kyung ( Jirisan ).

The movie will be broadcast on JTBC and Netflix from April 6

3. Our Blues

The all-star cast converges on the screen in the general rural romantic drama Our Blues .

Set on Jeju Island, the director’s new movie Live Kim Kyu-tae will chronicle the blossoming romances between Lee Byung-hun ( Ashfall ) and Shin Min-a ( Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha ), Han Ji-min ( Miss Baek ) and Kim Woo-bin of The Heirs (first appeared on screen in six years after suffering from throat cancer), as well as the love triangle between Cha Seung-won ( One Ordinary Day), Uhm Jung-hwa ( OK! Madam ) and Lee Jung-eun ( Parasites ).

The drama is broadcast on tvN from 9/4

4. My Liberation Notes

Kim Suk-yoon, director of Law School and series Detective KYback to the family drama My Liberation Notes on JTBC, written by My Mister scribe Park hae-young.

Lee Min-ki ( Oh! Master ), Kim Ji-won ( Arthdal ​​Chronicles ) and Lee El (The Call) play three grown-up siblings who are frustrated and looking to escape their lives in Sanpo Village.

Things start to change around them after the appearance of the mysterious Mr Goo, played by DP’s Son Suk-ku, a perpetual drunkard who suddenly appears in the village.

The film is broadcast on JTBC and Netflix from April 9.

5. Love All Play

After Racket Boys Last year, badminton fans were having another treat with the movie Love All Play upcoming KBS2 . Mouse’s Park Ju-hyun plays rising badminton player Park Tae-yang, who is forced to retire from competition after an incident. Three years later, she returned to the sport when she joined Team Eunice.

Meanwhile Park Tae-joon, played by Chae Jong-hyeop of Yet nevertheless

, As a badminton player, this sport is like a job. After being dropped from the team, he also joined Eunice, where he met Tae-yang.

The drama will be broadcast on KBS2 from April 20

6. Shooting Stars

Lee Sung-kyung of Dr Romantic 2 back to the main role in the series Shooting Stars of tvN. She plays Oh Han-byeol, a public relations team leader at a management company who excels at crisis management, a useful trait in her career.

Kim Young-dae ( The Penthouse ) as Gong Tae-sung, the company’s top star. Fans love him for his kind and gentle image, but his personality hides a fiercely ambitious side and a violent temper.

Despite constantly bickering about everything, Han-byeol and Young-dae develop a romantic relationship.

The drama will be broadcast on tvN from April 22

7. The Killer’s Shopping List

Director by Missing Lee Eon-hee makes her TV debut with a crime-comedy drama The Killer’s Shopping List starring Lee Kwan-soo ( Live ) as Dae-sung, a man with excellent memory who repeatedly failed to pass the civil service exam and now works part-time at a supermarket run by his mother, Myung-sook (Jin Hee- kyung, Suits ) operating.

Seol-hyun ( Awaken ) as his girlfriend, police officer A-hee. A mysterious murder occurs at an apartment complex near the store, and A-hee directly participates in the investigation.

Not long after, Dae-sung and Myung-sook also join her investigation. Their only tangible clue in the case was a receipt issued at their store.

The drama will be broadcast on tvN from April 27

8. Monstrous

Second time in months, after The King of Pigs , Yeon Sang-ho made her name in a new drama. This time he is the co-writer (along with Ryoo Yong-jae) of the paranormal drama Monstrous which marks the feature film debut of acclaimed independent filmmaker Jang Kun-jae ( A Midsummer’s Fantasia ).

DP’s Koo Gyo-hwan plays the occult magazine editor Jung Ki-hoon, who travels to Jinyang District because of his ex-wife Lee Soo-jin, an archaeologist played by Hospital Playlist’s Shin Hyun-be, to investigate a Buddhist who was murdered. haunted.

The film is broadcast on TVING from April 29.

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