12 Celebrities And Their Doppelgangers That Will Blow Your Mind

There is an opinion that every person on Earth has a double. True or not, the average mortal is unlikely to find out. But when a double of a superstar is announced, it is at least interesting for everyone, and at the very least it becomes beneficial for the celebrities themselves. After all, it has long been known that artists do not have time to attend absolutely all concerts, official receptions and other events purely physically. Therefore, they resort to the services of doubles. However, the latter themselves use their similarity to the fullest.

Shakira from Venezuela

Not exactly similar, but almost identical to Shakira’s double is Rebecca Maielano. She lives in Venezuela and sings the same! According to Rebecca herself, such a unique similarity helps her in her creative career. The increased media interest in her person makes a copy of Shakira very popular, so Rebecca travels with might and main with concert tours and regularly records new songs.

Model and Model Kate Moss

And again, the twins met in the same professional field, since the double of the supermodel, Deniz Onona, also took up the modeling business. However, the impetus for this was the incredible similarity of a resident of the English province. In the city of Ormskirk, Denise managed to get married and have children with her husband. But when fans and just curious “spectators” began to surround her, a copy of Kate decided to go into the modeling business and did not lose. Now she is very popular and happy with life.

I look like Justin Timberlake

This guy apparently did not become a singer, but became famous thanks to social networks. It was there that numerous Timberlake fans found his photo. And when the American realized his similarity and felt the popularity, he signed his nickname “I look like Justin Timberlake.” The doppelgänger is very proud and cherishes his appearance.

Duchess or flight attendant Meghan Markle

Christina Mathis is a flight attendant in the UK and regularly gets curious looks from passengers. After all, once the actress Meghan Markle is now the Duchess of Sussex, so airline users probably did not expect such top class service.

Elton John fan

By lucky chance or by the will of fate, an ardent fan of Elton John Dev Bills is incredibly similar to his idol. Therefore, when the double was at Elton’s concert, he even managed to give a few autographs to other fans of the singer.

Tom Cruise doppelgänger job

This is exactly the case when the actor’s double earns on his resemblance. And he has been doing this for at least 9 years. The only difference between the guy is his younger age, but this does not prevent the actor’s fans from being interested in the double and taking memorable photos with him with pleasure.

Pro Robbie Williams

But Tony Lewis has officially been working as a double of Williams for 10 years. He’s used to being called by his star’s name by fans and not allowed to pass on the street. Tony met with his prototype and was even able to talk on the most remote topics, like football.

007 doppelgänger

The man has nothing to do with the acting profession or the work of a double, but he enjoys taking pictures with Daniel Craig fans, truly feeling like a secret agent.

Inimitable Angelina

A girl who looks like two drops like a Hollywood sex symbol is very happy with this similarity. Indeed, in addition to the fans of the actress, numerous gentlemen do not give her a pass. The American herself is surprised that she could resemble Angelina Jolie, because she considers her inimitable.

Parody of modern Sherlock

The parodist of Benedict Cumberbatch more than once had to hear from friends and acquaintances about a strong resemblance to the actor. But the man was able to verify this for sure after participating in Comic-Con, where he played Doctor Strange. Now the parodist is always recognized on the street and asked for autographs.

Israeli Johnny Depp

Apparently a big fan of the actor, a resident of Israel decided to completely adopt the outrageous image of Johnny Depp. Not to say that he succeeded 100%, but still there is a similarity, which the guy managed to become famous for.

Dear Jason Statham

The man looks like a famous actor, not only in appearance, but also in the style of clothing. He is confused with a star on the street and on the World Wide Web. Gives a man a more good-natured expression.

This list of doubles is far from complete, because sometimes people become random doubles, and sometimes they intentionally imitate the appearance, clothes and even habits of stars. Moreover, politicians, singers and other celebrities of this or that sphere have imitators. Good or bad, the stars decide on an individual basis. But 100% it is very interesting and amazing!

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