21 Hollywood Stars Who Had the Most Marriages

There is an opinion that almost all people of creative professions are very loving. They are also impulsive and optimistic. Apparently, this is where the interesting habit of getting married comes from. And recently, famous brides are increasingly choosing younger men as husbands. But this fact does not guarantee long-term family happiness. Who are these record holders in terms of matrimonial collections?

French Brigitte Bordeaux

The famous actress and fashion model of the last century went down the aisle 4 times. Moreover, she made her debut as a bride at the age of 18, having married journalist and producer Roger Vadim. From her second marriage to actor Jacques Charrier, the star gave birth to a son. But she found female happiness only in 1992, having tied the knot for the 4th time with Bernard d’Ormal. Now the actress is 75 years old and, apparently, she is no longer going to marry.

Oscar winner Liza Minnelli

The actress and singer sought her happiness four times. The first husband of a Hollywood star was screenwriter Peter Allen when Lisa was 21 years old. However, after 7 years it turned out that Lisa’s husband prefers men. The actress began to lose heart and got married literally 2 months after the first divorce.

But this time it did not work out, as in the subsequent 3rd and 4th marriages. The last divorce was marked by many years of divorce proceedings. David Gest – the last husband of the actress accused her of humiliation and physical abuse. Apparently, the divorce brought Lisa deep disappointment and since then she has been living alone. Now the star is 64 years old, she has no children from experienced marriages.

British Joan Collins

The actress began to experience her marital happiness at the age of 19, having married actor Maxwell Reid. However, neither family life nor subsequent numerous novels brought happiness to the actress. From her third marriage to the president of Apple Records, Joana had a daughter. After that, there was another scandalous divorce proceedings. But in 2001, the actress again decided to try her luck and married Percy Gibson, who is 32 years younger than her. Now Joan is 77 years old and she is not going to get divorced yet.

Charming Elizabeth Taylor

That’s who can boast of diversity in family life, so this is Elizabeth, who is now 78 years old. Age does not prevent her from being a participant in rumors that soon 8 previous marriages will be followed by a 9th. Although the actress refutes them. Like many other members of the list, she first got married quite early – at the age of 18. From different marriages, Elizabeth managed to become a mother to blood children three times and adopt adopted children twice. The youngest husband of the actress is Larry Fortensky. The age difference was 20 years.

Model Jennifer O’Neill

Managed to get married as many as 9 times. She has 3 children from different spouses. Interestingly, the sixth husband of the actress and writer also became her seventh husband. However, the second attempt didn’t seem to work either. Jennifer considers her last marriage to be the longest and happiest marriage.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has been married to Elementary star Jonny Lee Miller since 1996 . Then in the life of the actress began a passionate relationship with actor Billy Bob Taunton. whom she met on the set of the movie Flying. Thornton and Jolie divorced three years later. Soon Angelina met with her third husband Brad Pitt , from whom she had three children. For almost three years, Jolie and Pitt have been divorcing and trying to negotiate custody of the children.

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton, after his many divorces, said that he would never marry again, since all of his five previous attempts were unsuccessful. Before the wedding with Angelina Jolie, the actor was married four times, and in 2014 he nevertheless decided on a sixth marriage – with his beloved Connie Angland after 12 years of relationship.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian married producer Damon Thomas at the age of twenty and divorced four years after the wedding. Then she was married for 72 days to basketball player Chris Humphreys . Kim now has three children with rapper Kanye West.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise married actress Mimi Rogers in 1987, divorced her three years later and almost immediately … led Nicole Kidman down the aisle . In 2006, Cruise married actress Katie Holmes , whom he broke up with six years later. Now the Hollywood handsome man does not maintain relations with ex-wives and considers his career in Hollywood and commitment to the Church of Scientology to be the main thing in his life.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov

Vladimir Vodvichenkov in 2015 married Elena Lyadova , whom he met during the filming of the film Leviathan. Prior to this marriage, the actor was married three times, from previous marriages he has a 25-year-old son, Leonid, and a 13-year-old daughter, Veronica.

Larry King

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One of the most successful TV presenters in the world, Larry King married eight times. He got married for the first time at the age of 19! King now has five children, nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Mikhail Efremov

Mikhail Efremov is now married to his fifth wife, Sofya Kruglikova, a teacher at the Department of Music at the Institute of Contemporary Art, with whom he has three children. The actor was also married to actress Elena Golyanova , philologist Asya Vorobyova, actresses Evgenia Dobrovolskaya and Ksenia Kachalina .

Andrey Konchalovsky

Andrei Konchalovsky has seven children from five wives. The director was married to ballerina Irina Kandat, actress Natalia Arinbasarova, French orientalist Vivian Mikhalkova, television announcer Irina Martynova . Now Konchalovsky is married to actress and TV presenter Yulia Vysotskaya .

Joan Collins

For the first time , Joan Collins was forced to marry Irish actor Maxwell Reid after he forcibly deprived her of her virginity. Shortly after the divorce, she married four more times. The fifth husband of the actress in 2002 was the theater manager Percy Gibson, who is 32 years younger than her. When asked if the age difference bothers her, Joan Collins joked: “If he dies, then he dies.”

Dmitry Dibrov

Dmitry Dibrov is now married with his fourth marriage to the winner of the Miss Body contest, Polina Dibrova, whom he met when she was 17 years old. They have been together for almost ten years and have three sons.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was married to dancers Ohani Noa and Chris Judd , with whom she did not live long in marriage. From the third spouse, singer Marc Anthony, they gave birth to long-awaited children – twins Max and Emma.

Demmy Moor

Demi Moore ‘s surname came from her first husband, rock musician Freddie Moore , whom she married when she was only 18 years old. Four years later, they divorced, Demi married actor Bruce Willis , from whom she had three daughters, and then was married to actor Ashton Kutcher , whose divorce ended in a nervous breakdown for her.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has been married three times. The first husband of the Titanic star was director Jim Trippleton, then her husband was director Sam Mendes . For the third time, Winslet married millionaire Ned Rocknroll.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has been married four times. The loudest was the model’s marriage to rock musician Tommy Lee , from whom she gave birth to two sons. Then Pamela was married to rock musician Kid Rock for only a few days. The relationship with producer Rick Salomon became the most spectacular in the end : they got married in 2007, divorced a few months later, remarried in 2014 and broke up again a few months later.

James Cameron

Avatar director James Cameron met his first wife, waitress Sharon Williams, when he was a truck driver at the age of 18. After filming The Terminator, he married film producer Gale Ann Hurd, then Terminator star Linda Hamilton. On the set of Titanic, Cameron met actress Susie Amis, who played the episodic role of the main character’s granddaughter in the film. As a result, he divorced Hamilton and married Amis, who bore him three children.

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese found family happiness only with his fifth wife. The director’s first wife was Laraine Marie Brennan, then he married the writer Julia Cameron, with whom he has a daughter, Domenica Cameron-Scorcese, who became an actress and starred in his film The Age of Innocence. From 1979 to 1983, Scorsese was married to actress Isabella Rossellini, then married to producer Barbara de Fina. Since 1999, he has been married to Helen Morris, who gave birth to his daughter Francesca, who starred in his films The Departed and The Aviator.

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