8 K-Drama movies you can’t miss in June 2022: Money Heist Korean version, Insider Fan Bingbing, Yumi’s Cells 2, etc.

Park Hae-soo as Berlin in the K-drama Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.

Just as the weather is starting to get hotter, the release schedule of Korean dramas is also heating up in June.

A sequel to a popular movie, a Korean remake of a global hit, a fantasy historical drama and a number of other fascinating films will be released in June and a new star. China’s big stars will also appear on Korean screens.

Here’s what Korean movie fans expect this month.

1. Eve

Originally scheduled for late May, Seo Yea-ji’s first series since It’s OK to Not Be OK will now launch the June TV series schedule. Eve features Seo as Lee La-el, a woman whose family was destroyed by a powerful individual.

Determined to take revenge, she meticulously devised a plan to execute that lasted 13 years.

As the moment of truth approaches, she asks human rights lawyer Seo Eun-pyung (Lee Sang-yeob, On the Verge of Insanity ) helps her carry out her plan, which involves a scandalous divorce lawsuit worth two trillion won (US$1.6 billion).

It began airing on tvN from June 1.

2. Why Her?

Taking over the popular TV series Again My Life airing on SBS will be a drama Why Her? by Seo Hyun-jin ( You Are My Spring ) takes on the role of Oh Soo-jae, a brilliant lawyer who becomes the youngest associate ever at the law firm TK.

After an unexpected incident in a high-profile case, Oh is demoted and works as a teaching assistant at a law school. There, she meets the kind student Gong Chan (Hwang In-yeop of ). The Sound of Magic ), who has a difficult past and falls in love with her.

Heo Jun-ho ( Snowdrop ) plays Choi Tae-gook, the greedy CEO of TK.

The series began airing on SBS from June 3.

3. Cleaning Up

Yum Jung-ah of SKY Castle leads comedy – drama Cleaning Up as Eo Young-mi, a cleaning lady at an investment firm’s office who struggles to make ends meet to support her two daughters.

Her colleagues are An In-kyung (Jeon So-min), who dreams of starting her own business, and Maeng Soo-ja (Kim Jae-hwa). After eavesdropping on some inside information, the trio began to enter the stock market, with explosive results. Mr.Queen’s Yun Seong-sik directs this new series.

The series began airing on JTBC from June 4.

Yeo Jin-goo’s Beyond Evil and the True Beauty star Moon Ga-young collaborates on the movie Link: Eat Love Kill. In this fantasy drama, Yeo plays Eun Gye-hoon, a young chef who works at an upscale restaurant whose older sister went missing two decades ago.

One day, he suddenly begins to magically share every emotion of No Da-hyun (Moon), a young woman who believes smiling will bring her luck, but discovers the opposite. common, especially for men

It began airing on tvN from June 6.

5. Insider

The star of Camellia Blooms Kang Ha-neul returns as the lead role of the horror film Insider . He plays Kim Yo-han, a young judicial officer who is taken into custody after participating in a sensitive undercover investigation. Despite that condition he continued to make money playing poker in prison and planning precisely how to use it.

Dr. Brain ‘s Lee Yoo-young plays Oh Soo-yeon, a woman who appears before Kim after having accumulated strong relationships. Co-stars include Squid Game’s Heo Sung-tae and Pham Bang Bang in cameos.

The series began airing on JTBC from June 8.

6. Yumi’s Cells 2

Yumi’s colorful search for love continues in the second season of the popular webtoon adaptation Yumi’s Cells with Kim Go-eun taking on the role of Kim Yumi.

After breaking up with her boyfriend Goo Wong (Ahn Bo-hyun) at the end of season one, her relationship blossomed with her kind co-worker Bobby Yoo, played by Jin Young’s character. Played by The Devil Judge , will be explored in this new episode.

Put Yumi’s Cells What sets her apart from other romantic comedies at work are the animated sequences in Yumi’s head, as her emotions try to guide her through her own complicated love life.

The series began airing on TVING from June 10.

7. Alchemy of Souls

June fantasy drama is a fantasy drama Alchemy of Souls takes place in the fictional country Daeho.

Lee Jae-wook plays Jang Wook, the troubled son of a noble family haunted by a terrible secret. He meets elite warrior Mu-deok (Jung So-min), whose soul is trapped in a frail body.

Jang calls her to be his servant, while she trains him in martial arts. Shin Seung-ho plays the crown prince of Go Won, while Minhyun appears as Seo Yool, a young noble with intellect, looks, and fighting skills.

It began airing on tvN from June 18.

8. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area

Extremely successful Spanish series Money Heist is being remade in Korea and the first season of the series, consisting of six episodes, will premiere this month on Netflix.

The film has many big names in the cast, including the villain Oldboy Yoo Ji-tae, actress Lost Kim Yun-jin, breakout star of Burning Jun Jong-seo and the actor Squid Game Park Hae-soo, along with many other characters.

As with the original, the story concerns an ambitious mint heist, hatched by a group of criminals under the code name of the city. The turning point here is that the story takes place in a relatively special place where the two Koreas have unified and combined their currencies.

The series began airing on Netflix from June 24.

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